(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



Well, we know some of Lilitch’s weaknesses, right?
Like, she wants her mother attention, the fact she has bad reputation annoys her, she doesn’t really know the Divina true power and we have the spirits protection… and, how bad we can threaten her about we, the one who her mother doesn’t like, are the Divina. And, if we go to the principal, how much Lilitch can be fucked up?


me too, my friend. actually at this point i’m wondering why she wasn’t destroyed yet. the whole school know how nasty she is

oh wait, her family. right.


probably the MC.
are you guys forgetting that we were as nasty as her?


And Eric’s unconditional love!

Technically we don’t know how nasty we were… but, yeah… we should have been pretty bad.
But we are Divina, the true one.


a “puppet”, we are a puppet.
I wonder how long can we use the “strings” as an excuse for our past.

the whole school? I thought only the MC and the staff members knew about her.


That’s the point, we don’t really know how bad we were… yet.

Nope, the whole school knows that she wasn’t the Divina, and, just after the revelation, she got the bad reputation.

There you go.


Yes, but many things start out light and turn dark. Like School days.

I’ll fully advocate for a ending like that :smile:


Nooooo… Please don’t be so cruel to my childhood friend :cry:
You don’t have to write about my main character falling in love with Lilith…just allow me to stay close to help and protect her :smile: :blush:
Like you said, Lilith don’t even understand what is love… so she will just assume i am playing my role of the bargain :smile:

Oh… Lilith doesn’t deserve those fake friends :slight_smile: She really should go find some true friends who care for her :blush:

Hey… i just love Lilith as a friend , she needs help so i just helping her :blush:


“Fake friends”? She LIED to them.



But Lilith is the liar here :expressionless:


Hey… I think it only takes two to Tango right ? They believe Lilith because they want some favours in return too :smile:

Just like pro-wrestling , everyone know they are scripted … but audience still cheer and support the show because deep down they enjoy the gimmicks … those “friends” of Lilith were supporting her because they simply want to believe in something , but when they know our MC is the real Divinus with power, they turn coat immediately … but i think Leo, Theta and Saro are all true friends in the first place , and as for Lilith …she was already my friend since childhood, so i can trust her too :blush:


It does not take two to dance to the song Lilith was playing…

Again, she lied to them to be popular. Besides even in the first place he mentioned people liking her, not being her friends.


So, she takes the place of a “spiritual guider”, that is treated almost like a RELIGION in the academy, to favor herself and make her look good to her mother, manipulate EVERYONE to believe that she IS indeed that person… but the fault is theirs… because they believed…

Like, you vote in a politician, he robs, and is YOUR fault, because you put him there…



Well… i agree with you on this :slight_smile: but what Lilith did was no worse than what those celebrities did in real life , they pretend to “like” their fans so that fans will continue pouring in money for them …but to be fair perhaps there are still some good celebrities at heart, i hope so… the point is, Lilith was living in her own lie as well just so she can be liked by others… i really feel pity for her, waking from the lie is probably best for her and her “friends”… But thinking about it, is “pretending” to be Lilith’s friend cruel to her too ? That’s why if my main character truly regard her as a true friend , it will help her understand what is true friendship :smile:

That is a difficult question to answer indeed , but it depends on individual perspective … since i can’t judge for others’ action and belief …
But if Lilith betray my trust in the end, it is my own fault alone because i was the one who was willing to trust and gave her a chance in the first place :slight_smile:


I really think that this pity thing of yours is far too readily handed out.

Yes you can. It’s how punishment systems work.


That settles it, he’s a masochist.


She had your “true friendship” in the beginning. And she threw it away to try to maintain her place as Divina.

You’re a masochist [2] :smiley:


Hmmm…not sure i am agreeing with that, that’s how cyber bullying work as well… when the “netizens” thought they can easily judge the actions and lives of others by inserting those poisonous remarks on their targets , their targets may not be saints but they don’t deserve to be mentally bullies by those cyber judges till they did something regretful :slight_smile: Luckily for us, Lilith is still mentally strong and was trying to find a solution (although maybe it was wrong) to solve her problems… i will be really sad if Lilith hurt herself instead of trying to look for us for help :slight_smile:

She didn’t threw it away … i never hated her before :grin:

Hey… No i am not , i am just Lilith’s true friend :blush:


I was more comparing official punishment… Besides even then they’ll be judged by people. It’s kind of the way we work.

Yes she did, it takes two for there too be a friendship and she clearly left for the docks.



I never hated her before either… I mean, I tried to be nice to her in the childhood.
When we came to academy she broke the relationship because was “our fault” that she lost the title…

You have a very specific way to interpret things…

Yeeeeees, you are! :smiley:
And, probably, YOU are the true definition of “friendzone”!

She is not yours, though. :smiley:


Hey…i was just thinking , @aequa… could it be that Lilith’s crime be judge by Divine Intervention instead ? Since my main character is a Divinus , i could pass judgement as well right ? I want to pardon Lilith’s from her crime as the Spirits’ Divinus :grin:

I meant Lilith threw the friendship away , but i retrieve it before it falls to the ground broken … so i kept the friendship unbroken and waiting for a chance to offer it back to Lilith :grin:

I am her protector then ? :blush: