(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 240k): Updated 1st July 2024

The update was fantastic, I loved it and can’t wait for more :blush:

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Ooooh, great update! The story is coming along nicely. Can’t wait for my poor, fragile little bean to finally snap and take out Catalyst though.

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I always get this error in grant’s scene.

Nvm, it’s okay already

Can someone help me imagine our character? Like any recommendation of who we may look like?

I like to imagine we look like a more humanoid version of Nyarlathotep

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I guess just like Itona from assassinations classroom

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When I playtest using the mutation build, that typically how I imagine my character to be!



Thanks for highlighting, I’ll keep an eye out and see if I can replicate it!


Awesome update! Love how you write characters and character interactions.

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Nice work, good improvement on that one scene.

Still waiting to see what happened to beginning RO. As a demi, i cant flirt with the others still. Glad to see the choices do involve my first option. Nice work.


So, here’s another poll! I am very curious about a certain something in chapter 4…

Which of the choices could you select in response to Catalyst?

  • “I endure the blows, and mask the hatred from my face”
  • “I flinch from the beating, cowering in surrender.”
  • “I lower my head in deference. He’ll stop soon.”
  • Endure/Flinch
  • Endure/Deference
  • Flinch/Deference
  • I am a mathmagician (all three)
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I think that Catalyst is…

  • A pretty okay guy.
  • Kind of mean.
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Which character(s) are you looking forward to seeing more of?

  • Architect
  • Wyrd
  • Wil
  • Kay
  • Teddie
  • Alistair
  • CG
  • Glory Hounds (Surpass, Arcade, etc.)
  • Coven (Hypothesis, Catalyst, etc.)
  • Flashback Four (Beth, Grant, Shauna, Prii)
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Also if you genuinely could select all three options RE: Catalyst I want to know what sorcery you pulled because that should be almost impossible. :open_mouth:


Bug report:
When selecting the option on what to label Will’s contact no. the choice “when Wilma dad come home from the milk store :-(” is missing.

With all the nonverbal options to respond to others, I was wondering if it would be possible to roleplay a mute, or even funnier, someone who doesn’t speak enough that others assume they are mute, only for them to say something at the last minute to general confusement. There are some parts where you’re forced to speak, like when wyrd forces their friendship upon ye, but beyond that silent and broody is complelt possible


Just finished the demo. Loved it.

pfff hahaha.

It’s fun to have a no-speaking route, and I’ve tried to provide options to play it taciturn in general. Unfortauntely I also think you kind of have to design things with no talking in mind for no speech at all to work, and the nature of the story would make it extremely difficult for me to wrangle. There are already a few times where MC speaks/answers questions without a direct choice, and it’s essentially a case of… how could the likes of Architect and Wyrd possibly agree to team up with somebody who refuses to talk to them?

Hope that makes sense!


ahhh i love your wip, so much angst potential :relieved:
also, i hope we’ll be able to lean even more into body horror during future fights—i like the idea of MC turning into the stuff of nightmares and going absolutely feral


Wow, this thread is booming! 21K views in a month has to be a record. I can see why they think it’s amazing. :wink:


we’re very grateful for every clicks and downloads! art of Wil is coming up based on your votes and we have a blog where we are more active (and answering to questions there too!). Thank you everyone for being so cool!


This is such a cool story, I’m very much looking forward to where it goes next.


Definitely going to be options of that nature; not at every single turn, but it’s consistently in consideration!

I have no idea what the barometer is with views! still, I’m incredibly grateful for all the views, comments, and bug reports.