(WIP) Era of the Archdemons (Epic/Lovecraftian fantasy) CHAPTER 3 FIRST HALF DONE 6/13/24

Please don’t slack off on this Wip this is a great story and start this has the greatest potential to be a Goat Wip the story line characters everything so far are great and I’m so looking forward to the completion of this n the final product

Considering im nearly halfway done despite starting in feburary, I am far from slacking off.


How tall are the ROs? I feel Ariel is 5’-5’2 which most might say is short for a angel but she isn’t the average type of angel. And most fantasies make elves tall wit the shortest 5’6 to 6’3 so isa like 5’8 -5’10?? And theo around same height as isa which leaves jin at 6’2? Idk thats how picture but its hard without author’s cannon thought

Good point. Ill add that among other things on the character sheet.

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You can tell which posters have PTSD from authors that either drop their work or take 5 years per update.

Don’t let it get to ya, you’re doing great.


Calm down Trust me I don’t think u are slacking in actually tryna encourage u to work harder n faster that’s how much I been enjoying your work so far I would even be willing to be a patron I am a humble fan nothing else :pray:t5:

Update minor, major idk: Change of plans, I’ve written the Patheon of Gods to be so important that I may have that be the main focus choice. The other choices will be flashbacks

Major update: I need all to read the new content & tell me what you think. This new content basically wrote itself.

I got rid of the other 2 choices for this.


Can you summarize what the big changes were in this update?

The new content is the pantheon of gods. Originally i intended it to just be a short visit to flesh out the other 2. Its why i called it divergence.

But the more I wrote it, the bigger it got. So Im following this new path im on. The other choices will just be either flashbacks or just forgotten about. A small update for others but a major one for me since im changing the path to the end.

The narrative switches drastically I think.


Is this a part of the Week 1 free time options or is it what comes after?

Week 2 & 3


Update: Ive finished writing the linear version of the story. This game will have 8 main chapters, 3 negative chapters & 1 epilogue chapter with RO.

Chapters are intended to feel like anime seasons. That includes the epilogue chapter. Now just gotta transfer the general mood of it into choicescript with branches & stuff.

The story is continued with narrative progress. The next update will complete Chapter 3.


Chapter 3 is delayed.

What I can say is if you’re either an arcane swordsman or especially a dark knight (this class is why its taking so long + writers block), you will get unique narrative paths.

Then theres this thing with Isa im cooking with. The main plot will begin at the end of chapter 3 instead of the beginning of chapter 5.

Because of Isa.


Did you really have to add that “sparkle” trait for the Originals? It’s so cheesy! I’m being reminded of Twilight all over again.

Ay twilight was THE film when it came out

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The only thing I liked about Twilight were the wolf forms. That was it. Oh, and the Elementalist. Well anyway, I’ll refrain from playing this game until Chapter 3 comes out.

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No update yet but Ive added a teaser for the big new thing in chapter 3 above…Unique Class Plots.

The dark knight & arcane swordsman plot will continue throughout the story whereas conqueror & ninja will begin & end before the final chapter.

welp, now you know why it’s taking so long.


I’ve broken it into 2 parts now. the first half of chapter 3 is done.

The second half will include Ariel’s side, day 3 & 4. This makes sense once you realize it. If you don’t want to romance ariel, just play Isa’s side. If you do or don’t want to romance Isa, just pick her.

If you want to romance Ariel then wait until the second half.


saves are broken