(WIP) Dance of the Night (Heart's Choice) 90K

All of the pet names (and, indeed, the affectionate names you can call your pet while petting them) are period-accurate. As are all of the insults you can use. I’ve gone for period accuracy in dialogue wherever possible - and the funny thing is, I bet the parts people think aren’t period-accurate will be different to the bits where I actually cheated.


Sidenote, I’d totally love to name a dog Rascal, but I can’t picture it for that specific description.

I mean, to give you a better description: the dog is a a chubby little pug who wandered into the gardens of Versailles, accidentally stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth, and were caught by the Fae, and you have to trick them into giving him to you.


I was seriously tempted by Whimsey, but I just had to go with King Cheese for a pug. (Ironically, my own pug, Pistachio, wasn’t allowed to eat cheese at all as he was lactose intolerant.)


I mean, I just can’t picture an immortal pug as Rascal! It’d have to be a scruffy mutt. Or a hunting dog, I guess, but mostly a mutt.


Well, that’s where we get into feature creep territory. I had to pick a type of dog and I landed on pug. :slight_smile:


Obviously! I just stated my rationale for picking the name I voted. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would hope it had chosen a name for itself, if that was it’s situation. But if left up to me, I would name it Franklin. But my family has an odd history with naming pets. I grew up with cats named Beverly, Winston, Clarence and Eileen. My cousin’s pug was Nelson. My grandmother’s dachshund was Hildegarde and her chihuahua was Mildred. My sister’s poodle cross is Matthiew, and her son’s poodle cross from the same litter is Arthur. My little brother and his wife’s pomeranians are Hector and Claudius. We kind of just do people names.

Pistachio is a great name for a pug!


I love this tradition! I also like Franklin and Pistachio as pug names.

Congrats on the progress, @Dash! I very much like the idea of a Fae RO.


It always threw new people for a loop. They’d ask things like “who’s Eileen?” (particularly as there’s the impression that Eileen is a more modern name than the others but it first appeared in the US in 1882) and the explanations would almost always fall hilariously flat. The number of times we had the discussion “but why Eileen?” was eventually part of the fun.


Why not Eileen? It sounds like a perfectly good name for a cat.

I name all my girl cats princess names: Jasmine Rhapsody Sky, Josephine Isabella, and Sophie Marie. Yes, they all have/had multiple names. lol!


LOL! Like princesses or Magical Girls!

I think most people assume cats are named things like either Mr.SnufflyWhiskers or Porridge. Which, to be fair, I did briefly share a cat named Porridge with a roommate. He despised me, though, so I was glad she took him with her when she moved in with her boyfriend.


Story hit 90K this weekend. Fae realms is done and we are on to Paris, household management, and romance! Lots of time to get to know Wolfram and Lazare.

There’s a task to do, but it can be ignored completely. This starts to add in some of the longer term influential choices, and where some of the skills begin to pay off. Essentially a low action chapter, lots of politicking. (Low action is not no action, though - you can still absolutely murder someone.)


Honestly loving all of this. Fae realms? Paris? Romance, obviously.

Thanks for the updates! Happy writing!