(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



Oh no, Lilith IS a bitch and so is the main character. That is why I like the idea of the Lilith romance so much. They are both shitty people, but they can help each other be less shitty.


boi you can ask their scars. lol i’m kidding. They never would have let me win at anything. I flinch so hard when someone even pretends to shoot a rubber band at me… the horror. The nerf guns. The fart jars. I have such bad claustrophobia from being sat on over couch cushions… At least I have fast reflexes now :thinking:

WHAT. Tsk tsk. My little brother doesn’t have it easy. I’ve won at Monopoly so many times that he refuses to play with me anymore. :joy:

I think I wrote all of the memories from Chapter 5 in a day! Idk where they came from. I just gotta force myself to think of things. :^))


I want this. Though I don’t think she has the ability to admit when she’s crying. :^P

Pls take her I don’t want her she’s 2 rood 4 me

Waaaait, didn’t she say something about wanting to prove to her mom that she’s not useless?


this is an epic battle. a battle of the century. they’ll be writing tales of this so extraordinary that they’ll become tales of the gods. these tales will become our religion. this battle is so epic that the results will be integrated into our society for generations, and ultimately shape us into the perfect race… this is… humanity’s final war.

Or that. That makes more sense actually.

Though I love @Eric_knight’s love-struck interpretation of Lilith. This is a form of innocence that must be preserved and protected.

Or destroy each other completely? This discussion of Lily is making me realize I love destruction. Especially when it’s the destruction of people. What’s better than that?


Lilith said she can’t go home for Christmas if our MC doesn’t help her right? another reason why we shouldn’t reject her… :slight_smile:

Lol…How is that even possible ? as long as the spirits still favour my main character , no mortal can harm me right? On other hand, i need to be careful not to let the spirits harm those around me…

by the way, i also like the scene when Lilith saw that i already retrieve my hand phone, she manage to restrain her anger and asked me to walk with her instead… she didn’t accuse me and others of breaking into her apartment , that was very cool of her …

Hey…what happens to her mouse? i remember not closing the cage properly , did the mouse still with her? :slight_smile:

Oh… yeah you should really let your little brother win some of those game :slight_smile:


You wanna know how I got these scars?

I swear you’re a cult leader.


i dont usually check the time when reading, so i dont know…but i know i enjoy spending them reading your story!


@Eric_knight you forgot when Lilith lied to be Divina and got mad at mc for telling the truth. then she tried to sabotage them.


she stole mc phone first. that was justified. and she didnt have any proof of that, without revealing that she indeed stole the phone.


About that… i hope in the future story, the main character has a choice to ask Lilith "Do you ever regret sabotaging me in the first place ? " I am interested to hear Lilith’s answer in order to understand her better :slight_smile:

Technically, Lilith didn’t stole it … it was left on the table , so anyone could had pick the phone. :stuck_out_tongue: I am curious whether she will admit she took it and return it to me if i ask her about it… well, my main character did suggest to ask Lilith directly about the phone, but i was not given the option and breaking into her apartment was the only way :slight_smile: If i was given the choice , i will choose to ask her to return my phone and see how she respond :smile:


She took it, without our consent and did not tell us, that is very much stealing… She probably would’ve mentioned if she had any good intentions.


i think she distracted mc and took the phone deliberately?


Yep, the one that bows to Santa Claus

Read Eric’s post is painful XD

And she put it on the rat’s cage because she is… eccentric…
You know the “anyone can do it” makes everyone a robber… not, take Lilitch out of the equation… ._.


Darling, I agree that Lilith deserves to be cared for and helped, but you have to admit that she is a bit of an asshole. A REDEEMABLE asshole, but an asshole none the less

Well, that will always be a possibility, but I’m still gonna go for the “mutual redemption” and not the “mutually assured destruction” (even if it sounds very amusing)

[walks away slowly]


No, no, no. Not physical destruction. Just emotionally. But mortals can harm you. MC dies the same as every other human dies, since they’re still human. The only thing that separates them from everyone else is their connection to the Spirits. And the Six will try to protect them. But their powers aren’t that strong yet.

Even if their powers became much stronger, I think it’d kill them like it killed Visa.

But winning feels so much better after losing. :slight_smile: How will he ever learn?

j o i n u s

I think you think right.


Hey… How are you guys not touched by your childhood friend who just want to go home celebrate Christmas with her friends and family ? :slight_smile:

Wasn’t that Lilith told us she took our phone because it was an open opportunity when she saw it laying there? I am not sure she distracted us deliberately … since i thought we left it there and were ready to go before Lilith grab our hand ? But , granted she was greedy to take it … Honestly speaking, when i read that it was Lilith who took it…i never doubt i could took it back one way or the other, hey it was only Lilith …how hard could it be ? :smile:

Hahaha… not going to happen either , i am helping Lilith to regain her reputation and helping her go home to celebrate Christmas at the same time , i don’t think it will be emotional destruction for us :grin:


Citation needed.

How does any of this make Lilith a better person? Especially since she put’s in a cage and doesn’t inform anyone…

The only relationship I can think of with her is one filled with constant teasing and violence.


I agree that she is not a better person now :grin: we could try to change her back to her old self … Lilith came to us asking for help, that means she is willing to change right ? or at least open to the idea of revert back to her old self :slight_smile:

“It doesn’t matter!” you stand. “I think she took my phone this morning when I left it on the table.”

she sighs. "The opportunity in the cafeteria was too good to pass up. It won’t happen again though."

So, i assume that it was not her intention to steal it in the first place ?


I’m a sucker for love redeems so I’ll have to disagree with you

That doesn’t make it any better


Man…no, she wants her reputation back, doesn’t means she is “willing to change”… you can be a fucking trash and have a “good reputation” by pretending…

And fuck Lilitch Christmas… Santa Claus is not going to give her any gifts, naughty girl >:B

No family, no friends, no gifts, no panettoni (you guys have that in America?). Perfect Christmas to Lilitch.
She and her rat, alone, in a dark room.


That is too cruel… No one deserve that right ? Especially not our childhood friend :slight_smile:

If Ebenezer Scrooge being given a redemption chance by the Christmas ghosts… surely Lilith deserve a 2nd chance as well… our Main character will be the Ghost of Past, Present and Future to help Lilith redeem herself before Christmas :grin::upside_down_face:


No, if she wants redemption she can go to jail, they practice redemption there… and teach crochet… o_od