(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



No, you are her tool.


Fine, fine whatever you say Gerald Ford. Well not exactly I guess, since she’s not even being punished for anything, besides people’s opinion of her.


All these people plotting Lilith’s destruction :pensive: We must protect her at all costs!


No…I am not, i want to turn Lilith back into the light … if she harms anyone else like scratching other people, i just use my divine power to cure the wound of that person :smile:

Thank you for agreeing with me :grin: we are already helping her regaining her reputation right ? I am thinking Lilith will become future Podigral if we don’t help her … Let us make sure Lilith won’t share the fate of poor Podigral :blush:

Yes… precisely, glad to know that i am not alone in helping poor Lilith :smile: She needs our help truly… :slight_smile:


She is going to use you to retrieve her reputation back… and to erase any evidence that she indeed hurt someone…

Great, very good tool.


I’m sure that person won’t be happy with Lilith…

I was comparing you to the guy who pardoned Nixon… and then said that the analogy doesn’t work because she’s not being punished…


To Forget and Forgive is good for reconciling :grin: we should not let the pain of hatred blind us all :smile:

and imagine this, we are actually saving more lives in the future… If Podigral had a true friend like Lilith’s did, many lives could had been saves :blush:

That is why the world needs peacemakers :smile:


So, she hurt, you heal… is pretty good to torture too.
That fits perfectly with Lilitch personality!

You are her tool to look good and torture people!


Now that is a quote for the store page

I also want to protect and love our precious Lilybitch, but I also admit that she is a massive bitch. That is part of her charm


I think 70% of the people here love Lilitch, though… :thinking:


You could probably demand that they kick her out if you had/made up a solid reason… But I think MC’s life would become hell on earth after that. She wouldn’t just go away.

MC was mostly just an arrogant little shit who viewed their own friends as lesser than. Lilith is fine with physically harming people/destroying their lives for her own gain.

Ugh. Now I want that ending. I hope I can find a way for that to work. >:^o

me when i read my own writing

oof she’s blocking out the haters so hard that she’s blocking out any sense of reason.

o o f

I suppose you could. Though, in a school setting, MC doesn’t have all the power. There are still rules. They can influence what other people decide, but they can’t make that big of decisions for the school.

This makes me realize I never considered a path for MC to “join” Lilith. Lol they could ruin lives together. It’d be great.


I am loving her more and more now. Lilitch for the win!!!


Look at that, Eric’s dreams turning into reality!

I feel so bad, though, talking so much about Lilitch and the other three have nothing at all… ;-;


Lilith is such a strong and independent girl… that’s why i admire her so much :slight_smile:

I was that bad ??

But i only want to help Lilith regain her sanity and reputation so that she can go home celebrate Christmas … I promise you i will talk sense into Lilith from harming other people :smile:

Hey… i am bringing Lilith to join Leo, Saro and Theta too, Lilith needs more friends :smile: and Theta is a forgiveful person too, she and Lilith will be buddies :smile:


Lilith has shared waaaay more about herself than anyone else so far. We know her background and her motives, plus she’s shown that she has goals and is determined to meet them. None of the other characters have shown moments of weakness, motivation for goals, or ever even shared their goals. Lily’s personality is ten times louder than the others’. I don’t think it would be realistic if they were all like that though. I kind of gave the rest of them my shyness/fear of emotions :joy:.

I think their time will come. I was almost worried that I wouldn’t be able to recreate Lilith in anyone else. I’m not 100% sure what makes her the most complicated. And I don’t know if what makes her complicated makes her relatable in a way. I guess everyone’s felt pressured to impress someone before, or been overwhelmed by trying to meet some kind of standard. I’ve at least been insecure enough to do something I wouldn’t have done if I was thinking rationally. Lily’s just a way more extreme version of those things. And opposite of that is probably Saro, whose outer “shell” is so thick that he just looks like he has no emotion or any motivation at all.

Idk. I’m pretty sure on the outside, the rest of my characters don’t look particularly complex or anything. But I am working on it. Hopefully they won’t suck lol. ;o


Lilitch indeed had more time, but I don’t think that the other ones suck or anything like that…
Lilitch is evil and mean to us since the beginning, that makes a stronger impression, I think, for… Survival instincts :joy:

But Theta is so cool, and she has such a great personality, with the jokes and etc, making the good mood. And look like she truly believes that the MC is a good person, because she seems less preoccupied that the MC will come back to be the mean person they were before the amnesia.

Leo… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: he is so caring, even with someone that was arrogant towards him… Like… In the breakfast scene, he kind of hesitated when we say that he shouldn’t care about us, but he still waits for us, this is SO kind.

Saro is like me, I think. Like, he is there, but he is more like a “silent/physical comfort” but is always there… :smiley:

I’m more interested in how they get together… Why Saro and Leo share a room if they are from different years?

And who is Leo’s parent? Because I am pretty sure that we came to him for that… And he “confronted” the principal… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

And why Seo relationship seems so… unstable…? It’s because Leo was our friend and Saro knew that we were awful and tried to warn him? If that is the reason… I feel terrible! :persevere:We were so bad to them…


I think Theta is in awe with MC, she glared at Saro when they both competed to introduce themselves to me, and she seems want to make sure that MC won’t forget about her, she came along for their first lunch and gave me a powerful pad to the back … and came to find me when we were about to break into Lilith’s room. I believe Theta is trying to do what i am trying to do with Lilith :smile:

and Leo is like my disciple , he constantly remind my status as the Divinus and he doesn’t seem to object me hanging around with Lilith, it was like Leo understand the complicated relationship between me and Lilith

Saro said he wasn’t close with me ? that was weird … and Leo said Saro was shy to show his thieving skill when i was around , did Saro want to maintain a good reputation to me ? :smile:


@Eric_knight dont understand sarcasm

dont worry, as much as i hate it i could relate to her. i mean, doing anything to get what you want? inspiring.

strangely he left quite an impression on me. i think of him like that friend that’s quiet but always there.


Ooh! 34 new posts! Aaannnd… all just arguing about Lilith again… :confounded:

I don’t think this is an argument either side is actually going to win, you know… :sweat:

Yeah! How about “Leo is the absolute cutest! When can we marry?” Does that work? :innocent:



Well I guess it’s like you said, she has weaknesses, motivations, and reasons behind them. Those reasons may not justify her actions, but you can still understand them. I also sorta got the impression that the way she behaves is mostly, or at least partially, because of nurture rather than nature (tho the game’s not fresh in my mind atm so don’t hold me to that), which makes her more sympathetic. It also means she has the potential to change in the future for the better or worse (◔◡◔✿) . So yeah, I guess it just comes down to having layers.

You still have a sense of the other characters’ personalities though, even if they haven’t been super fleshed out yet. I’m curious to learn how MC met all of them. I think it said in a previous version of the game that she met Leo at a festival? Guess we’ll find out soon.