(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated Jan. 21)



It’s not up yet, but I will let you know when it is! I’ll likely post a link along with the next update or in a few days. :^)


:confetti_ball: :breast_feeding: CHAPTER 7 IS OUT :breast_feeding: :confetti_ball:

My least favorite chapter! (And more self-deprecation from Aequa, what a surprise!) I’m really glad to finally get it out of the way so I can work on my favorite: Chapter 8. As usual, I feel like I’m forgetting something. Okay, but I’m serious this time. I do not like the writing or plot on this one. It’s just way out of my writing capabilities. It’s cheesy and laughable. I’m just a lil kid, what can you expect from me? High quality?


  • A demon. Spooky. I can’t believe it.

  • Sorry for making you go through 3,000 words of stuff.

  • More Theta material at the beginning if you met her already. It’s barely anything. Like two sentences. But I forgot to write it at first, so now it’s existent.

  • I’m sorry stats suck so much. I don’t really understand them. They’re out of control. :slight_smile:

I’m not the greatest at selling shit to people.

!! OH !! And can I ask why it seems so many people like Lilith? Just curious. Is it her hair? Her evil hair? Is that why it grows?

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR THE TUMBLR: Sadly, it isn’t ready yet. I have too much school shit. Tomorrow, I think! I hate using school as an excuse, because everyone does, but it’s true. Chemistry. Maybe even tonight if I finish fast enough!! I’ll try me besteru.


Because she interesting? Her background? She used to be mc best friend? She kinda alike this tropes? That my reasons at least :grin:


I’d like to believe she’s redeemable.


Because she is MC’s best friend…that is all I can think off :smile:


hahaha, can our MC romance the demon tho. :rofl:


She is kinda like that. Lmao, lovable alpha bitch. Not for long though. Interesting. :^)


i mean shit if u want


I don’t particularly feel one way or another about Lilith at the moment.

Now time to check the demo.


I dunno, I guess second chances? I can’t be mean to her, like every other villains in other WIP. :frowning:


Tumblr’s up now! A couple doodles are there, nothing amazing or anything lol. :kissing:



You’re telling me you don’t know why people like Lilith? For shame, aequa.

No but seriously, people like it when it feels like we have the chance to make amends with anyone, especially if neither of us did anything overly harsh to each other. Yeah there are the scuffles between the MC and Lilith, but compared to other conflicts that’s pretty tame.

And also because why wouldn’t you want to get closer to someone named Lilith? It’s the only logical conclusion.

Speak of the devil. pun intended :stuck_out_tongue: I do believe I see Lilith staring into my soul with those doodles right there.

That just makes me wanna win her over even more. Dagnabbit aequa, you’re too good at this.


I’m loving the story! Everything is shaping up wonderfully! I have to ask though, is Leo currently the only one you can get those heart points rn?


Wow this is really really good. I’m really cought up in the story. And that cliffhanger is very well done! Hope to see more updates soon!


Actually no idea, lol. I kinda just make things up as I go, but that makes sense. Do you know where her name comes from? :upside_down_face: I like to think of the second one as her practicing her mugshot. You know, casual.

I have no idea what I’m doing. :joy:


Yes, but there are chances to get points for different ROs in future chapters. There’s like… one for Lilith in Chapter 8. :^)


A demon woman from Abrahamic mythology. She often appears as a succubus. wink wink

Keep having no idea of what your doing. do it

I’ll even make sure you get amnesia should push comes to shove.


:^) :^) I wondered if anyone would know this. I’m really inspired by a lot of the stories she’s included in. :^) :^)

oh shit you don’t play around lmao. It’s fun not knowing what I’m doing anyway. It’s kinda like having no rules. :^P


Funny thing is that one of the wips I mentioned to you actually has a character named Lilith too. :joy:

I forgot if she’s the original succubus or just named after her, but she’s a pretty ambitious woman.

The same seems to be sort of true here for this Lilith.


Ooooh, I’m guessing SOS? I didn’t get to that one, but I’m gonna read it rn if there’s a Lilith lol. Maybe bc Lilith is a feminist? ;0