(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



The apple as the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was a Latin pun.

The word for evil is malum, apple is malum.

So the apple is the evil fruit. In Latin.


Being Divinus is… problematic. People are too frightened to approach and thanks to that you can count your friends on the fingers of one hand, there’re spirits watching you and judging, bizarre things are happening at home, some douche’s hiding in bushes and laughing evilly from there.
And all you get for the trouble is a room without a roommate at the academy. Oh, and minor medical aid from spirits.
Right now I cannot understand the appeal.


a strong political standing and privileges


Vote MC
MC 2020


So has the storm cleared up enough for us all to talk about different aspects of the game or is the war still ongoing with Lilith?


Don’t jinx it. Eric might be waiting to convert more people to the Lilith fanclub


That’ll be an amusing scene to see that’s for sure


Lilith is blonde, right?


I got so excited when I found this out lol

pFT yeah that’s mostly true. There’s ways MC can fix it though don’t worry don’t worry

This is a war that has threatened us for decades. We’re only just past phase one.

*Lilith cult

Yes. :^o


This WIP is so cool! I love the story you’ve laid out and I love how you handle characters! The way we discover stuff along with the MC is so interesting, and the entire concept over all really pulled me in. I can’t wait to see where this story will go!


I mean, she was named after a demon, so that actually makes a lot of sense

Why am I imagining Lilith as Heather Chandler?

oh god now she really Is the “Demon Queen of High School”


@Eric_knight, ur being summoned.



and I’ve said many times before that I love Lilith. She is my lovely Mythic Bitch :heart:


Can’t even think Lilith is a Demon for me…
Almost forget… my Rose for Lilith today…



Wonder if I could convince her to cut her hair…



Is there a slave path?


Love you always @Dark_Stalker, you are my favourite buddy here :wink:

Love you too @Hearts … for your Lilith support

and @aequa… a Rose for you as well :smile:



Gimme Money. Its more useful.


Lily rules! :fist:


I could make a comment here about a role reversal on that idea of yours, but I think Aequa needs a break from my submissive thirstiness. So I’m gonna leave that up to your imagination


Now there’s a Lilith relationship I want, we can get a collar and manacles for her and I’ll never let her out of my base- we’re talking about the same thing right?

Then how come I don’t get a rose? Preferably with thorns. Or an angry pet.