(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated Jan. 21)



This is my first game using Choicescript, and also the first book I’ve ever written using my own original characters and story. Um.

Currently, there are 8 chapters and around 45,500 words.

DEMO (1/21): Curse of the Spirit

I’m always open to questions on my Tumblr!

This is mostly just something I’m doing to keep myself busy. I’m not taking it that seriously. :’^) It will probably completely rewritten when I’m done with it.

- FAQ -

Who will be ROs? So far, I have Leo, Saro, Theta, and Lilith planned as possible ROs. There’s a possibility that two more will be added to that. If I can manage it.

Why did Alexis’s gender change? Alexis’s gender is random each playthrough. It isn’t based on anything.

My top WIPs as of right now

{You don’t spit. :frowning: } hahaha


I love how we have the option to spit on Lilith. xD

Typo I found
  • From the neatness of the room and absense of people, the building seems completely vacant.


  • Leo runs up the stairs at the end of the hall, grabbing your wrist again to pull you with. The weak muscles in your legs pull unbareably,


  • You rub your temples and stand from the desk. He watches you move to the window wobbily.


Okay, now that aside i like this story and how this all going, how many ro you plan to have?


Interesting. If I’m understanding correctly, a conflict is bw your new life and your former, quieter life and adjusting to your new one?

I enjoyed the current build. Hope to see more!


I quite enjoyed the demo myself. Good work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I appreciate you finding typos! I’m still considering having romance at all, but I don’t know what a game is without it… so it will likely happen. There would be at least 4 ROs!


Yes, there’s an underlying conflict between those two. It will have an effect on the story and people’s opinions of you in later chapters. And thanks! :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed what you have so far i cant wsit to see how the story develops


Yes, this seems so cool! And well thought out. I’m glad you pushed yourself to show this. I can’t wait to see more.
I laughed at the spit option😂 that was unique


You don’t spit : (

10/10 -IGN

Seriously, this is pretty good. I wouldn’t stress over plot lines and perfecting everything too much, especially with this being a first project for you. Obsessively editing unfinished projects, especially in its early stages, just leads to burnout. Take it from me, I’ve been working on 5 chapters of one story for like… 4 years now. Lol. Just have fun with it and edit after getting feedback.

Anyway, what you do have so far is fine! You have a great writing style. One thing I noticed is that to me it seems kind of boilerplate “chosen one” story at the moment. I’m sure you have interesting things planned, though, so I won’t pass much judgement. I think the characters are pretty compelling, and are probably what I enjoyed the most.

Keep it up, good luck!


Let me guess, Leo, Saro, Theta, and Mom


I don’t think incest will be featured in the game.


Oh my goodness :scream: :nauseated_face:




w h a t the h e c k.


I love all the comments are about the spit option lol. I meant to take it out the next update but now I kinda wanna leave it in. :joy:

Thank you so much. Your words mean a ton to me! I’m glad someone understands :’)

I guess that’s something I never realized after putting most of my focus into characters and world-building. I’ll try my best to steer it away from that! I suppose since I can’t control the MC as much as the other characters, I put more effort into them, Leo mostly, which is not good. Thanks for your feedback!


It’s interesting can’t wait for more


I just updated the stats page to have a journal (basically a glossary) so that if you’re confused about Spirits or anything, you can read more about it there. I’m going to add more “doodles” from the MC later. I guess this is a good time to ask if larger, slower updates are better than faster, small ones?


lol that’s how I felt about another WIP