(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated March 19)



Lol… Lilith is a girl, i don’t think it will really hurt if a girl scratches a guy or kick him…more ever Lilith offer her hand to me to help me get up after that incident , surely i can’t cry out loud and complain about a girl scratching me :smile:

More ever, in my main character’s memory… when i was at Lilith’s house ( when i was a small kid), her cat scratch me and i let the cat drop to the floor… out of fear that i harm her cat, i cried and Lilith came hugging me instead, basically Lilith already hug me twice when i was still a kid … how can my main character ever hate Lilith with such fond memory , and since you mention she scratches me … you remind me on how Lilith’s cat scratch me before and she came hugging me when we were still small kids, you are making me love Lilith even more :blush:


I’m pretty sure we were bleeding.

That she purposely caused. And did while Leo was looking.

Other options can have her just get mad at you for dropping the cat without checking you, you need to show her that you’re hurt. Plus small kids is a long time ago to a life that many wouldn’t consider ours.


this guy never been in bitch fight


i’m counting the number of times i’ve hurt my older brothers while fighting them lol. you just have to dig your nails in deep enough. :upside_down_face: works every time.


Say that to Ronda Rousey… “girls don’t hurt guys”, she will break your neck…

Are you comparing Lilitch to a cat…? The cat scratched you because you held him, Lilitch scratches you to hurt you, out of nowhere… and people change with time… Lilitch is bad now, get over with. Or not…
She was probably bad before, she let us hold the cat “that doesn’t like kids”… why didn’t she warned us? :B

Totally! I told that 1 week ago!


Can’t I be hopelessly romantic and masochistic at the same time?
I want to be there for Lilith and make sure that she is the happiest girl who ever lived, but I also want her to step on me from time to time.:blush:


I want the option to tease Lily .

Like “Oh yes, she’s been my best friend since I was five years old, even though she sicced her evil cat on me.”


I made a few people afraid of my nails (as a guy) One kept calling me wolverine, because I put six cuts into his arm, by accident.

I believe the traditional style of purity conflicts with the non traditional style of romance.

Lilith was at her cutest when she was crying anyway.



i’m 2 nice 4 this byye

hOW SIX? I stab myself on accident all the time lol. My nails get in the way of everything. The only thing they’re good for is scratching my pets’ chins. :^/

Too bad she’s stealth crier. If she was upset in public she’d excuse herself for a sec to cry and come back like :slight_smile: life is fine :slight_smile:

Y e s.


We were playing football. I wound up making him bleed (the 6 were just the bleeding cuts) , I also accidentally injured the guy’s sister that day. (put a giant four in her leg)

My nails aren’t long, just sharp. :blush:

Or barge into our room and cry all day…



It was her last chance to change your mind. And the other things she tried didn’t work. ;^o


oH wait I forgot to ask something

How long does it take you guys to go through a playthrough of the current version of the demo? I’m extremely easily distracted and I’ve tried timing myself, but it’s impossible. I’d rather stare at a paragraph and think about my existence than actually read it… Uh.

Do you take like an hour? 30 minutes? Less than that? More than that?

I’m updating with fixes soon too. I’m pretty sure I wrote Chapter 8 wrong and everyone read the strength path when you were supposed to get a path unique to your stats… Um. Pft.


Hmmm… My main character had lost his memory before waking up in sick bed, so i am assuming his mind is close to total blank, it is sort of like we formatted our hard disk…and rebooting with a simple i/o OS… hence when he wake up , he meets all sort of people, friends, head master, family members , voices in his head etc… basically he is confuse with his surrounding , it is sort of like a baby trying to learn walking all over again (alright, at least i still remember how to walk, eat and read…Lol) … so my main character meets this strange girl who glared at him, i assume my main character is starting to learn the meaning of all those facial expression again :smile: and then the strange girl hold his arm, and wanted to cry because i had forgotten about her… and at that moment , dig her nails deep into my skin before kicking my leg… then offering her hand to help me up… so these are all too much to digest (for my case) , but i felt it is impossible to over react at the same time… and scratching her nails into my arms is “strange” for a hostile intention. Hence i suppose my character is trying to figure up what went wrong… and then Leo was there but he didn’t seem to be angry at the strange girl too… after that i know the girl’s name is Lilith and Leo told me i wasn’t exactly a good person, that certainly doesn’t allow me to hate Lilith right ? :slight_smile: If i was an evil person, a scratch in the arm with a kick to the leg is minimal punishment :smile:

Then with all the traumatic encounters with the spirit, i receive memory that reveal Lilith was a childhood good friend … and that essentially is the only fond memory after i woke up previously, maybe it was like, when a baby start opening his eyes… the first person he saw is the fondest of them all ( was referring when i woke up, i was not convince all those people i met were exactly who they said they were… but the memory was like a real history of myself) :slight_smile:

hehehe…i didn’t read any previous background story , i just start reading from the beginning with a blank mind like my main character waking up… so i am just trying to play through what should my main character really feels :smile:

One more thing, there was a scene where the Chaos spirit gave us a choice to give up the Divinus title in order to rewrite the history of Lilith hating me… i still chose Visa and banish the Chaos spirit , but it makes me wondering whether it was my fault to make Lilith the way she is now :smile:

Hmmmm… you can say that my main character basically lost his memory about his “life” now, the memory of his childhood is the only one he knows that is real…and in case he is an evil person, he is also wondering whether it is wise to remember that… So, it is not hard to logically explain why i am fond of Lilith :slight_smile:

Lol… are you sure your older brothers weren’t feigning to get hurt just to cheer you up ? :smile:

I purposely lost those UNO card games just to make my cousins cheer up the whole day… :smile:

My first play through was about 2 hours… since i read the text carefully and try to imagine how my main character experiencing his “adventure” … i am seriously touched by the scene of my childhood memory :blush: did you create all those memory by yourself ? :slight_smile:


around an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours. I like to take my time with these games so I’m not a good frame of reference.

If there isn’t a scene where we catch her trying to “stealth cry” I’ll be seriously disappointed (I’m obviously joking, but that would still be a cool scene)

Lilith has already done a lot of metaphorical stepping on my character, now let me make her happy. I promise I’ll take care of her.


And immediately showing afterword that she was pranking him.

And even your character attributes it to Leo standing there and her just trying to look nice in front of him.

He seemed pissed when we had to get our phone from her.

But you don’t even know how bad or to who. I mean Leo only met you after Lilith abandoned you anyways.

I feel like a “my mother forced me” would’ve garnered more sympathy.


Precisely…i am giving the benefit of doubts to everyone, obviously i am no saint so i don’t expect others to be saint as well :smile: So i guess my main character is doing what Lilith trying to do as well ? We are both trying to redeem ourselves , if i don’t want Lilith to hate me then i mustn’t hate her as well right ? :slight_smile:


Except yourself.

Plus I was implying you could’ve been a perfectly nice friend towards Lilith.


I’ve watched the two of you having this discussion for so long I’ve actually forgotten what exactly you two were talking about.

do you mind giving me a recap? like “previously on Choice of Games Forums Z”


@Eric_knight 's purity burned @Dark_Stalker so he started trying to poke holes in his love struck interpretation of Lilith who although he also likes, views her as far less nice.


Hey… that’s a great idea , we both can be nice friend towards Lilith :smile:

That is the most confusing part as well …Lol, do i love her purely as friend or something else ?
But i suppose i still regard her with the old memory , and she promise won’t attack or steal our stuffs again right ? Reconciling with childhood friend is good for my main character who had just lost his memory anyway :stuck_out_tongue: