(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated Dec. 29)




"two thing and a comment in chapter 8

This is just suggestion, you may want to make it more clear that “she” is Gianna at this, peoples who skip to chapter 8 might confused :point_up_2:


I don’t know why but this make me laugh :joy:

The new chapter really make me just more curious of what exactly happen in the past, and Alexis really a jerk in this chapter :unamused: he/she lucky Jin/Jun(my mc) patient towards his/her sibling


GOOD. I was worried Alexis wasn’t mean enough. :^p


ooooooH I didn’t even know I wrote things like that. Fuck that’s sad. I mean I kind of tried to. I never thought of how hard that would be for a Divine who doesn’t want any of it though. MC doesn’t really have anyone right now, do they? Hopefully MC makes some friends in the next chapter oml. :frowning:


lmao good bc MC might need a lot of patience towards Alexis in the next chapter :sweat_smile:


As in IRL, or part of chapter 8?


IRL :’) currently attempting to come back from a D+ after the test crushed my hopes and dreams :’) thanks for the idea though. adds chemistry test to plans for chapter 10


Oh god. it’s been forever since I’ve done that. Hello incoming F. In all honestly, that would be a good way for you to study.

And ughm patience+Alexis+MC= nonexistent. I literally have no patience :sob:



more of what I found

Is “stands” supposed to be “running/walking”? Because i don’t think “stopping” should be there since it’s not like he move around.

I have suggestion,

If mc run away and meet Theta, can there option to ask where is she?

Should be “What?”, the capitalization.


Will we be able to romance this primordial Chaos d00d?


Thank you thank you, as always. :blush: I’m actually rewriting this chapter and all of the ones after it so this is really helpful lol !!

y e s. no ;-(


I failed my chemistry class, can’t wait get an F again. xD


I hope there will be an option along the lines of “Make no mistake, I will help you when you need it just as I would anyone. But you’ve made it perfectly clear that I have no brother.”


Hey. An update, yay! :slight_smile:

I think my feelings about the new chapter can best be described as “Poor MC needs some hugs and their friends”.

I mean seriously. From MC’s pov, first they get attacked, then their sibling is a jerk and potentially hates them, for unknown reasons and people are apparently just ok with blaming a persons death from illness on a 16 year old, who also has amnesia, meaning they have no knowledge about the situation. Because that won’t mess them up or anything. Especially since I play my MC with a completely opposite attitude about themself. So they will blame themself.

Overall I enjoyed the new chapter, but I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the MC returning to school…where I’m sure more drama will occur. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like how you worded that ooooo. Now as I’m rewriting, I’m trying to add more in-depth options, so I will add things like this! MC doesn’t have to like their sibling at all to help them. Or they can just get whatever information they want out of Gianna and never speak to Alexis again lmao.


Accurate lol.

I guess what it goes back to is, I want to see what happens when I throw everything at one character. I’m going to try to mess MC up as much as possible and see where they go with it. Maybe they’ll grow, or maybe it will destroy them. I’ll definitely make it easier to work out problems though, since it’s really unhealthy to bottle things up. Especially when so much is happening to this confused, basically alone teenager with an asshole of a sibling and other uncertain relationships. I would already be dead if I were MC lmao. I think this was the hardest part though. I think. Maybe not if you romance someone. That could be harder.

I guess I’ll just see what happens. MC is just always going to get shit on for this one. Will definitely get hugs though. And maybe therapy. If needed. :^p

:birthday: also happy birthday! :birthday:


Thank you.

My character kind of sees it as his job to help people, so there’s that.

And if my character had his memories maybe he’d know that Alexis loves him, but all that’s visible is a guy who wants to use him and kick him while he’s down.

Since it sounds like Alexis isn’t going to change that first impression anytime soon, I imagine my character is just going to decide there is no relationship there.

Heck, my character doesn’t even necessarily blame Alexis for that.

Probably say something like “Look, I get it. You don’t love me. That’s fine. I heard what I was like, I wouldn’t have loved me either. You don’t owe me love because of biological happenstance. So let’s save everyone time by not pretending to have a relationship that is not there.”


I guess it doesn’t make it any easier that Alexis has a lot of issues with speaking his mind. All the love he has for MC is clouded by built up jealousy and/or hurt from the death of Gianna. So when he pushes them away, it doesn’t help that he also refuses to admit he was wrong for doing so. It would be hard to see past his lashing out against MC. Especially as a first impression. I wonder if you’ll forgive him next chapter? (Not that Alexis being a meany is acceptable.) :0

I really like the ideas you bring up for options! It can be really hard trying to think of a point of view on each choice. I love it when people tell me how they feel about characters aha. :blush:


I’d also like an option to apologize to Lilith. Not that my character necessarily likes or trusts her, but if that vision was true, the she was the MC’s friend and taking the title hurt her a lot.

Since it seems the MC was an unbearable unholy little snot before the amnesia, she probably hasn’t gotten an apology for that.

Although it’s not clear how honest that vision was, since the Alexis subplot makes it sound like the MC was a snot monster since birth.

I’d also like an option in the game to badmouth our past self. Something along the lines of “I’ve yet to meet someone who has a nice thing to say about the past me, I think I’m good on the not remembering front.”


All of your suggestions is great! I would love my MC say that to someone, like Alex.


i found something bad. i don’t know what it is or what it means. i’m scared.

:pregnant_woman: Rewrite :breast_feeding:

  • I rewrote most of Chapters 1-4.
    I still hate it. If not more. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I don’t know what else to say.

  • Update Tomorrow
    It cuts off at Chapter 4 because it’s late and I’m sleepy. Chapter 5 should be ready by at least tomorrow I thinky. Uhhh I haven’t done much after that. Super underwhelming for such a long wait but I’m a little occupied with watching The Fairly Odd Parents.

There’s probably tons of errors but I tried !! I literally don’t know what to say because I don’t remember anything that I wrote even though I reread it a ton of times !!


I hate this piece of garbage but I really want to finish it. I hope no one hates it more now because honestly I don’t like this version as much. I think it’s slightly more realistic to how someone would feel in MC’s situation. Have you ever noticed the similarities between Curse of the Spirit and The Fairly Odd Parents? Personally, I’m seeing it.