(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



Hey… I didn’t make that up, it was Gandhi who taught us " Hate the Sins, but love the Sinner " … of course i hate the Sin of lying , but i love the person who lie :slight_smile:

They might had commited sins … but we should still love them, must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. :slight_smile:


Yes, u learn to be what you are. You also learn to behave, acordding or against rules( societal, religious, etc). But, just because someone is not attuned with society, it doesnt mean they are evil.


Oh, dont worry. I will throw them in a clean cage. :relaxed: :wink:



What do you mean by “force”? Do you mean physical force? Because you can’t physically force anyone to believe anything. How would that even work? I don’t think Lilith could punch the entire student body into believing she was Divina, hilarious as that would be.

No, the only way you can make people believe something is through persuasion and deception, which is what she used. She said she was Divina and they believed her, because people don’t typically assume others are lying, unless they know that person has a history of lying. So you really can’t blame people for believing her. If Lilith somehow managed to trick people into thinking she was Divina AGAIN, then it would kinda be their fault. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Besides, lying is still generally wrong regardless if anyone believes you or not.

Also, we’ve been shown nothing in the game to indicate that Lilith has been hallucinating spirit voices. If she really thought she was Divina, she would have told us that in the memory where she confronts us about taking her title away. If you tell her that what she’s doing is wrong, or that she’s not really Divina, she doesn’t protest or argue by saying that she really is. In other words, she was just lying the whole time.

You think it’s fine to believe Lilith is hallucinating without her saying anything indicating this, yet the students believing Lilith was Divina because she actually said she was Divina isn’t? How does that work?

Edit: Mmm so I guess I should probably add that I don’t mean to be confrontational or anything, I just don’t get how your thought process works lol


Part of me wants you to delay the next chapter just so I can watch how far this thread can go before someone resorts to murder.


Yup. id like to know that as well. I mean even that first guy( the principal?) said she was divina(he said it, right?). So, is there some test u have to pass to earn the title, or u can just go there and say u are the boss and thats it? :fox_face:

Pardon me if it was already explained.


Things are so fired up!
I’m waiting @ParrotWatcher coming and saying “THAT, AGAIN! Nooooooo!”

Yeah, it’s almost like Hogwarts, when they say “Hogwarts is the safest place.” but every semester someone almost dies.

Never understood that. :laughing:


Chill…chill… my friend , I didn’t blame people who had been deceived by Lilith … I just said it was their choice to believe into something… :slight_smile:
we can’t deny that these people were longing for some return/favour from Lilith if they are angry of Lilith not fulfilling their wishes right ? If these people were only looking for a spiritual leader for guidance or advice, and IF …i meant IF Lilith is competent enough to give moral advice or sound guidance, they shouldn’t feel bad about it right? I admit based on the Demo, i didn’t really understand the true character of these characters yet …but we were given a memory of Lilith as a childhood friend, and she is a really nice and innocent girl based on the memory … so what had change ? perhaps Lilith’s intention was noble when she realise that the only way people going to listen to her advice was to feign herself as a Divina ? But when she cannot fulfill the greed of her followers , her initial intention back-fire …i meant Greed is a motivation on why these people chose to believe her in the first place … they could ask for a better life, better look, better exam result etc … but don’t get me wrong , i am not blaming anyone …

Like i said "Hate the Sins, Love the Sinners " … lying is a sin , but i can love Lilith, those people can love her too … Greed is a sin , but obviously Lilith can love those people too , else what for she want to regain her reputation and befriend with them again ? :slight_smile:

What?? this thread is about whether anyone still want to become Lilith’s friend :slight_smile:

Not at all… Not at all … I love you guys :grin: without these discussion i won’t even realise what a wonderful person Lilith can be :smile: Thank you everyone for opening my mind :smile:

No…no…no they won’t be sad when Lilith tells them she still loves all of them :grin:
I will love them too if they can forgive Lilith and continue to love her :smile:


They can be just sad because she used their beliefs to rise. Doesn’t mean they “expect” something…
You are putting the blame on the victims.

Sorry, I forgot how important Lilitch’s love is. Meh.

So, will you not love them if they do not love Lilitch? And the speech about “loving everyone, no matter what”…?


You’re really trying to absolve Lilith while tying selfish motives to everyone else?

You don’t have to like someone to want them to like you.

I wouldn’t say that given her rather quick betrayal towards us.

Nah, you still drive me crazy :blush:


:rofl: that was great. :see_no_evil:

I can think of some things someone gets by acting friendly. A lot of things actually.:smirk:


Give up already guys. He is lost.


Thanks for reminding me that, obviously i am a worse person as compare to Lilith :disappointed_relieved:

At least Lilith still want them to like her and i never thought about them … I am such an arrogant person, i just wish Lilith will hates my arrogance but continue to love me, hope everyone is as forgiveful to me as Lilith and Theta :disappointed_relieved::thinking:


Wrong he’s ASCENDED!!!


You’re welcome! :blush:

Can I just say how I LOVE that you put a fox face every time?
So cuuuuute! :hugs:


@Eric_knight has mastered the skills of the Lilitch faction!! *powered up+ Eric promoted to high commander


Ohmygod. Youre my best friend now. :fox_face:



We are best friends now!!!
You are the face fox, I will be the facepalm!



I don’t like the separation between the two either. Which is ironic, considering that’s basically every stat in the game.

That’s a really accurate way of describing her. Still, she’s only sixteen. I think there’s still a lot of influence MC could have over her.

Why not? I’d be flattered no matter who it came from. :^p


That’s true. It’s like buying something online expecting something that was advertised and getting something shitty instead. It’s not really your fault. But that’s kind of a shit comparison, because there’s… reviews. It’d be nice if people came with reviews.

Now I’m gonna rush so no one kILLS ANYONE HURRY @AEQUA HURRY

LMAO fuck if I know. I didn’t think that far. She probably went through a series of interviews and shit. Or like, “watch as I change the weather with the help of the Six.” Kid sits on roof spraying a hose at the window. Headmaster clapping. Either that or she found out his deepest, most inner secret and threatened to spill it. Or paid him. Any one would work.

I dunno if she ever had pure intentions. Maybe they were a little more pure when she was a child, but almost everything she does is for her own gain at this point.

You’re making me want to do the exact opposite just to shock you lol. I don’t think I can ruin Lilith for you though. Did you ever say what I could do to make you hate her?

I know. It’s so cute. :joy:


these posts are becoming long s o r r y


If we said about the Divina’s thing (when we were her friend), maybe she could have fooled people…
Besides that… I don’t know XD
Maybe the principal is an idiot, he doesn’t have authority over the students anyways (Leo just says that he is not going to class).