(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 215k): Patreon 17th June 2024 - 240k

Lowest juice I’ve gotten is:


I feel like I keep breaking things, lol.

Thanks a bunch!

I don’t want to look too far ahead, but if Villain Juice became a duology, there’s a very high chance Dion would be a RO.

IAppreciate the bug report: 've been trying to splat this little jerk for weeks. Did you use a save pre-dating the update, by any chance?


Yes, that’s probably how my juice is showing so low too, same old save. And my other playthrough that was different choices / options so slightly different path, but it was a new one and didn’t have that issue.

Wow, body horror and a superheroes if? What a match made in heaven. Two things that I like that I never ever expecter to be together.

I loved the demo, I loved how frankly broken the MC is, how we can express how much we hate our powers and that they are a curse forced upon us. I wonder why they don’t have suicidal thoughts like other protagonists, but their wish to survive might explain that enough.

I feel pity for the MC already so I can’t bring myself to romance Mission Control or play as a pro-Coven MC, that would represent their final triumph over them. I have to resist, I like to imagine a future in which the MC manages to cure themselves of their powers and just chill out.

I have started to follow the tumblr of this if, I discovered a new gem. Thanks author for writing this, I will enjoy buying the final product and Ii wish you all good fourtunes with the development of your game


Bodyhorror is definitely not something I’ve had the pleasure of reading before. Props to you dear author for offering such a new experience, and I hope this IF does well on release. I also really like Wyrd’s shapeshifter randomness that pops up from time to time.


Izzily –

Keep up the great work!

I wanted to explore your non-choice choices a bit, and I enjoyed everything presented.

The MC is still a little hazy in my mind… right now she is fighting to be either a squid-head or a cockroach-headed MC, so I do not know if you want to try to sharpen up imagery or not.

I love the character development of the MC, and the story of the MC after the fateful night. I would love to explore the twisted disfunction between big brother and the MC more.

. :revolving_hearts:


The tentacles are very useful. I always go back to them.


I had a great time playing the demo! The MC was very relatable, I always felt like I could pick the answers/actions I wanted and be smart about things, the characters all feel very real and fleshed out, and I really felt like my choices mattered and had consequences. The body horror was also really fun. (Stomach mouths & tentacles ftw!)

I genuinely have zero complaints, which I’ll admit to being a rarity lol. All in all, I’m really excited and looking forward to more!


I appreciate the compliments and comments. I always like to read people’s impressions of the game and protagonist’s situation. There are/will be a few chances for the MC’s thoughts to get kind of dark but truthfully with the number of moving parts and opinions/feelings being tracked below the surface, I felt I wouldn’t be doing that justice. There’s also going to be more delving into the past in time, and perhaps that’ll develop a certain way, but I haven’t got to that point just yet.

Thanks! I do love writing Wyrd (and body horror)

Appreciate this! And the haziness has given me something to chew upon. It’ll go in the longterm bank for possible future edits!

Wow, thank you! I put a priority on making things feel like they matter and trying to include enough options that it doesn’t feel restrictive. Glad you like the characters too!


Writing Update

Currently I am in The Slog ™. I’m happy with how Chapter 6 is progressing but involved action sequences are, well, involved, and I must admit to some fatigue with writing almost exclusively action for the last while. (one segment in particular has some pretty complex code with a bunch of moving parts) Last week also had some craziness IRL that I won’t get into but was rather stressful, and that stole away some days. Still, I’m back in the saddle and moving forward.

I might do something I haven’t before and write one ‘route’ of CH6 before the other to push into an update. That’ll allow me to section the workload a bit better. I haven’t fully decided though. Depends on how well I can get through these subsequent action sequences.

Once again, thanks to all the readers and commenters. Have a teaser. :slight_smile:

Meet Vantage!
*selectable_if (wpp > 1) #...I struggled to beat the D-list. No way am I match for her.
        You've never felt more out of your depth with your mask life than in this moment. There's a very real chance she mops the floor with you.
        …Well, freaking out isn't going to get your ass any less kicked.

You step forward and ready yourself. Vantage's eyes track your every movement as you begin warily circling each other. Her bare face makes her look oddly naked, despite her dark skin being only otherwise exposed at her lower arms. Weird how quickly you grow accustomed to these things.

"$!{mask}," says Vantage. "Protective coating combined with versatile additional appendages. @{fighting_style Capable close quarters combatant.|Capable tactician.|Skilled user of parahuman abilities.|DUMMY}" She twists her wrists. "You lose in ninety-seven point six five percent of simulations."

@{(knowledge > 37) $!{cg} told you a little about Vantage's powers and how they're theorised to operate. She can collate information and use it to run scenarios—simulations—of future events, then act upon those predictions. It's part of why the Zone incident was so damaging to the Hounds, escaping their leader's supposedly all-seeing eye. For your purposes, if Vantage has studied you, then she's likely to anticipate your usual tricks.|$!{cg} said… something about how Vantage's powers operate, but she was bombarding you with so many different parahumans and powersets that you don't properly remember. Vantage's powers let her run scenarios in her head and predict things. Somehow.}

#"Yeah? Suppose I should make this the two point three five percent then."
#"If you think you can model me, you're sorely mistaken."
#Don't speak. I need every ounce of focus.
#Her clinical tone reminds me too much of Hypothesis, and I'm shaken.
#Her clinical tone reminds me too much of Hypothesis, and I'm furious.
#"That's the worst threat I've ever heard."

Hey, so I got a suggestion. Would it be possible for the MC’s personality to differ from pre-experiment days to the present? Let me explain; could the MC be more cold and distant post-experiments due to trauma… Yet was more optimistic and emotionally open before them, when hanging out with the gang? Sorry if that makes little sense, but I think it’s an interesting dynamic… yet I get that it’ll probably be a nightmare to code.


I like to think that more often than not, the reclusives were beforehand. Those with it have kept similar personality traits for the most part on those that i know.

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This is on my long term wishlist. It’s something I think would be very neat, but because I’d have to rework some of the assumptions made by the flashback RE personality values and of course add new code, it’d take up a lot of mental capacity that for now I’d rather focus forward. For now I kind of have to say maybe later, while I concentrate on continuing to build more story. :slight_smile:


I appreciate that some would like their MC to experience change in personality due to trauma. I, too, would like to explore what trauma happened and its potential impact on the MC’s personality.

With that said, I thoroughly enjoy when a protagonist can go through the crucible of trauma and still come out resilient and resistant to that change.

I do not like the trauma always defining and limiting everything at all times because not everyone is built that way


A great point! If I made the addition, I’d make sure to account for the scenario where MC retains their same kind of personality from the past.

Trauma has definitely impacted them either way, but one of my favourite things has been to write the three different reactions that define how they’ve been affected by the Coven and the subsequent small differences in prose from there.


Recently replayed and I want to say you did a great job portraying high observation vs low observation, some of the added detail makes certain scenes read very differently and builds intrigue towards the relationship dynamics between Mallory and Dion. (lowkey Dion is suss as hell and I trust him less than all of Coven. )

Also, I am not sure if this is intended but if you drop the sign and help Ranger the after-mission scene seems to act like you helped the whole squad after the fight (even if you didn’t)

Looking forward to the next update


Just finished the demo and I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait until I’m (hopefully) able to cave in Hypothesis and Catalyst’s skulls lol. Out of curiosity, are the carapace, mutations, and biomass expulsion abilities what you are sticking with or do you have plans to add or remove more powers?

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Thanks! I’m trying not to make observation too powerful or anything, but it does offer some fun opportunities to expand on certain details. Dion has a lot going on, for sure…

The helping Ranger vs. helping the Patrol thing was an oversight in how I coded the reactions. I’ve made a tweak for the next version; you should now be able to get away with moving the sign off Ranger in the middle of the fight without people side-eyeing you or acting like it’s the same as stopping at the end to help everyone.

Appreciate your comment and glad you liked it ^^

I’m not intending on adding extra powers. Accounting for the three specialties is a lot of work and I don’t want to creep the scope out of control.


I do like the Prii babies we made. That path I tend towards no guts. The other one I tend to be gutsy. The toned down creep option isnt interesting enough to touch. I love the grotesque. The babies arent as grotesque either?! Im troubled.


Imagine if we can transform those little babies into Priis. We’ll have an army of Prii-looking monsters.