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I’m back to gush about my current hyper fixation again after re-reading the big battle. I just love how Architect is like: “We absolutely cannot take the Hounds. If you have the chance, just run” right before Dime (potentially) personally beats down half of them, including the leader - without even using their trump card in my case. (Totally woulda beat two more if the DPR didn’t show up)

I’m also a big fan of the team dynamics/parallels. Ignoring the undercover aspect, Dime feels like the powerhouse of the Altruists in the same way Surpass is the powerhouse of the Glory Hounds. It’s perfect arch nemesis material.

Backtracking a little, to the few days of downtime we have before the battle, I was a little disappointed that we have to choose between stat boost and stat increase. I don’t want a weak Dime or to fail stat checks, so I always go for the boosts but I don’t want to miss out on looking into our friends. It’d be nice if stat boosts were separate from story choices


Pragmatic or cynical criminals could be willing to tolerate an idealist Dime as long as he proves himself useful. It’s not pragmatic to exclude someone strong enough to fight Surpass to a draw just because they’re a little political :grinning:

I think remote membrane requires a Dime specializing in Wielding their Powers and Wild Mutations.


Haha, yeah! Dime gets the chance to show their strength for sure! Architect’s not totally wrong but MC has a lot of tools in their arsenal.

I get you on this point, and including more roleplaycentric choices alongside statcentric choices was something I hesitated on a little bit, but I do have reasoning on it. This may come across as a semantic distinction, but those choices are an opportunity to recover (or to concentrate on things other than recovery, which has other consequences) first, boost stats second.

I sort of view it as unlocking different story opportunities, if that makes sense. Not boosting one’s guts means not accessing certain possibilities in the fighting segment, but not checking up on friends may mean not accessing other possibilities in another scene. And even then, I kind of view failure (of a check or whatever) as another storytelling option rather than a solely negative outcome.

In any case, there’s going to be at least a couple of points in the story where stat increases are available strictly alongside other stat choices; training rather than recovery.

Thank you for the super detailed comment! Especially with it being your first post here! I’m flattered! The typos are really useful for corrections, and as it happens the things you picked out as possible stylistic choices were indeed deliberate.

RE: names. Augh I super get you with the names/alias blockers, it’s just such a brutal rabbit hole whenever I get towards adding stuff to it. There are so many bases to try and possibly cover!

RE: cover stories. Valid point! It’s worth me chewing over. I think I’ll put it into the folder for next draft related stuff such that I don’t get myself spending too much time backtracking. Particularly thought-provoking around Dime’s current, well, state.

RE: Catalyst meeting. This is interesting! Gonna put some stuff under a dropdown:

Under the hood

So, all three options have a score that’s getting tracked from pretty early into the game. There’s the exact same number of ‘points’ available for all three options, generally centred around choices where you select how Dime feels about their overall circumstances. (example: walking with Dion and Mal to meet the others for the first time is one such choice). The way it’s coded, you can only select whichever option has the highest score; multiple options are only available if their score is tied.

While this is limiting, it’s done for a specific reason; it’s setting the particulars of Dime’s history with the Coven. Quite a bit of text in the subsequent scene changes depending on the choice, and I didn’t want it to be a singular option that dictates this, rather a pattern.

RE: Vantage fight. Thanks for the bug! Inspected my code and I put the wrong number in that place, so it was thinking you used a different strategy than you did.

RE: Escaping. Yeah, that might be a good extra option! Honestly, my brain’s getting a little cooked on the chapter 6 scenario and I made the executive decision to stop getting caught up in trying to create a whole bunch of options for every choice block in the interests of my own sanity/making forward progress.

stares at the nine different strategies she wrote for Vantage’s section


That’s fair, I can understand that. It does feel a little punishing when you have to pick between game and story aspects, but it sounds like that’s sort of the point. I do hope we’ll have another opportunity to look into our friends later on in the story though, that feels important enough to be it’s own choice. Especially with the easy angst of Dime being afraid to even look :grin:


Writing Update
Hey folks! I’m deep into what will very definitely be the final part of this monster chapter! Majority of Surpass fight route is written, the rest is being sketched out, and so is most of the aftermath, including an opportunity to chat with Teddie and Kay and potentially have some trans bonding. What remains is concluding a debrief with Dion, an optional section with confiding about not-Prii, and the outcome if you got absolutely bodied.

So, we’re getting there! I’ve mentioned a couple times but I started a freelance gig recently and I’m trying to strike the right balance between picking up jobs and working on Juice. Can’t say for sure when the update will come but it’ll at least be on patreon in June in which case hopefully public for the end of the month?

As always, thanks for reading and commenting! I read every single comment and they mean a whole lot to me.


My first thought: given the MC’s quite… monstrous powerset, aren’t all chapters where they make an appearance monster chapters?

Good luck with your job situation!


Hello gamers, non-gamers, and everything in between (it is pride month after all! gay rights!) I forgot to mention that I posted the latest receipt for our monthly donations here!


As stated by the update, I will be working onto the next poll for the player base to get to know the audience. No private info, though! Just age ranges, which country, and stuff like ‘do you like our game :)’ and maybe about other things that I have to think about!!

Thank you everybody and happy pride month!


The protagonist’s powers remind me of prototype

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No no no, please, I want to read what it says :laughing:


Just imagine any internet conversation about an attractive villain, and you probably have your answer.


Probably a lot of this going on in the forum:


I stated that earlier.

Dime “Thanks for showing me I am part of rule 34, tentacle porn.”

Not exact it was awhile ago.

Author commented, basically a yes in that.

I concur to be honest. Can I watch Mal click it?


That sounds like a horrible, disgusting and mentally scaring idea that will make people want to end it all rather than share a world with that story. It NEEDS to be made! I would (hypothetically) pay to have it made!


I am out of the loop. What are we talking about?

The scene after fighting the trio of heroes. When back at base and Mal clicking through headlines.

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Ah, man. Your commentary on the coven history is agonising (I’m not complaining!). I actually shrank down some of the options I originally planned for complexity. I’d love to be able to have things be mixed and multifaceted, I just don’t want to bite off too much. The more I develop things, the more I have to account for, the more coding I have to fit in (and blending, specifically, is a huge web of possibilities).

I’m keeping one eye on future coven interactions. I intend to keep emphasising that the resentful MC is intentionally toeing the line and not penalising their resistance for acting well-behaved while secretly not being so much. iirc, I’ve generally coded it so that there’s a distinction between how you act and how you think.

RE: bruised - mm, something I’ll take a future pass at, I think. The injury system is a bit WIP in itself, and that Mal scene is surprisingly complex in code (it’s simultaneously taking into account whether your shirt is off, how you reacted to it, whether or not you’ve got a thing going, whether you have blackend veins or the maw).

RE: eyes! - Whoops, that’s a slip up. I catch myself referencing Dime’s eyes often and have to train myself out of it. Clearly I missed that one!

RE: Flashback injury - ooh. yeah. That’d be a good addition.

RE: consistency - I’m gonna tweak the wording there. It means as in “If you’d all listened” - since ultimately the group didn’t, regardless of where the player fell on that axis.

RE: name ref - Whoops! I wrote player’s-name-with-Altruists by accident there.

RE: option not dropping off - Ugh. I have a hard time with these sometimes. I think it’s a quirk of having a conditionally-selectable option alongside the hiding code. Thankfully it’s only cosmetic, but I still want to fix it at some stage.

You and everyone else, apparently!!

sksksk uhh I’ll think about it.

Another (small) writing update:

I’m on the final stretch for chapter 6. We’re at 71k+ words and counting. Why did I do this.

Today felt like a good things-come-together day. I finished up getting the code pointing where it should (well. I hope. testing necessary) so that everything flows properly and I got to write some fairly delicious trauma.

All that’s left is the conversation about Not-Prii, which is going to be interesting to write and code (same dialogue choices for the player, their conversation partner reacting differently).

Here’s a preview of one option!

Dime, why are you calling the civillian. Dime. What are you doing.
Hesitation. Confiding any of this to Alistair crosses the line from foolish into out and out insane.

                        If you speak to him, it has to be in the vaguest of terms, stripped bare of almost all detail. Would such a neutered conversation get any of this off your chest?
                            #It might.
                                Only one way to find out.

                            #Probably not.
                                But your phone is already in your hand.

                        You hit call. You get an answer on the fourth ring.

                        "'lo?" says a bleary voice.

                        *if expressive > 65
                            "Hey man. I know this is a little out of the blue, but it's @{aliname $!{aka2}. You know, |}your friend from the shipping container."

                            "Um, is this Alistair?"

                            "Speaking, yeah," he murmurs, sounding half asleep.

                            "It's @{@{aliname $!{aka2}. You know, |}your friend from the shipping container."

                        There's a pause. "For real?" @{(expressive > 65) He sounds marginally more awake.|}

                        "Yeah. @{expressive > 65) Hope I'm not interrupting anything."|Sorry for calling so randomly."}

                        @{(expressive > 65) "Other than my sleep? Naw, nothing."|"All good. Often call folks in the middle of the night?"}

                        Ohhh shit.

                        You kinda didn't think of that.
                            #"Sorry, I kinda didn't think of that."

Definitely feel free to ignore this if it’d be difficult or annoying, but have you considered an option to have all four of the Juice related appearance mutations at once? The idea of being really fucked up by spooky vial powers calls to me.


Just finished the demo (for now) and wow is it good. The past, the coven, and my villain friends all rolled into one! I love MC’s powers, it kinda reminds me of venom? That’s how I’m imagining I’m swinging with tendrils and covered in membrane goo lol. Really well done, I’m hooked!


Hello my little worms that are all squishy and soft and I can press on them until soft goo comes out, here is a fun QA in character :slight_smile:


Woahzer! a double post by me! I must do that yay!

The first part is based on the readers: we want to know about you, and we want to know if you are good with how certain characters are portrayed (or not portrayed!) You should keep in mind that this will be more useful with the future portrayal of characters and with future works since some of the characters have already been designed - but we will read everything. We keep no important information (real names, specific locations, identifying information), and all of them can be skipped.

The second part is a reading comprehension section. Each question is obligatory. You need to answer them. But if you don’t know just write ‘i dunno :(’ or like the beemovie script i don’t care :slight_smile:

The poll will be opened for a week.