(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 215k): Updated 27th May 2024

No actually, just once, but didn’t drink before the infiltration

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Hm. My math may still be off in that case. I was calculating 10 to be the minimum if you don’t drink the vial and then consistently use powers throughout the start of the mission.

This is helpful though! I’ve added a stopgap solution to the next part of chapter 6, which will throw a bug report message for this eventuality.

the uh. eventuality of me being bad at tracking my variables, I guess.


Yeah I started the infiltration at 20, so it was 't surprising that I went down to 10 with just one use, but that is why I didn’t use powers again after that

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Oh wow. I’m way off in that case! Jeez.

I’ve spotted one error (skipping past chapter 3 was resulting in juice not getting topped up to 100), but that can’t be the only discrepancy in my count :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I started from the beginning, did not skip

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I think I find the culprit of why I get the loop, my internet connection wasn’t stable at the time I play this so it wasn’t because the code. But fyi, I played the game with the new save. I’m sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile:

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It was 30% for me. I started from the beginning and didn’t drink the juice before going to the mission (so it was at 60%), then I picked all the options that involved MC’s powers.

Also, lovely update as always, I really liked the investigation and the conversation with Not-Prii

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I swear that you’re an expert at cliffhangers!! You always manage to end an update at a spot that leaves me wanting more!

And I absolutely wasn’t distraught over the fate of Shauna and Prii…I’m totally okay…completely fine….:sob::sob::sob:

I always choose to save(?) Grant and basically leave Shauna to fend for herself so it was a bit of a smack in the face seeing her fate. I shall have to carry that guilt for the rest of the game since Grant is my baby girl and I will always help him. Sorry Shauna…:pensive:

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I started from the beginning, and didn’t skip the chapters. Going into the infiltration I was at 75%, and at the end I was at 55%. I think I selected all of the power options, but I may have missed some

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Got this error:

After several playthroughs, 43% was the lowest I got my Juice level to, and that was going into the final mission with it at 65% and using a node to disable the power on the security bunker and using my powers to take down the guard and climb down the wall. Does our specialty (power user) and our subtype (nodes) affect usage? I didn’t think I was being particularly conservative.

I finished my second playthrough, and it was just as enjoyable as the first one! My two MCs are so different from each other, but it’s equally fun to play as both of them.

I loved to be very tall and muscular this time around, too bad we’re not muscular nowadays though. Will we be able to change our physique back if we keep working out?

And while we on the topic of customisations, I noticed there’s no option to be bald when choosing hair.

Shauna was so lovely as our girlfriend, I liked her no less than Grant, maybe even more (shh, don’t tell him that!) Why our past loves have to be so sweet, is this to make it harder to cope with their loss?! :sob:

Teddie’s reaction to flirting was priceless; he’s the personification of ‘gay panic.’ :joy: He’s so cute!

@izzily, I know you had a hard time juggling all the name variables, but I have to say, it’s totally worth it. Unlike my first MC who simply uses his real name, my second one has a cover name, and I realised that the real name is only used in flashbacks and when the MC is thinking about themselves in third person. This fact really made me feel the loneliness of our MC and their detachment from their current surroundings and other people; as if a fragment of them remained in the past.

Dion is so funny: he lectured my first MC for being too violent with the heroes, and my second one for being too soft. Come on, dude, make up your mind! :laughing: I like it about him though, he seem pretty amicable at first glance, but it doesn’t mean he will tolerate your nonsense. By the way, what makes him come with you in the new update instead of Rampage?

The new update brought so much new information, I don’t even know how to unpack it all. So many questions… One thing I’m 100% confident in though: nodes are officially the cutest. They can squawk? WE CAN PET THEM?! This was awesome! :smiley:

Typos and stuff

In the new update, when you separate in two groups, the MC at first in a group with Rampage:

You join Rampage and Ghoul in hanging a left towards the point where the fallen building rests up against another, leaving a tight wedge of an opening between them.

But after that it’s Fracture who is in your group instead of Rampage:

You, Fracture, and Ghoul move over to join them on the edge of the plunge to below.

It may be because English is not my first language, but it feels like something is missing in this sentence? (Sorry if I’m wrong!)


Im curious if we die or something else happens when get even lower. I already know once back at Coven, I will get tortured for the info. If I can stay away, I will try. I didnt take the juice, the vial is still sitting around, and got to same levels as you did.

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Generally speaking, I don’t like horror. Especially body horror. But boy am I glad I tried this out anyways, because it’s really good. Interesting plot and good writing. Keep it up.


Thank you for the juice totals! Someone on tumblr reported managing -10% so yup, some repairs necessary :sweat_smile:

They’re just the best place to cut an update, y’know? wink wink (thank you)

RE spoilers: ehehe… yeah. that’s uh. that’s rough.

Thanks! I’ve fixed this.

Okay 43% legitimately baffles me cause it straight up shouldn’t be possible. Impressive work!

Power wielder occasionally costs less Juice, and sometimes power wielder specific choices have no cost.

[quote=“Nemureru_Mori, post:376, topic:146955”]
I loved to be very tall and muscular this time around, too bad we’re not muscular nowadays though. Will we be able to change our physique back if we keep working out?[/quote]

Yes! My intention is that MC will be able to get back to a more healthy weight.

Truthfully, there’s no bald option because I didn’t want shaving one’s head to remove the bleached distinguishing feature.

Your comments are so lovely I just wanna go down them line by line, gosh! (deer in the headlights Teddie was super fun). I love using the various names of the MC, it was just the initial coding that was more of a headache. XP

Yeah he does do that, huh! Putting together all Dion’s reactions took a long time but was very rewarding in the end. I don’t think his unhappy with excessive force vs. unhappy with dallying to help the enemy stances contradict each other, but hopefully it shows he’s got a lot ticking.

He comes with you if his suspicion of you has crossed a certain threshold.

I KEEP ACCIDENTALLY MAKING THEM CUTE and at this point I think I’m kinda just leaning into it.

The typo/inconsistency reports are greatly appreciate. Especially the first one, because Rampage just straight up snuck in there. Let your buddy have his moment, Rampage!

Soon ™

Much appreciated!


I look at this as they’re remnants of Prii. Of course they’re cute/your babies!


A little teeny tiny update from yours, truly. +2 more book keeping!


That’s good to hear, I want to impress Teddie with my muscles! :rofl:

Aww, thank you, I’m glad you like them! :blush:

I don’t think it’s contradictory too, I just said that because I found it amusing. :smile: It shows that Dion is an interesting character with complex morals. I like Dion, I also enjoy how you describe his body language.

As I thought! I’m glad I got two different versions of that with my MCs, but what I find interesting is that Dion has a better relationship with the MC he trusts less (and therefore who he accompanied), so I knew it wasn’t relationship based. It’s probably because this MC is reserved and so when he asks a lot of questions, Dion find it suspicions, versus the other MC, who is expressive and talks a lot in general.

Who would have thought that gross chunks of biomass would become a source of cuteness in this body horror game. :joy: And as @AnneWest said, they are basically MC’s babies: they live inside you, genetically connected to you, small and adorable, and must be protected. Literal babies!

Haha, she was so eager to get into action, she couldn’t help herself. :grin: Speaking of Rampage, I loved when she insisted that Fracture should go down the chasm with Architect, showing that their protectiveness goes both ways.


Started reading this recentlyish and now I’m hooked- love me a superpower game where I get to be the villain.
Regarding Dion/Architect- any potential for him to be a RO in future?


Awesome, really like the update! Did encounter an error on one of my playthroughs though. Stuck below.


Choices before this were “Hey, Control, do you…”
I’ll tell her: that’s my mission.
I’m doing what I have to do.
I’ll reveal some of what I’ve learned.
Then the error.

Did the investigation option during the free time activities too.