WIP Demo - tentative title 'Radiant' - Updated 1-4-15


Edited: Replaced old link with link to more recent file. Not much has changed, but I don’t know how to get the compiler to include the map I made, it’s a .png image. Anybody know how to do this?

Another demo posted by a hopeful author. Title: Radiant (maybe)

The rest of it:
I had an idea to write a ChoiceScript game. No idea what convinced me trying creativity again was a good idea. I think at this point in my writing, I want a little feedback from the crowd to make sure I’m not just completely wasting my time. It has about 10-15K words right now (by my estimate).

The basic plot: In a land where one out of every 50 people have the potential to use magic, only a few ever do better than lighting campfires and fixing headaches. The best and only way to get a serious, high-quality magical education is joining the Petrarch Empire Mage Corps.

The Empire’s militarized mages have given it unquestioned dominance over the neighboring kingdoms and slowly but surely raised the overall quality of living for its citizens over the last 1000 years. Too bad for you, you joined up just a few months before the first serious threat to the Empire in centuries showed itself.

This is basically ‘chapter 1.’ No major plot movements so far. I’ll keep updating this file steadily as I complete ‘chapter 1.’

I’m glad we have a pretty good community here. I don’t have to worry about getting yelled at but can count on honest criticism for what I need to improve. Thanks in advance everyone!


I found a strange bug. Should be fixed now - it’s a new version.


There are some error like ‘crc’ or something after the teacher evaluation…or is it the end of the game?


Damn, I thought I fixed it. That’s really weird.

It was pretty close to the end though.


I really like this game can’t wait to see even more.


This is really interesting, the characters remind me of a bit from the Harry Potter series. Also would we be able to go rouge from the empire, and do our own thing away from them


Oh yess! this is really interesting! Im keeping my eyes on this! Starred!


It sounds like people want more. I’ll keep working on it.

Probably will be a long time in writing though.


@Crotale The game sounds really fun and it also has a nice concept.
Will you be updating this version thought?


Not for a while. That mysterious bug is irritating me and there’s lots of work to do on it. I only want to show the next part when it’s quality.


the demo is good so far


I like both of your characters Tess and Nathan/Natalia so far, I’m interested in seeing how they grow with the story. I’m leaning more towards the Nathan/Natalia one at this point but there was more on them than the Tess character. It is an interesting story so far, and I can’t wait to see more of it. I hope you figure out that error without it making rewrite a bunch of code. Good luck!


I also rather enjoy this game, but one question how old is are character? Is the Magic corp rising in Army of teenager’s, Adult’s, High school? Where in time am in?


The Petrarch Empire Mage Corps accepts 17 year olds, sometimes 16 year olds, who:

  1. have magic
  2. are reasonably healthy and intelligent
  3. probably will not betray the Empire

They train for 3 years. The first year is just to introduce potential Mages to magic and physical training and discipline. There are no elective classes for first year. The second and third years include training in history, tactics, and specialist training (I.E, Combat Mage hopefuls start doing mock battles, Healers-to-be learn biochemistry and medicine).

After training, Mages serve for 4-6 years. However, in the past the PEMC has rushed the current crop of Mage potentials out of training and into battle when a sudden war broke out. Even a one-third-trained 18 year old Mage is worth half a dozen regular soldiers.

As to what time you are in, well, it’s the year 4302 A.L. Who knows when it is in A.D. You might find it more descriptive if I told you that the Petrarch Empire’s technology level is roughly 1800s-ish. They have trains, and roads, printing press, and a facsimile of the telegraph, but most of the really good stuff is supported by magic, not physics.


I really enjoyed the demo


I enjoyed the playable part, my impression so far is good.

Your writing style is all right, so far, but I think you need to improve your choice script skills, the crc bug is still not corrected after days.

Tess and N both have just one scene so far, therefore I can’t say realy much about them, but what I’ve seen of them looks promising. I’ve gor the impression that Tess is based on one of my proposals, is that true? And since N is always the opposite gender of the MC, s/he will be a romance option for straight MCs, right?

the information on the technology level should be mentikned in a world description page in the stats, and I think the age of the MC and the year should be mentioned in game.

What about having an exercise in each of the lesson when the MC could improve the caster stats?


I found a possible fix for the bug, but I am currently not actually working on this game. It’s finals season. Try again in two weeks :slight_smile:


Oy! Grey happens to be my favorite color! >:|


You can keep it grey if you want :slight_smile:


Nice game so far :slight_smile:
I ran into a crc error though so I can’t finish it but looking forward to more