(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated Jan. 21)



Just out ​of curiosity​, how many chapters you plan to have for this? And(I not sure if this already asked before or not) what is each character age?


I’m not sure yet. I usually write about one/two chapters ahead of when I update. So right now, I have chapter 7 done, and I’m working on 8. I have a general plan of what will happen next, but not any chapters in specific. There will probably be 15 or more in the end. I was also considering splitting the story into two parts or games even. I’ll think on it.

I don’t think anyone’s asked about ages yet. :^) Leo, you, and Theta are in 11th grade, around 16. Saro and Lilith are a year older, and a grade higher, so 17-ish.


It’s feel like Leo is older than Saro, considering how strict and bossy Leo are while Saro kinda carefree :rofl:


I’m glad you noticed! :^0 There is a good reason for this, which will be very important if you become closer to Saro or romance him. This is the part I spent most time planning. :innocent:


Oh and also, does the ROs have preference or is they all bisexual?


Nope! None of them have preferences. MC can pursue any ROs!


I was wondering, similar to the flashback scene we had with Lilith, will we get anymore flashback scenes from the MC’s past? Maybe the scene where Leo first meets the MC at the festival of the Six… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my god, YES! I can go through all of the ROs.


Does gender have some impact in the dialog with ROs or is it there for…decoration? I’ll still play it regardless, but I’d like to know. I’m interested in the story after all.

It’s something I’ve found to be interesting in other games.


That could be nice! I still haven’t gotten very far into writing interactions with The Six, but after what happens in chapter 8, they become much more important. So maybe during that I could add it in somewhere…


Yes, but only one at a time. :joy:

I’m glad you bring this up. I definitely would like there to be some replayability… And I wouldn’t want gender to not matter, necessarily. I just don’t know how different it would be. Do you have any examples of games that do this? :^0



Yes. SoS the mortal coil and Freak Amist the Neon will be doing this. Both are WIPs.

The latter in particular might be helpful to you since they’ve already added some of this to a certain scene towards the end if the MC tries to change in the store in front of customers.

If you play a cheeky character, a character called Ten will deny being attracted to a lithe male MC and call him an evil shrimp. He’ll call a female one a demon or something as he looks at her figure.

There is more to it and personality plays a factor, but this is the best I could think of.

There are others, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment. Happens a lot.

In the former, a male MC can romance a straight-ish man who has never been in a relationship with a man before and it makes him (the RO) act a bit differently than with a female MC as he becomes more cautious so as to not ruin things. This has not been added yet, but has been mentioned by the author.


Ah, I’ll take a look at them! I really like little details like this, so I’ll be sure to add them. Thank you for the examples. I actually haven’t played either of these games yet lol. I can see how small things like that make a big difference in believability/replayability! :blush:



I have something (un)important to say.

I’m going to try and finish writing Chapter 8 tonight. I will for sure update this week with Chapter 7, hopefully in a two or three days.

I’m thinking about making a Tumblr for this WIP? But I don’t know if it’s necessary. I like spamming with mini updates, but don’t want to annoy people here, lol. Maybe I won’t. I’d rather keep it here.


It’s up to you whatever to put Tumblr or not for this. Also it’s okay to do mini update, pretty sure quite many here do that, and instead of annoyed, we probably going to be excited :+1:


it could be useful for after i’m done with the game? thank you for the reassurances that not everyone will throw stuff at me for frequent updates, lol. :relaxed:


We don’t get annoyed at all with your updates!!! @Sabrinadiza_Balya’s right that we all get excited when we see that you’ve said something on this forum, and I think starting a tumblr would be a really great idea!!!


If you’re making a tumblr for this WIP, go for it.

I can’t think of ANYONE (and I do mean ANYONE) that would complain with more updates to WIPs, however small they may be. Trust me when I say that you won’t annoy anyone with spamming updates, especially since you’re doing it on your own thread.

If you think that making a tumblr for this is gonna bring in more fans, though (and I bet it will), you should definitely go for it.


…I forgot this was mine. I guess I get so caught up in the fear of saying something wrong that I craft everything I say with insane attention. But I’m a big kid. Big girl thoughts, me. Thank you for reminding me that people aren’t as angry and scary as I imagine them in my head! Everyone’s been so nice since I made this thread. :relieved:

ALSO! I now have a good reason for a Tumblr: doodles. I have a lot of doodles of Lilith (and others). I want posts on here to be more polished and complete, but there, I can have messy lil sketches or other incomplete things.

And I wouldn’t say it’s so much about attracting people to the game. This is still just my imagination I wanted to share with others to expand my tiny bubble of comfort. I don’t really have a goal in mind. :eyes:


Can you show us a link to your tumblr?

Me want to see Lilith doodles :smile: