(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 215k): Updated 27th May 2024

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Just went throw a fresh speed run and the bug wasn’t there


Writing Update

Chapter 6 is in a state I’m calling ‘so far so good’. I’m about 14k into it at the moment and progressing steadily. CH6 I’ve roughly divided into three sections in my brain, and the first of those was finished last week. Some fun stuff in there!

CH6 branches less than CH5 so I anticipate it’ll take less time overall. We’ll see. As usual I’m not putting a number on it. Another part one/part two type of release in April isn’t off the table, but I’ll see how things are flowing and overall progress. I like to ensure the updates feel satisfying to play and I could see it being annoying if I sliced them too fine.

I’ll likely push a few bugfixes and tweaks in the next day or two, but nothing major.

Marvellous, thank you.


Hello gamers, this is the sole and only secretary of the HIT GAME, Drink your villain Juice. Here is a poll for your enjoyment. Maybe we will make art of the character that is constructed through this poll… or maybe not… (maybe yes!)

Thank you for everyone participating in this experiment and remember to drink your villain juice :wink:

Open for a week starting now!


Disclaimer on my RO choices and who I was dating in the past: I MIGHT have mixed up some names.


personally I enjoy dating Prant and Sheth :slight_smile:


Surprise double post by me, your favorite secretary:


Dumb tiny pointless addition ask. So for the interaction with sharing a name with Beth, would be possible to add in it also triggering with Elisabeth (with an S), since by sound they’re the same? Definitely not asking for any particular reason nope just a rando thought ha ha

Sure, that’s a simple code change.

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My compliments on how the various fights are written, they’re fun. Even for a relatively “mundane” MC (Hand to Hand + Carapace) the tactical choices feel impactful. Also, I loved the awkward “normal” conversation with CG. Excited to see how she’s using the MC!


Harmony: In tune with your abilities. All of them. (20 points)

how to get the above achievements

Thanks! The fights take up a lot of development time, you’d maybe be surprised by how exponentially any branches grow within combat, so I’m super happy to hear that it feels meaningful!

I loved writing CG and Dime struggling to have anything remotely close to a normal chat.

I recommend not paying too close attention to achievements just now, and especially not achievement hunting. I’m adding them as I think of things I’d like to include, so at any given time several of them are unimplemented and may or may not remain in the game


I saw this WIP mentioned on reddit (people were talking about books with body horror), and I decided to read it. What can I say, I loved it a lot!

I liked that the book is both occasionally very funny and pretty angsty at the same time. It never felt to me that jokes were inappropriate at the moment, or that they ruined the darker parts of the book, so I think you did a really good job with the overall tone of the story. And the jokes were so good, for example, the scene where we were choosing our weakness was hilarious, and it’s one of my favourite in the whole book! But despite the funny parts, this poor MC is definitely a member of the “traumatised MCs club”, which is one of my favourite types of MCs to play.

The superpowers we have are very cool, I love how disturbing and disgusting they are. At first I chose the wild mutation, but then the nodes grew on me (no pun intended), and I decided to switch to them. It may be less creepy, but much more gross, and I kinda love it. :rofl: And is it just me or the nodes were oddly cute in this moment: “The other nodes leap clear of her, rushing back to cling fearfully to your legs.”

In any case, I will make another MC with wild mutation ability to see some differences, because playing expressive MC was really fun, and I want to try a more stoic MC too. Plus, I loved being very small and how many comments about that I got, so I eager to see reactions to other height and body type.

The characters are well-written, none of the major characters seem lacking in personality, which is hard to achieve with a pretty big cast. Romance-wise Alistair made a great first impression, can’t wait to spend more time with him. I love the fact that we can have a past partner – learning how to love again going to be painful, and I look forward to explore these complicated feelings. My next MC will romance Teddie, and I have to ask, what is he wearing? :laughing: I mean, I read physical descriptions on tumblr, but he’s the only one whose clothing style wasn’t mentioned. It helps to know that to picture him better.

I have a couple of recommendations. I wish there was a way to turn Mal down politely; the only option for blocking romance was pretty rude and out-of-character for my friendly MC. Perhaps it would be good to add another more gentle option to turn them down?

Also, I noticed that Dion calls Mal and Wil by their full names instead of their nicknames, but he always uses MC’s nickname. Wouldn’t Dion prefer to use full name for the MC as well?

This post is getting too long, so I should probably wrap things up, so here’s the conclusion: I loved this WIP and can’t wait to read more! :grinning:

I only noticed a couple of typos, and a few punctuation mark errors. Don’t know how helpful it is, but here they are:


I love, love, love, looooooooooooooove this! Body horror is my favourite kind of horror, and all of the goopy, goey, horrific descriptions were really exciting to read. I didn’t think I would enjoy the humour at the start, cuz I was unsure of how it might mix with the more horrific scenes, but a lot of the jokes, especially the choice selections, got a good laugh out of me ^w^

I do have a smol request, and that is if we can, at some point, start to become more comfortable with our powers, and even get to enjoy it a little, even if it’s a “I hate myself for loving this” kind of reaction.

Here are my stats, I started a brand new game from the top ^W^


This is my first post on the forum, I hope I formatted correctly…


For what it’s worth, in my playing I felt like there were choices that allowed this, focusing on the negatives of how hard it is to control or the possible pain of it but being fine with the power itself. Is how stuff read to me, at least


Hi, can we get away from Coven/CG control?, because it seems like we depend on Coven for juice, or later we can not depend on juice?

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Maybe when know how to have the juice oitside of the Coven, sure.

Curious to what happened to priors that had to done the same idea. The loyalties of several that love being evil in the Coven, causes some issues to deal with.

I been going as the reluctant evil, wanting out of the mess and still holding out hope.

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Help! I have such a dirty mind. I always think of something else when I read the word juice. :woozy_face:


Well thank you, reddit, and thank you for the very detailed comment! I’m especially happy to hear the tone landed. (truthfully I’m not sure I’m capable of being all serious all the time with an interactive narrative).

I keep inadvertantly making the nodes cute, it’s quite the problem to have.

Teddie does deserve some more descriptions. What happens with him is that I get self-conscious of spending too much space describing any one person, but then his distinct physical appearance ends up eating a lot of space. In brief though he dresses loosely, awkwardly, and often with a bunch of holes. His bones don’t make it easy on him.

It’s good to know that it felt too blunt to reject Mallory. I was going for firm and direct so I maybe overshot a little. I’m also considering the Dion using the nickname scenario; it’s probably doable, I was just getting leery of how many different name variables MC was racking up ><

Thank you for the typos/punctuation! A few of those were multireplace errors, but some were just plain ol’ proofreading failures.

Thank you so much! I’m absolutely flattered you’d make an account for posting here!

Some choices do lean a bit more towards liking the powers but not the strings that come attached. In time that’s likely to grow more defined.

This is the million dollar question!

No ties are unbreakable. How advisable it is to break them, that’s something that remains to be seen. :slight_smile:

Finally, Writing Update!

Chapter 6, part one will be out on patreon tomorrow. It’s looking like about 25k and I’m absolutely stoked to share it.

haha uh, when did 25k get to be just part of one of my chapters anyway? :skull:

Please enjoy a small teaser. Just one fork in Ch6’s road.

The passage takes on a gentle curve, though there's still no change in the general décor—or lack thereof. What does change is Architect. He cocks his head to the side, and then stops, turning back to you.
"Thresh. Are you whispering?"

You shake your head. 

A sharp breath hisses from within his helmet. "Something's wrong." His fists clench. "Someone's here. Watch out."
The passageway begins to take on a gentle curve, though there's still no change in the environment. No décor, no signs of life, not so much as a swept floor.

"You say something?" Rampage suddenly asks. You glance at her and shake your head. She frowns. "Could've sworn…" Stops. "There! You hear that?"

No you do not.

Patreon Update - Ch6 (pt 1)

This is now available on Patreon, and will be released publically later in the month!

  • 25k words added, bringing us to 185k! Goshdarn.
  • Head into the Zone! Work your way around security!
  • Take a detour for added protection.
  • Venture to the hidden door.
  • Discover what lies below. Unravel more threads.
  • Meet someone unexpected.

Like I was saying, I’m incredibly hyped to see what folks think of this. Reveals await :slight_smile:


And the result of the Poll!