(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



THIS IS NOT A GOOD “OOF”. I think this is a foreshadowing “oof”. I’m probably gonna cry a lot, but I’m gonna love it.

Oh god, this is gonna be Heathers all over again

yeah…we should probably stop this


That works!!! I am so excited for the next update, even if we are going to have just a little tease I will be so happy!

squeezes Leo :hugs::hugs::hugs: :blush::blush::blush:


I think my MC would be kind of attached/loyal to Leo, Theta, and Saro (heck probably the nurse too) just by virtue of being the first people she saw after waking without memories. Though moreso with Leo because she heard his voice first, and him trying to act as a “protector” figure would magnify it a bit. Idk if it’ll turn romantic tho. Still, I imagine she’d have half a mind to just follow him around everywhere, like a little demented duckling. :baby_chick::baby_chick::baby_chick:


Ohm, it’s so cute! :hugs:

My MC is so grateful towards them that I don’t know if she is going to have the courage to bring a relationship with Leo, because, the amnesia feelings…

You don’t really know who you are or who you was, so, you can’t even apologize properly, because you don’t know if you are going to, unconsciously, “make a move” that is going to regard them your old self, or you don’t even know if, at the end of the day, you are not going to be the arrogant bitch you where before… I see like, Leo is, emotionally, too dependable on us, so hurting him more seem so terrible and easy to happen. (Any one of them, to be honest :thinking:)
Probably, my MC is going to have a platonic love and try to stay out of his way, without being a burden and trying to be a good friend, for the first time :rofl::rofl::rofl:

With luck, Theta will be there for me!
Theeeta, I need a hug :cry::cry:

PS: so long, hope is understandable :cold_sweat:


I still see any one of them holding our pre amnesia actions over our heads.

So can you go to the store for me? No? Looks like I’ll have to fetch all your things… again


To be fair it’s kind of hard not, I mean, the MC was known as douche (almost) their entire lives, what happened a few weeks ago ins’t enough to cover that up or change people’s hearts in an instant. There will always be some form of resentement no matter how hidden… and slip ups happen easily when you’re used to cover your feelings out of fear but then are faced with situations where it kinda, maybe, doesn’t matter anymore.


leo is precious but im suspicious of him because he’s too nice? especially after i know the mc was horrible. like why?? that’s why i trust saro more because he said in mc’s face “we’re not that close”


No, not the situation here.

For the entirety of the 10 year relationship with Lilith the MC WAS themselves. If one trusts the memories.

So the pea soup vomiting head spinning version of the MC must have been after going to school and being declared shaman pope.


Good question. I suspect it’s partly because that’s just the way he is and he’s trying to help his friend, but also precisely because we were horrible. He wants to make sure we don’t turn back into the person we were before.

“Leo, don’t,” Theta pulls him back. “Let her do what she thinks best.”

“But what if she goes back to the way-” he whispers harshly to her.

“Shh-” her eyes flick to yours warily before covering it with her friendly smile.

Of course we know MC was bad before, but I’m not entirely clear on the details. How much of it was The Six controlling them, and how much of it was the divine status going to their head? Basically, how much of it was actually their fault?


i agree on that but i also can’t find myself trusting leo something is off, he says that the mc was some kind of jerk, the headmaster says the opposite, but that aside whe the mc asks leo about lily, leo did not tell about the divina issue


The Head master had his own agenda of saying all the nice thing about our MC, he was bias to protect the Divinus in the academy…i can imagine if i lost my power one day, the head master will have no problem chase me out…

Yeah about Leo, it was kind of weird as he seems to want to keep me close by himself, even partially refuse to acknowledge Theta and Saro as my close companion, and like i said previously Leo’s attitude towards Lilith was ambiguous , he didn’t seem to view Lilith as dangerous threat to me… But my initial perception about Leo is that he is my disciple and acolyte , a person who is devoted into believing my power… perhaps Leo is hoping a favour from me ? Like maybe to use my power to cure illness of his parents or siblings ? I hope Leo doesn’t expect me to resurrect someone…like the protagonist of “American Gods” who hope Odin/Mr Wednesday to revive his wife… Resurrection is an Ultra powerful spell that i don’t think my MC can perform :neutral_face:


Yeesh for all your purity and talk about believing in the best of people the poor headmaster gets none.

He flipped out when he heard she had our phone…

My view… He is a guy who’s trying to change us so we don’t turn out how we used to be. Evil, evil, evil. Trying to change the core of our personality…

Besides despite my opinion of her I think we need to ask Lilith about how we used to be too.


The Head Master was too good to me and too rude to Leo, Theta and Sara…Lol,
and i don’t even have memory about him :smile:
well… Lilith, i don’t know… she was always in my mind, my sub-conscious tells me to trust her, what should i do ? :blush:

I agree… i want to remind her i was her best childhood friend m :smile:


You don’t have memories of Leo, Theta and Sara… and were given the ones about Lilith…

“On a scale of one to you, how bad was I?”


I’m wanting the psychologist results and see the previous analysis…
I think he/she (don’t remember) is the only one who can truly say who we were…

Haha! :joy::joy::joy:


Or Lilith, she would be able to tell who we were, if she wouldn’t hate us that is, poor thing by the way



F*ck. Lilitch.
Sorry, I reeeeeeaaaaaaallyyyyy don’t like her :joy::joy::joy:

No, she has a morality deficiency that prevents me to trust her.


@aequa Please let this be a dialog option, pretty please


Dragonball evolution the movie… we have tracended lilith lont time ago.


Don’t mention that abomination of a movie begone demon!