(WIP) Drink Your Villain Juice! (Superpowers, Horror | 185k): Patreon update 13th May 2024 (215k)

Imagine if we can transform those little babies into Priis. We’ll have an army of Prii-looking monsters.


Writing update

There will be a new patreon build this week! I’ve decided to divide the remainder of the chapter up a bit as it’s getting Long and my preference is to give y’all some more stuff to sink your teeth into. (Yet again, a new chapter breaks the record for longest. I suppose technically this is multiple chapters at this point :thinking: )

Anyway! Watch this space. I’ve still got some branches to work on and then I’ll need to run my usual tests. Everything seems to be working but I like to do a number of manual playtests.

I’m going to experiment with having a longer delay between patreon and public releases. I think it’ll help with my workflow and build a bit more anticipation. More on this later.

Once again, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and play this project.


Firstly, I don’t remember if i said this before but

“Ranger Zigs, when he should have zagged…”

had me dying laughing. I don’t know why but, It was irrationally funny to me. :joy:

Secondly, I noticed this;

‘omg I can never get over how freaking tall Rian is’

Wasn’t sure if it was on purpose and something to pay attention to OR if it’s a simple mistake but, our real name is said, instead of our mask name in one of the comments after our debut.

@izzily Lastly, There’s an error when you choose to smash stuff at DPR.

Double Lastly, I’m trying my hardest to imagine Teddy. Is he literally just bones, like a skeleton? As his natural state. Or Is he in an ignited state by choice? OR is he a human, whose skeletal anatomy is pushing against and visible through the skin? ORR is his bones breaking through the skin? Does he even have skin?

Lol I’m perplexed now that I’ve actually just paid attention to how he’s described; because my brain is not fathoming his appearance. Usually, I have a great imagination, but for some reason, i can’t imagine him, even a little bit. I tried to find art but was surprised, that nobody got curious to create him. (unless I just missed it) :smiling_face_with_tear: :sob:


This comment is from the past when we were in AdVenture, it’s not about the Altruists debut, so it was before we got our powers and mask name. The MC was remembering what kind of comments they used to receive in the past compared to the present. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohhhhhh okay, thanks for telling me. Idk how I managed to miss that.


Hadn’t thought about that at all. I have been thinking of them as a sort of carapace or exoskeletal growth, like one of those diseases that calcify the skin? But hadn’t considered that it might be his own skeleton erupting through his skin. That’d be awfully painful.


I’m not that familiar with the ROs that well so can someone tell me which female ROs are more suited for a evil or darker MC?

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Kay is a cinnamon roll and Wil had shown some hesitation in hurting others herself, so I’m not sure they would be okay with an evil MC. If I had to guess Control Group would be your best bet.


I am still on the holding hope sort. Mal is breaking me out of it. I like Kay, shes also so bubbly! Wil, idk, and CG, evil. She is part of why in Coven, according to story anyway

The evil one is CG. Remember shes also loyal to Coven. I dont think she liked my not sharing info. She didnt attack.

I figure that bully was the one murdering your friends, maybe.

Id destroy the Coven even at my own expense. Also want to stop government controlled hero ‘monetization’. Cycling thru heros as trash? …

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Do you mean Catalyst? If so, he wasn’t. He was on guard duty and should have prevented you ever getting in with the AdVenture crew in the first place, but wasn’t doing his job. And if you mean Hypothesis, he wouldn’t have been the one actively using the creature or whatever abilities, most likely that thing that attacked was an animal experiment, though I wouldn’t have put it past H to have used a human and then fed it humans.


I had, we’ll say, maybe more fun than I should have done bullying Ranger.

The next build has a slight tweak in wording to make it more clear that it’s in reference, as Nemureru Mori mentions, to AdVenture, so real name is correct there.

Thanks! I poked at the code and I think I worked out what the problem was.

So Teddie has a ‘normal’ body, but his skeleton irregularly grows in fits and spurts, pushing through the skin. His power works in a way that lets him heal up from that (so he doesn’t just have ragged holes everywhere in his skin and isn’t constantly bleeding all over the place) but it obviously still hurts.

F!Wil is the most principled of the female ROs, then Kay, then CG.

RE Kay’s morals. I think I talked about this once before. So far, what’s been seen is that Kay objects to hurting Ranger while he’s defenceless, but during the fight is fair game. So you can draw some conclusions there.

: )


Since we’re discussing characters, would you perhaps consider adding further details to the cast list section of the stats page at a later date, maybe detailing the appearances of characters and how their powers function?


Considering the jumping around from WIP to WIP or releases. I concur on character description tabs. Most times I dont but very few times had to restart to refreshen what their appearance was.

Patreon update - CH6 (pt two)

Update now available on Patreon! It’ll be publically available two weeks from now. I’ve also uploaded a fresh build which fixes a few minor issues that have been pointed out and adds a skip to chapter 5.

  • Another 25k words, for a total of 215k.
  • Confront the Glory Hounds. How will you measure up against Alderbrook’s finest?
  • Assist your allies, or proritise your own safety.
  • Perhaps you’ll learn the consequences of running your Juice dry.
  • Under the right circumstances, encounter a revelation.
  • Come up with an escape plan, alone or with others.
  • Come face to face with Surpass again.

Hm - I will consider this, but because the cast is large, the cast list page is also very long already. I don’t want to create an endless scrolling situation.


Mine was last known to be at 70-75%? I cant remember. I didnt destroy the one I got, kept it on hold.

Is there no save function? This is stressfull. :confused:

The save code for dashingdon isn’t compatible with regular uploads, so I can’t include it on the patreon build. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it manually and cscript’s native checkpoint code doesn’t play nice in CSIDE, so it’s kind of a catch 22.


No worries. I support you on Patreon anyway. Will play it once it comes out for all. :slight_smile:


Just starting to play this WIP now, so I don’t have a ton to say (I’m not very far in, it seems), but I really love the scientific code names the Coven members have—Variable, Catalyst, Hypothesis, Control Group. Paradigm even fits in, too! I dunno, thematic naming just makes my brain tingle.

Also, great writing in general! The dialogue and emotions hit just right and flow very realistically, the humor clicks, and I haven’t noticed any spelling or grammatical errors, or any bumpy code parts. Well done!