(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



You see. im straight, so it would be kinda weird. If it was a girl i would be like " [looks the gift ]:slightly_frowning_face: what do you want? I dont have money."
id sill consider taking the rose though.


:see_no_evil::rofl: No worries. Was just asking.


" How much of a bitch Lilith is, and why you should love her" with Eric knight



But Lilith was willing to return a favour the our main character right? Even if some of us here ask her to become their secretary ? She seems fair …

Ahhh… please don’t make Lilith into an Evil person , she was just misguided because no one care for her, not even Santa Clause …you can make Lilith breakup with me or telling me that she had been tricking me all these time, or making her expel me from the academy … these make her Evil enough . But please also include an option for our Main Character to watch over her no matter what :blush:

Most likely the Head master knew about this , but he also knew Lilith has high charisma and persuasion talent , so he went along just so the academy can be famous with him fully in power… when the real Divinus emerge , he just dump Lilith after using and deceiving her into believing she had real power… Poor Lilith is just a pawn in political game :disappointed:


I mean, I like Lily, sure!

But this… is just multiple levels of disturbing… :cold_sweat:


What is the problem about Lilitch being a secretary!? Oh, are we belittling secretaries now?

You are such a terrible person, Knight… Tsk, tsk…



@aequa should consider selling Lilith merchandise…

i :heart: Lilith t-shirts. :fox_face:


That proves Lilith is not selfish right ? :slight_smile: Well… that is your choice , between a friend and secretary you rather have a secretary ?? A secretary won’t be as loyal as a friend :grin:


i agree. Loyal friends are much more usefull.:smirk: :fox_face:


Uh… I think it’s time we break our friendship, then.

Between a secretary or Lilitch as “loyal friend”… Secretary, no doubt…


I was actually thinking of “IT NEVER ENDS! :scream:” but that works. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Also, @Eric_knight, you are sounding a bit delusional about this…)

Yeah, but it’s not you giving the rose, is it? :confused: You don’t have to accept his love, but it’s not weird for him to be attracted to other guys.


Which part ?? :smile:


All of the parts… :sweat_smile:

I know I can get obsessive over ROs, too (you should read some of my posts in the ZESH threads… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) but it does sound like you’re basically rewriting the story in your own head just to paint Lilith in a more positive light. I have no doubt that it might be possible to get through to her using love and kindness, allowing her character to develop, but she is certainly not a nice person now.


Hmmm… i agree that there aren’t too many information given about the characters from the Demo, the most we can read is about Lilith’s “interesting” behavior , so the spotlight seems to be focus on her now :slight_smile:

Her past via our memory does easily influence us to fall for her , as oppose to others characters (Theta, Saro and Leo) who we only know when we join the academy … perhaps what they say about first impression is true ( the MC did know Lilith since small, so naturally the bonding was there). The glare and the scratch scene didn’t really made me hate her much, and the scene where Lilith ask us to help her regain her reputation only help to hype up her character 's mystery . The best part is @aequa made her told us the reason for asking our help is to help her go home for Christmas … that was a reason too hard to refuse, and hard to imagine a person still think of Christmas (or other religious occasion) is bad … , well if Lilith still think she deserves a present from Santa only means that she doesn’t think herself of being bad right? :smile:

However, let us see how it all goes… the discussion will only help the story in a more lively manner, and it was truly fun to get involve :smile:


Harsh that is simply what happens when a man falls in love, if i recall corectly someone stated it woul be the worst thing, but i highly doubt it.

@Eric_knight leave some roses for me to send to lily


Sure, it’s technically fair, but I don’t think Lilith offered to return the favour out of the goodness of her own heart. I’m pretty sure it was just to give us an incentive to help her reach her goals in the first place, so yes, she only truly did it for her own benefit, not because she was being selfless.

Game Creator: Lilith probably deceived/bribed/threatened the Headmaster.
You: The Headmaster probably deceived Lilith.

Eric, the inner workings of your mind shall forever remain a mystery to me. :slight_smile:


What the fuck.

Can’t someone make a poll? Love/hate Lilitch?
No gray zone, just black and white… And we finish this discussion… :anguished::anguished::anguished:


ok all let’s agree that he’s lost. he could turn all conversation into something about lilith. just…just ignore him. or at least limit it to 5 posts. there’s more to this game than just her okay.

@Hearts i do like the little fox too!

also thanks all now i’m imagining babies crawling with knife in hand and murder in eyes.


Here’s the article about psychopathic children.


Damn, Lilith related discussion grows exponentially.
@Eric_knight my dude, your loyalty is really something. I applaud to that. Or are you simply playing devil’s advocate here?
By the way, apple and nosebleed mysteries made me wonder. Maybe I’m being dense, but I cannot pinpoint what they could possibly hint to. Are we ever gonna discover the truth behind those peculiar events?


I know the game creator said that but part of it makes no sense, if lily or her mother, she is a fitting canditate for it, threatened the headmaster he would definatly never declare the mc as divinus/divina, to prevent the threat from coming true.
Deceiving, it depends on how this is tested in the first place
Bribing, it seems to be the most logical reason, lilys mother has quite some money and the headmaster did declare the mc as divinus/divina


That was an interesting read, thanks for sharing