(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 215k): Updated 27th May 2024

Is the membrane underneath the shirt or above it?

Not shocked at the holding out hope poll, i myself wanna at the very least run into one of the survivors if only for the MC to get the closure that they managed to have a life


I think it’s like Venom. So outside over the clothes and body.

But I thought skin on membrane, membrane on skin.

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Not quite sure myself. Just how I imagined it

So, I just found this and finished the demo today, and I really like it and am excited for more. My MC was reserved and methodical, and he doesn’t really like to talk, which is why he usually doesn’t talk. He was best friends with Shauna, and even had a crush on her, which he was too scared to confess about. He did end up confessing though when she died. He never rally recovered from that, and Shauna still lives on his heart.

He was already quiet and reserved before, but the events that day and also the subsequent experiments definitely caused him to become worse and even more withdrawn. He is way too scared of Catalyst, and doesn’t even try to fight back against him. He just takes the beatings, hoping that it will end if he doesn’t show a reaction.

But, he does have a dark side to him, which is shown when he breaks Ranger’s arm. He likes the feeling of control that he gets, and which he has been deprived of for so long. He likes Kay, which does cause him some guilt, as he feels like he is betraying Sauna. He does also have some conflicted feelings for Control, especially after their genuine conversation, and the fact of how Control comforted him when he cried.

I’m excited to see how this story progresses, I like how there is quite a lot of flavor text, and I feel like my MC feels alive here. I like the characters, and also the body horror too! I picked nodes as my power, and tbh the descriptions did kind of affect me, because I personally really hate vomiting lol.

I do wonder though if there are plans for us to be able to romance two people or would we have to commit to one? Because I’m honestly not sure whether Kay or Control would be right for my MC, and if there was an option to romance both, I wouldn’t have to make a decision lol. Anyways, I think that’s enough of my yapping. Sorry for yapping too much lol, I will be following this with interest. Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the input RE: labels! It seems a little divisive so if included, I’d probably make it a toggle, which is mildly more inconvenient but eh.


The membrane kinda subsumes clothing, so technically it’s both touching skin and covering clothes. It’s pretty gross and weird. I haven’t mentioned clothes specifically that I recall, but there are a few occasions where Dime literally just sticks objects into the membrane for safe-keeping, notably their earbud. I may make more mention of it, but there’s a reason they stripped to tanktop/undershirt to warm up for a mission.


Welcome to the forums! I’m flattered you’d post here first, and I’m always delighted to hear about people’s MCs and how you’ve experienced the story so far!

This is remaining in a state of ‘I’m not quite sure’. I need to get deeper into the romance paths to get a better grasp of how compatible various combinations would be. (especially because I don’t want the characters’ stories to be gated behind romancing them!)

The most likely multi-romance to happen is being able to pursue someone within the Altruists alongside one of the outsiders.

No need to apologise. Like I said, I love hearing how people have played through things!


Thanks for the welcome!

Ahh okay, I see. I do have another question though, after I broke Ranger’s arm, when I talked to Kay, it seems like she really doesn’t approve of that. So i do wonder, if we do more villanous/evil stuff later on, will that be a source of conflict in the relationship? I feel like that could be quite interesting to explore, especially since I predict my MC will not be a very good person by the end of this lol.

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Yes! Every character has their own individual moral compass, and that definitely has the potential to cause conflict both as friends and love interests.

Kay has in my opinion some quite interesting places she draws the line. In Ranger’s case, she doesn’t care if he gets hurt during the fight, but she objects (per the conversation!) to specifically and deliberately maiming him when he’s no longer able to fight back.


Oh no. I’ve flirted hard on multiple people. I sure hope it doesn’t blow up in my face. But I would just give each of them a node to play with if they’re that jealous. :family_woman_boy_boy:


Ewwww, that’s disgustinggggg, I kinda like itttt :rofl:

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Public Update - Ch6 (pt1)

Now available on Dashingdon!

Remember, old saves are likely to cause errors. (the Not a Number error that’s been posted a number of times recently).

I’m interested to know what’s the lowest Juice you’ve wound up with by the end of this build. If I’m doing my math correctly, the lowest possible value should be 10.

And one more time… I’m very excited to share this chapter :smile:


D: That fog with Not-Prii? Terrifying! I loved it!


The load/save system isn’t working for me. Loading a saved game takes me to the cast info, pressing show stats takes me to the correct place, but pressing return to game takes me to the cast info again. Pressing on cast info → return to game takes me in an endless loop.

@izzily found this:

zone line 655: invalid @{} variable substitution at letter 12

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eheheheh :slight_smile:

Not sure what the problem is there! I’ve tried it briefly myself and it was working fine. I know dashingdon freaks out if a save is made from any of the stats screens, but otherwise it’s the exact same code I’ve used for saves from the start.

Appreciate that! Fixed!

Forgot you can’t nest multireplaces. :sweat_smile:


Hello is this the end of the demo? Since it keep me on the loop…

Loved the update! And you were right, I ended with juice at 10.


Liquid Prii/doggo it is. :cry:

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No, something’s gone wrong there. That’s the end of the previous demo. If you were on a new save, could you try playing with a fresh cache? I’ve reviewed the code and don’t see why that would happen.

Thanks! And most excellent. (took all the power/specialities options for infiltrating?)

Now to introduce their sibling, Solid Prii!

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