(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



Oh…come on…it is Valentine day , how hard it be to send some roses to our childhood friend? I am sending rose to Theta too… chocolate to Leo and Saro since i don’t think they like roses :grin:

I am jealous of her mouse… who accompany poor Lilith in the dark room when Santa Clause forget to send her gift during Christmas :expressionless: Guess that’s why Lilith hide our hand phone inside her mouse cage, she wish us to be as loyal as her mouse :thinking:



She’s on the naughty list. Permanently.

He’s even deciding to worthlessly spend money on those people taking advantage of us. And on each of them…


But i can sense they are all true friends …especially Theta who always seem to cheer me up, Theta is the Light of positivism as oppose to Lilith Shadow of doubt … they neutralise each other which leave me Neutral in the middle, perfect balance of nature …
and how can you not give Leo at least a chocolate for all he had done for us :smile: Saro, not knowing him much yet … but at least he help broke into Lilith’s room :slight_smile:


Maybe. They’re little babies and are all afraid of confrontation. Besides Lilith. And Theta if she was pissed enough.

I think so too. I think our personalities are a mix of traits we’re born with and things we learn. Or that’s my uneducated ass opinion lol.

ewwwwww lmao

I think the same. Like things that are ingrained in them would stay, but whatever they learned is gone?

Though this amnesia isn’t really based on science or even accurate in a lot of ways. It’s just fantasy shit.

She’d say anything to make you feel bad. ;o

yES YOU CAN HANG OUT WITH LILY AND GET COTTON CANDY. or talk to other students that you haven’t met yet. uh.

there are so many cOMMENTS hold on let me spam like ten different replies


I don’t think people are born evil, they just make wrong choices because they “mis-interpret” or misunderstand cause and consequences that relate to their action… with proper understanding and learning , perhaps they can make better judgement of their action ?

For example , if we saw someone left a hand phone on the table … perhaps a person who never had a hand phone will think "Hey, Finder is the keeper… i will keep the hand phone " , another person might thought " someone left it here, perhaps we should keep the phone and find out who the owner is “…a third person might think " i will just wait here until that person return to look for it…” the 4th person might think " that’s none of my business…i just ignore it "

so everyone had a different perspective , can we judge their actions ? we can only argue they make a right or wrong choice , but perhaps if we discuss or tell them what are the cause and consequences of their choice , then they can make better judgement in the future :slight_smile:

hahaha… i am fully in to it… so i go and meet this guy and say " Hey, someone told me i was a bad person, what do you think ? can i know what were the things you guys gossip about me ? " :smile:

But i thought only we have real power ?


Ok, just to take this doubt out of my mind…
Between the students of Larunda… who was the best Divinx?
Old us or Lilitch?

F*ck Lilitch :rofl: (I can’t :laughing::laughing: )
Cotton candy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m referring about actions as Divina… :laughing:
Like, “diplomatic shit”…


That’s true. It basically is a hard reset of their entire self. I really don’t know what would stay or what would be lost. I would guess traits that were passed down would stay, and learned things would be lost. Something like introversion might stay but shyness would go?

Where did you see that? I would guess there were other things involved. Though if they were influenced by genetics to be psychopathic, why does that mean they’re evil? Especially if they get help.

I don’t think anyone’s born with good intentions set in either. But no one’s born with education, values, or filters. Those are outside factors. I mean, before society, did we have the same concept of good or bad that we do today? Still, I know nothing about psychology or child development. It’s just my (uneducated) thoughts. :^/


Probably old-you. You were arrogant, but actually influenced by Spirits. :^p


I miss this, you meant i can receive cotton candy from Lilith ? that is great …Lilith always gives me good things since small :smile:

Lilith seems very good in diplomatic skill… she is honest with her intention, a favour for a favour straight forward … she didn’t promise not to attack me again , as @aequa said, it is going to be up to the future action of myself , i would say Lilith is fair and honest … no sweet lies at all, if she gives me cotton candy then i must have deserve it :blush:


“Fair and honest”… the one who deceived everyone to gain the title of Divina…

She is. :relaxed:


FIGHT :clap: FIGHT :clap: FIGHT


Lilith didn’t force anyone into believing her right ? :wink:

It was their own choice to believe her in the first place :smile: and Lilith is mentally unstable too… it could be that she really thought she heard the sound in her head back then :smile:

hey…we aren’t fighting , it is a civilise conversation :stuck_out_tongue:


No one is born “evil”. Most of what happens through life, and the way you are or act, cant simply be labeled with terms as black and White as “good or evil”. Things are not that plain, its like saying that all psychopaths are murderers, which is not true. A lot of “normal” people kill, rape, and do a lot of shit just coz, and thats it, they are psychos. Then a real psycho cames and do some shit and people say “oh, it because he was a psycho”, “psychos are evil”. Yeah, sure, cheers humanity.
Besides, a lot of people say and guess a lot of shit thanks to the way society likes to deal with “irregularities”. Regardless, shit is still shit, no matter who said it.


I think Lillith is just a pretty screwed antagonist. She still can be saved though (maybe) … I believe shes just lost in her inner stuggles.


i like roses. i wouldnt like being given one by a guy though


1- Dont worry, ur better than most
2- Basically , yes.




Finder keeper here ( i would return the cell, but if it was Money i would probably keep it). I dont like to lie though. I dont really care for people( with some exceptions), but i love dogs( animals in general but mostly dogs). Dont ever regret my actions( i am what i do) but some times i think " what if i didnt…". Disruptive personality wins !!

Now i forgot waht i was going to say. Well, It is what it is, gonna grab some martinni and ice cream now. Wish there was some pudding in the fridge :sleepy:


“The worst thing that may happen to a man is fall in love” Hearts (if no one said so before me)


Hum… I was being kinda of passive-aggressive… :rofl:

I just hope you don’t need to judge someone… E.V.E.R.
Or I will pray a lot for the victims.



Everyone: Maybe we should talk this over


Hahaha… who am i to judge you ill? :wink:

wasn’t that King James said " Speak No ills of Others " ?

Everyone : We won’t fight back…Hate the Sins, but love the sinner :smile:



**it’s ok that she lied, she didn’t force people to believe her.

Since when?

I really believe in us learning to be good. And then us not learning or refusing to acknowledge it gets us labeled evil or bad.


" innocent until proven guilty ", yes?
I say “Throw them in a cage till we know for sure” :fox_face:

(unless its me)


You should change your nickname to Eric_paladin…