(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 240k): Updated 1st July 2024

What does the “I was fisted” club get? Donuts?


Yes, Licorice flavored


Free healthcare.


I am super bad with creative names so I am happy that I already got a name from the Coven to also use as my villain name. Paradigm is the perfect name for a perfect wet cat MC. :face_holding_back_tears:


I’m a little sad we can only pick one deformity. I want to look like a freak of nature instead of just a regular freak.


As nice as the “same hat” moment with Kay is, it would be nice to have a choice for how the MC feels about being outed to Teddie or maybe change up the scene a bit so MC actually chooses for him to know or not, especially for those with a low relationship.


You know, after a while not playing and coming back to it “raw,” I think the power user choice of nodes may indicate a severely lonely character. It’s this bit:

Concentrating on the nodes, you call them back with a compulsion they cannot ignore. Not a command, but a deep, almost primal pull on the connection you share.

one. whole. us.

They scramble up your body, dendrites already beginning to sink into your membrane as they ascend to your shoulders. The trio reaches your head and you take a deep, steadying breath, bracing yourself.


It just seems that someone who wasn’t feeling extremely isolated and alone would neither have such mastery over that particular command, nor would they have phrased it in those terms.


>takes out veteran precog mano-a-mano
>stealth 1-hit KO Portrait and Enfilade
>have minor existential breakdown on seeing Phalanx
>engage the super strong, super durable speedster 1v1

>do our best All Might slugfest impression


>walk away after maiming them (without a hole in our stomach)

All on our third outing, eat your heart out Taylor Hebert :V

I think the various groups are going to be a lot less concerned about the group as a whole per se, but more about the complete monster that just decimated half of an experienced hero team near single-handed.

…which ironically would raise the exact type of red flags that we want to avoid i.e. there’s no way a new blood is that skilled without some past so from who and where exactly did we get that experience.

Either way that Horror tag applies more and more to us each day :V


Thank you! I try to make sure every power has at least something cool going for it, even if it’s fairly simple on the surface.

I want to keep giving creative options for the usage of MC’s powers; I enjoy writing crunchy action but I feel it gets old if the choices are always boiling down to ‘bonk them with my tendrils’

Aha! I sure see it from that clip!

I’ve read Worm and recognise the parallels in some of the worldbuilding but I don’t consider DYVJ to be inspired by it. I think the lens of the story is pointed in a pretty different direction. (After I remembered it’s used in Worm I really wasn’t sure for a while if I was gonna use the term ‘parahumans’ but none of the other ones I could come up clicked in the same way)

Don’t worry, Mal’s a doctor!

Hm, interesting thought. I’ll consider it - definitely in terms of at least having something regarding Teddie’s presence, since Kay’s intentionally written to be a bit oblivious to that sort of thing. (her thought process is kind of ‘Well, I’d tell Teddie that I think MC is similar to me anyway, and I know Teddie is cool about this kind of thing, so there’s no problem having this conversation!’)

This is a really neat thought, especially when sometimes it’s less clear which way the nodes’ broadcasting is going.


I wanted to make sure that this battle was an opportunity for MC as much as anything? Like, they’ve been kicked around quite a lot so far and often aren’t getting a choice about what to do, so I felt it was high time they got to kick some ass. Even if there are some mitigating factors about this particular fight (Surpass especially is gonna have a ‘psh, I wasn’t done yet’ attitude towards getting smacked, and doesn’t view it as a loss), MC’s gained a healthy dose of cred. mucho cred


Given that when you pet the node it feels like you’re patting your own head, does it so much matter in context which way it’s going? They’re a part of MC now, and at points may be expressing in a feedback loop.


Can’t relate. Always got a hole where my stomach should be lol.


Same I often eat until my stomach says “that was to much”

And like half an hour later I am hungry again.


Dime: patting and petting fleshling, getting the pleasant feedback and releases a pleasant sigh

Mal: “Kinky.”

Kay: “Enjoying yourself?”

Fracture: just smirks momentarily

Dion: thinkings

Ghost: “Odd.”

I think i got this right. Others hopefully may add alternatives or better than I just did.


Here on a Monday night thinking about a Beth/Surpass poly… if only…