(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 185k): Update 9th April 2024

I seriously can’t express just how much I’m looking forward to t4t romance. Extremely lacking in interactive fiction (at least any comments on it; most stuff that has it doesn’t acknowledge it at all). Just kinda wish I could also be with Wil at the same time


If I am to be honest, when it comes to appearance, I’m going to pick up on some minor surface details then automagically make up the rest in my mind. I’m great at glazing over the information that conflicts with that.

So for me, it’s far more important how the RO talks/behaves rather than how they’re described.

And I went the crush → broken heart route, so… I guess it will be the first person that shows more than brief interest, anyway.

Based just on the personality, I’d say Kay is most compatible, but CG has most preexisting familiarity and Wil has the phone (because my doormat Paradigm didn’t want to cause trouble) so we’ll see what happens.


There have already been a couple options to lean harder on villainy, and those will continue to feature!

Kay is indeed trans, which that non cis MC scene is nodding towards.

Hope I can live up to this in execution!

I’m not deep enough into writing any of the romance paths to be able to say if including poly will be feasible (both for the characters and for the scope of Villain Juice! itself). A couple of the ROs are definite nos based on personality and a couple of them have logistical issues based on not being around the other ROs.

That said, neither Wil nor Kay are in those camps, so hey.

Not gonna lie, when I’m reading I always have to make a conscious effort to slow down and imprint descriptions properly in my memory :smile:

Personality definitely important, and I can say definitively that nobody’s shown their full picture just yet.

There’s a sprinkle more romance-related content in CH4 and there will be more in CH5, but there’s also some villainy to do.


I loved the concept of the story and especially the attention you put into the details. It was such a nice surprise to see scenes like Architect pointing out when an expressive MC was trying to be more reserved or MC using a string of 9s for their password if they have a low knowledge stat (and the flavor text for the different heights!! truly my favorite and I’ll be making more MCs to see the other variations)

Also, I’m looking forward to meeting the mysterious pasta person lol. If anything, they already impressed my MC with their culinary skills

some small bugs

I picked the option to smile, but after that was said that my MC couldn’t confess his feelings to Beth even though he didn’t have a crush on her

It is the same with the other two options: if I choose to freeze in terror, it says that my MC was smiling, and if I pick the last one it says that my MC was too afraid to say anything (outside of these 3 the other options are working just fine)

After picking the ‘you seem to be well-connected’ option it appears again on the next page. I think I saw someone pointing this one out a while ago, but I wanted to mention it just in case


Has been updated or not, I do not understand your formatting of dates.

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Patreon version updated a week ago on the first, public version updates tomorrow IIRC.


Aah thanks so much! I try best I can to make things feel responsive! I can’t pull it off all the time just cause of how complicated that gets, but I always love tailoring when I see it in my reads, so I figured why not try and pull that off when I’m writing.

Thank you for the bug reports: I’ve gone to the coding thread for help on the dialogue about Beth, because I am stumped as to what’s happening. Grant thing was a rogue bracket in the wrong place and should be fixed.

I’ve tweaked the reappearing option for now such that it leads directly to the next part, cause I can’t get it to consistently disappear after use x_x

PS if you like reactivity, try being reserved then pick the occasional joking option. It’s not every time but… well, those are some of my favourite selections to write.

As Brillig mentioned, patreon updated 1st Feb, public version to update shortly!


Public Update - Chapter 4

CH4 is now released on dashingdon!

Unfortunately, for this (and most likely future) update(s) the saves probably aren’t going to be compatible. I add and tweak a lot of variables as I go, so I’d be surprised if it manages to pick up where left off. Still, I don’t 100% know how dashingdon’s code/saves work so perhaps it will!


Will let you know in few.

Nope. Restart then going again.

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Game breaking error
This is a new playthrough, but had the same when loading pre update saves

Ah, refresh and retry! Sorry!

Love the update, good amount of drama a and mc traumatic past.

Also a question, will the old friend/girlfriend make an appearance? And/or romance/friendship continue?


I liked the story and plot, this has a lot of potential. The background of being a superhero spy is pretty interesting.

The biggest flaw this story has is with the large amount of characters, with 4 old Romance Interests, 6 new ones and a bunch of other characters in the story, it’s overkill.

The writing is also not as serious and too playful/casual so the tonal shift from that to seriousness makes me not take the story seriously.

The basis is fantastic but the execution needs work.

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How to get these options with Hypothesis?

“Surprise party?”

“Not particularly.”

Oh, those are intentionally dummy options, on account there’s absolutely no way even the gutsiest Dime could bring themself to say them.


Ohhhh okay lol. Also, I loved the update!! I crave more.

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Loved the update and can’t wait to learn more about MC’s past and the details of how they gained their powers

It’s working properly now after the update. And since you said you couldn’t replicate the same problem, it was most likely something on my end (though I’m not sure what exactly would cause that)

the Grant one is still there

my subterfuge was 34, if it helps

Edit: I think I found out what was the problem with the Beth dialogue @izzily

I was looking to a screenshot I took a while ago and there was a blank space between the possibly responses, so maybe that was preventing the other options to display in the correct order.


I checked this same part after the update and the space wasn’t there anymore, so maybe that explains why it’s working now


Bidding my time before I can put the absolute paws on Catalyst. It will be a legendary finding out to how much he seems to love fucking around.


Minor bug:

2290:   Grant sticks his hands in his pockets as you fall in step together.
2291:   *choice
2292:       #I'm cool just quietly hanging out with Grant.
2293:           Sometimes it's good to just exist in the neighbourhood of your @{dated_grant boyfriend|best friend}. Besides, there's rarely a dull moment with him around.
2295:           *if ((pastcrush = 3) or (dating))
2296:               It's one of the more exasperatingly attractive things about him. Not that you'd ever tell him as much. @{dating His ego would spiral out of control, can't have him getting too full of himself|Since, you know, that would require you to tell him your feelings in general first.}
2298:           *else
2299:               The possibility of entertaining nonsense is part of why you like him after all.
2301:               Well. Sometimes. There's an optimal level of nonsense.
2303:           "So $!{mc_name}, how long you think 'til Beth finds the fake hand I snuck into her backpack?"
2305:           And there he goes.
2307:           The remainder of the walk passes with comfortable chatter.
2308:           *goto grantask

Grant seems to be pastcrush 4.

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