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In my real life, i don’t have good memory about my Head Master :wink:

I rather become Lilith’s Pet than the Head Master’s Pet :blush:

If i am that bad, should i compensate Lilith and help her even more ? :sweat_smile: but i guess i have to ask Theta, Leo and Saro too right? i have a feeling Theta will refuse to acknowledge i was a bad person, she did regard me as her best friend right? :smile: :grin::grin:



This place is a war zone.

hhhhhhhh the Festival of the Six. Ummm that’s actually coming up again, which is where you’ll be able to meet a new character or two. Uh. I think. I don’t know. I’m too indecisive.

Yeeeee all of them are in the next chapter. I missed them. They’re my children.

That makes a lot of sense, actually. I wonder if that’s a real thing or not?

IIIIIIII haven’t really considered that… I think some part of you would stay? Like traits that you were born with instead of learned? …But can one be born as a shitty person? I think they would be made into that through experiences and memories?

That’s it. :no_mouth: I don’t think they’ll ever let their guards down… Wait, that’s really sad. What the hell.

This still has to be cleared up in the game. I think you would lose some sense of your self after being “turned off” for periods of time/being controlled by someone else. Of course it’s still their fault for being an asshole, but it can be partly explained. Though Fallax would make a point to treat humans like shit…

I mean, she’d be the most honest about it. :confused:


and sure as hell Lilitch faction will win.


Easily Actually I think most people are.

More honest than telling us we were awful to our face? Should I start to doubt the friends?

With a juggernaut like @Eric_knight


Yep. Most people are. I dont think theyre born this way though. Some are are shy, cold, or selfish almost since birth, and these traits will affect the way they grow up. But I believe, experiences and knowledge u acquire through life is what determines how ur personality turns out.:fox_face:


nah, no one is born evil. you see the babies in hospital. all same crying mess. not evil, just a bit smelly.


Yep. But there are inborn traits, like introversion, which is tied to the way the brain works. :fox_face:

Answering the question im not sure was previously asked.
Yes, theoretically, even someone with complete amnesia would have some kind of set demeanor due to aforementioned characteristics. He would NOT imperatively be evil or good. Although they would certainly share a behavioural pattern, MC could easily became a nice person, no matter how much of a son of b1tch its formerself was.:fox_face:


And the amnesia does not restart a person, the MC can, unconsciously, still have the traits from before, a proof of that is when we freak out when Leo tell us we were a bitch. We just forgot.


I don’t think that Lilitch is honest… She’s going to tell us anything if we are unstable, just to fuck us up… For me, she is going to use that “you were as bad as me” card, as all the villains do. :joy::joy:

It’s amazing how we were talking about the other ones, about MC being a shit person, amnesia, a lot of things… But, in the end, @Eric_knight finishes with "how good is to be Lilitch’s pet"
It’s an infinite loop, tf.


Isn’t that against being born some way?

Anyway I disagree by value of neurodivergency. People will be one way which they may or may not be able to change or help and it cold definitely be considered evil by others.


Lilith is no villain she has just a mother no one should, i am even ready to bet that liliths paranoia, towards the divinus/divina issue is her mothers fault, given the memory



i think it’s more like “unconscious quirk” mc has before instead of traits or morality that still shows after the amnesia. maybe mc like to bit their lip when lying and when it happens after amnesia it could reminds people of pre-amnesia mc


She fits the definition of “villain”, at least, for me…
But you can still love and see her as an innocent little puppy :smile:
No judgments here.

Maybe… But maybe something more… agressive (?) can happen, I don’t know…
Who I want to trick, everything I know about amnesia is based on series and movies :joy:
I will stop now.


A festival you say? A festival full of social linking opportunities perhaps?

"Are they born wicked or do they have wickedness trust upon them?"
I like to believe that no one is outright born evil and even those who turn evil can still be redeemed.
Dr.Bishop from Fringe became a much better person after removing parts of his brain and memory. So did Patches after losing most of his memories and nearly becoming a hollow. Why can’t our protagonist be like that…hopefully in a less traumatic way


Doesn’t that mean he was born evil if your putting some blame on his brain?


So… we need to do some lobotomy on Lilitch to redeem her…?
I’m kinda into that… :smiling_imp:



I feel conflicted - if we’re supposed to retain some traits from before the incident, and if were widely known as douches, what does that say when we start acting like saints all of a sudden? Because that felt like a possibility when I played a while ago. If it ain’t a hard reset then it sure feels like one.

I think it’s possible for people to be born with an evil inclination. I mean, some psychiatrists admit having diagnosed psychopathy in children as young as 3-4 years old. If that’s not being born with predisposition then I don’t know what it is. People say children are born innocent but I think that’s a myth - humans are animals and without proper education, values and filters, if let on their own accord, they will act and think like one.

Even all the care in the world ins’t 100% foolproof because when those filters fail… we all get to see the consequences, how barbaric some human beings can be.


That (and the entire series) is a little more complicated than that. It was kind of a shit example

Ok that is a “bit” of an overkill

Where do I sign up for this?


sign with @aequa. read the fine lines about your soul, I dont want to hear complains later on


Hey… we are all friends, we don’t fight, unless you meant Pillow Fight ? :smile: I sure don’t mind joining a pillow fight alongside Lilith :grin: can’t wait to see the reaction of Leo when me and Lilith throw the pillow to his face :smile:

But wait… whose side is Theta going to be joining ? I suppose she join me and Lilith’s side too ? :smile:

Do you think we should send Lilith Rose and chocolate this coming Wednesday ? I can’t believe no one ever sent her rose after she is not Divina anymore… :smile: You think Lilith might scream after receiving our Rose ? :grin:


I can’t even, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.