(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 215k): Patreon 17th June 2024 - 240k

Im not surprised the holding for hope was highest.

You made Shauna and Prii as nerds, as well as Grant, like the majority of your audience (according to graph). Nerds are bit on the downlow in new friends group.

The line that made me love those two.

“Our party is gathered, time to venture forth!” The outcome of that selection was probably what did it the most beyond other things. For me anyway.


I have to respond to your remark on Teddie–it’s not that he’s gender-locked, it’s that his personality is doing exactly what it is supposed to. :sob: :sweat_smile:

More seriously, the only reason I didn’t put a vote down for him is because I still don’t know enough about his character, or friendship route to decide if he is someone I’d replay to romance, so voting for him under those circumstances felt a little disingenuous.

I am not someone who voted for Wil, though; I know even less about them, and being selectable doesn’t always make someone appealing for me as a reader. I have to “wait and see” for both. :sweat_smile:


Wait, are the nodes also for people who prefer to have less body horror? I thought since only the carapace has [less body horror] written next to it, the nodes will also include a lot of body horror. That’s why I didn’t choose carapace, because I don’t want less, I want more! :grin: I figured there’s a great potential for horror in hungry parasitic things living inside you.


Im surprised Wil got up on list as wasnt well known enough to me.

I selected holding out hope, cause it had more history and more involvement, in less time. Its weird. Yep.

Im also a demisexual through trauma, its very difficult to consider a new person. Mallory and their actions/personality is causing me to be won over. Their type of personality I need with my opposite personality. Wil has really just been a person there nothing of it. Rampage however also has an appropriate personality or attitude to end up drawing me in. All in time, not instant.

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It was the carapace being less body horror.

Nodes are top, then the monstrous mutation then least of all carapace (symbiote).

Edit: The nodes are my babies! Little me’s everywhere! Swarm that sexy hero and creep her out my babies! Cute, very disgusting little “furless” babies.

Yeah, I’m disturbing myself.


I think I may be the only one who said “I’m going to be friends with Teddie so hard” when I first saw him. From my experience, people who create a spiky outwards appearance tend to be very caring underneath, at least in real life. Also I get “protective big brother” vibes from him and Kay and I think that’s adorable :sob: :purple_heart:


Happy COGversary!

I’m an unabashed dork myself so I like when I can include little references :slight_smile:

There’ll be more chances to see what people are about soon. Teddie especially.

I think my lovely secretary meant nodes were less overt since their scenes aren’t quite as ‘and here’s the exact things happening to your body!’, but it’s definitely the carapace stuff I write with a view to less visceral description.

Yess… defrost this man!


OK I basically poked around at my coding this morning and it’s maybe a gratifying sign that I’m improving with choicescript that I realised this would be a cinch. So at Some Point™ you’ll start seeing the Altruists varying between MC’s nickname/full name if they’re not using a pseudonym. Especially Dion.


Is the MC taking their juice from Prii? Is Prii a source of their power?


I HOPE NOT!! … NO! AH! I’d rather it eat me alive than drink liquid Prii.



Quality of life/clarity/gameplay question for you fine folks!

I’ve been weighing up the possibility of marking options that are limited towards a given speciality or style with a [Hand-to-hand] or [Nodes], etc.

I think it’s usually clear what you’re utilising, but it occurred to me that it’s A) not always fully distinct, B) possibly unclear you have a special option C) maybe frustrating to see greyed choices that you can’t get to light up because of two of the first choices in the game.

Would you folks like to see that kind of labelling system? Would you hate it? Some other thing?


Maybe make it a toggleable option, the way some writers are making “storyteller modes” for thier projects? Some people may not want it, some people definitely will.


I tend to turn them on. Because way someone says unto is into of another. Not this exact wording just, interpretation from individuals are not always lined up right.


While I like to have flirt options labeled as such, most of the time I turn this kind of label system (that marks which skill is being checked) off. They’re just a bit distracting for me, but I agree that it would be interesting to have it as a toggleable option for those interested.

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The transformation that Prii gets is the same as the specialty that the MC chooses.

If the MC was dating Prii then it would be kinda romantic how they’re still exchanging fluids after being apart. :joy:


If I’m properly tracking where this error has thrown, this shouldn’t happen unless all of your stats are over 50, which is impossible under normal circumstances. Did you edit them?

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yes, I was replaying the game again and decided to play it with higher stats

Oke doke. Unfortunately, the way that parts of the game are coded, especially the flashback, mean that I can’t guarantee things will work if you tinker the stats.

Post flashback you’re less likely to get that kind of error, but yeah, some of the coding bakes in an assumption of stats being at certain values.


Ok :saluting_face: thanks