(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



You made me think that you meant that she took it so someone else wouldn’t… instead it’s “it was so easy to take, I couldn’t resist”

He wasn’t nearly as bad as Lilith.


Now that is a word I haven’t heard in a long time

I’m giving her a redemption arc for Christmas, she liking it or not

I mean that is how it SHOULD work, but…ok I really don’t wanna get political here, lets just say that she shouldn’t star in the next season of “Orange is the New Black” just because she is a mean bitch

I call bullshit on that one. Lilith is an evil bitch, but she isn’t “fairy tale villain” evil.


boi u sure have a serious bias towards lilith. i started to doubt we read the same story.

hey, there’s something named manipulation, my friend


Oh boy. I know that that lilith is a evil manipulative bitch and thats why I want her as my RO (I like danger don’t judge me) but…

More like we are not her friends anymore so she doesn’t have to hide her true self from us.


Wait… how do you call it, then? ._.

I’m all in if it is a “sacrifice” one 8D


I’d rather deal with someone who refuses to help than someone who actively hurts me.


and that is why she is waifu material :heart:

“Panetone” the same as you, but I haven’t heard that word in a while because no one in my family likes that


Oh… No bias at all, just " speak no ills of others" :grin:
My main character had just recover from memory lost , so i just found that things happening around me was amusing :grin:

hahaha… I don’t think Lilith was manipulative , else she won’t show us her dark side right? I could had been fool by her earlier if she never scratch my arm… and when i asked her to promise not to attack me again , she said “That’s your problem, not mine” … that’s a non-deceptive cool answer …

But Lilith was persuasive , she manage to persuade me to “pretend” to be her friend by exchanging a favour … even when i said i want her to be my genuine friend , Lilith didn’t say yes immediately … she said something about i need to be careful what i wish for … well, this was actually good writing from @aequa , building up a good balance of suspense :slight_smile: … especially the writing about Lilith’s “plead” to us to help her go home for Christmas, she didn’t beg us with her knees on the ground , just a simple explanation on why she was counting on us… that was persuasive for me :slight_smile:

That’s why i am asking her to be my genuine friend again :grin: the memory of her old self still resides within me :smile:


Oooh, how dark I can go with Lilith before you see her as someone untrustworthy? :innocent:

I don’t remember writing that, but it sounds more to me like, “If you do something that annoys me, I will probably attack you again.”


Ahhh… but your writing thus far didn’t made her so evil , yet… Lilith seems to me like someone who is longing for trusted friendship , like you said… she was trying to hurt others but at the same time her conscience holding her back ? for example, the scene when she laugh after realising my MC was falling for her "fake teary eyes " ? or perhaps she still has a soft spot for my MC ? :grin:
But the childhood memory you gave us was too good … i still can’t believe she is an evil Lilith, since i chose option of dropping her cat and then cried due to fear of hurting her cat, Lilith came hugging me , and forget about her cat… that will forever be a memorable scene :blush:

What ? you didn’t write like that :smile: i will paste your version later on after i play through it again… perhaps your sub-conscious prevent you from making Lilith evil? :slight_smile:

Here it is :slight_smile:

“Aren’t you going to promise me that you’re not going to steal my stuff? Or attack me?” you question. “Why would I trust you?”

“Your problem, not mine,” she sighs. “The opportunity in the cafeteria was too good to pass up. It won’t happen again though.”

While you don’t find her particularly trustworthy, there’s something about her behavior that suggests she has a good enough grip over herself not to lash out at you unexpectedly

Lilith Sighs , that’s a sign of remorse right ? :slight_smile:

It kind of remind me in a scene in the movie “5th wave” , the protagonist Cassie was asking Evan why does he need to be remind of his humanity , Evan asked her back " I don’t know… Do you ?"
Cassie hesitated , because earlier on there was a scene when Cassie met with a refugee in a grocery shop who drop his gun and request Cassie not to shoot him… the movie didn’t show it, but strong indication was that Cassie shot the guy out of fear that he was an alien. She shot him so that she won’t be betray later…

That’s why when Evan asked her the question, Cassie hesitated and shown sign of remorse …a guilt within her eyes … I am imagining Lilith was showing the same sign of remorse out of guilt when i was asking her the question :slight_smile:


I think she’s addressing all parts of MC’s question. It’s up to them to protect their things so she doesn’t steal them. It’s up to them to behave in a way that won’t bother her, enough to make her attack them again. It’s also up to them to decide if they want to trust her or not.

And another part right after that,

…there’s something about her behavior that suggests she has a good enough grip over herself not to lash out at you unexpectedly. She seems more calculating than that. Which leads you to believe this could be an intricate little plan she’s developed.

I haven’t reread those chapters in a while, but I think mostly everything Lilith does is somewhat calculated. She’s looking for a specific response most of the time she interacts with MC. Uh. But I don’t really remember everything she does. There might be something that was really random. I mean, she did put MC’s phone in the cage with her rat… but there was a reason behind that too.

Now that I’m going through old chapters… who the hell wrote this? It wasn’t me. Aequa who? My midnight mind is really different from my day-to-day mind… I don’t like this.

Idk if she knows what remorse is. Or at least, she doesn’t recognize/understand it. That makes me wonder how she’ll deal with being in love… I’m realizing this is going to be even more messy than I thought.


i give up. cant argue with someone blinded by love.


You should let your midnight mind carry on :smile: It is less Evil ?? :slight_smile: :grin::grin:


Pick the other options

He’s putting Canadians to shame…


Please do not punish us for Eric’s innocence. I love our Mythic Bitch, because she is evil, but not even I’m sure if I can go THAT MUCH darker with her.


I oppose this, I want at least one dead friend killed by her.


If we can retaliate her back, go dark as you please!

I’m the only one craving Lilitch’s destruction?
I feel so lonely ;-;


i’m legally changing my name to this

I would love to do that. I mean. Uh. I don’t think I’m allowed to kill any of them. CoS is too light-hearted. Sigh.

This is my favorite thing to plan out lol. Lily is underestimating MC a lot right now. They could easily pretend to help her, only to ruin her reputation further behind her back. ;o Manipulationception.


Good thing we are on the same page.

I hope that we can destroy her without having to pretend to help her… I don’t want to waste my time and I’m an “honest bitch”, no manipulation to me…
I want to threaten her, though. Like “I don’t like you, I’m going to destroy you. Be prepared.”


That’s a good idea. I’m non-confrontational af and would be too afraid to say that, lol. I suppose there would be different ways of going about it. Someone more upfront would have to find a way to harm her before she could harm you though. I’ll have to think about it more.