(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated Dec. 29)



Hey there.
Is it possible to get the MC back to their previous state/personality? I tried to go with the most aloof choices still one of the characters made a comment about the protagonist being more “humane”.


MC’s previous state before the memory loss? Or just how MC was in previous in chapters?

I really suck with stats, so they’re constantly changing and don’t set any personality type. Also, aloof is different from humane. You could be closed off, but still have a high humanity stat. Is that what you mean? :blush:


After reading all the posts I noticed that Theta is…excluded in this topic. Seems everyone love Lilith despite her evil intentions :wink:

Anyway love your game or story thingy I will be make sure to check it once its updated it :smile:


Yep as if restore MC’s lost memories.

No-no, I mean before the amnesia occurred protagonist was somewhat of a puppet for spirits. Can we uh purposely become a puppet again?


OH. Of course! I want to have a route rebelling against The Six or a route obeying them. Maybe another secret route or two, too. :0

You’ll have options for what route you want to go down. :^) MC won’t ever completely be the same though, personality or memory wise. They’ll never get all of their memories back.


I know! I’ve shown a lot more of Lilith and Leo than other characters so far, so they’re a lot more dynamic to base thoughts and ideas off of, I suppose. They’ve all been fully fleshed-out though! I guess Lilith is just best RO… for now. :^P



i made a thing of theta. i won’t update when i post on tumblr after this unless it’s with a big post, so here here. also, the next chapter is almost done done. it is coming. :^0


Ah, she really a cutie and look innocent.

That a good news! :smile: Don’t push yourself too much though.


Finally got to check this game out, and I like it so far. :slight_smile:
I’m personally a big fan of games where you get to play a protagonist with amnesia and then finding out about who you were. ^^
(I especially enjoy it when the pesonality/character I’ve made/play as apparently is complete opposite from the “original” MC, and then get to see how NPC’s, who knew the “old” MC, reacts. (Second Chances by @Wraith did that wonderfully).)

Btw @aequa in what chapter did you plan for the MC to return to the school? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :blush: And I haven’t played that yet. It looks interesting! :0

The next chapter (Chapter 8, right?) is mostly spent in the Spirit Realm wrapping things up. Chapter 9 is your first day back at Larunda though. Since both chapters are done, it won’t take long for 9 to come out. I’m a lil mad at myself for stretching the home part out for so many chapters, but it will be worth it in the end, I think. ^^


Theta is your mc? And looking forward to the new update! :blush:


Not sure what you mean. Theta’s an original character in a little bit of the first chapters! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hmmm, maybe what @Vanessa_Pang mean is your profile pic?


I believe that @Vanessa_Pang means that Theta is your character, the MC of yours. (maybe they didn’t know that you are the creator?)


:fireworks: :breast_feeding: It is my deepest regret to announce that I have uploaded Chapter 8. :breast_feeding: :fireworks:

Before I get into everything I updated with, please notice that I’ve changed the photo at the top of the post. There are now some… lovely spinach leaves surrounding a constellation on a blue background. Uh… directly beneath that, you’ll notice I’ve placed the word “cats.” Please do not take photos. The evil eyes get spooked rather easily.


  • Continue Game
    You’re now able to continue a game. Um. The stats are really loose and I suck at coding so there really wasn’t another way I could figure out how to do this. Hopefully it’s not horrible. It will be nice for me at least so that I can go through chapters quicker.

  • I failed my chemistry test.

  • There are new symbols for black and white lies.
    I’m too lazy to copy and paste them. There’s a black dot for black lies. A white circle for white lies. These are in place of the giant parentheses that contain the words “black lie” or “white lie.”

  • Removed question marks under Leo’s section in the journal.
    This one is very important. Make sure you’ve read this over many times. It is vital. If you weren’t made aware of this, be sure you are now.

  • You have a nickname now.
    Another very important piece of information you don’t want to miss.

:^) Thanks for reading. I like writing. It makes me happy. :^)


I’m going to start a complaining corner for me to complain in secret. No one can see me now. This is my magical treehouse I escape to when my parents go to work.

This chapter jumps around too much, which bothers me a lot. I actually cut off a little chunk at the end and now it ends weird. It’s just everywhere. There’s nothing really solid about it. Another thing that pisses me off is my incapability to fathom and flesh out emotions, so I just kind of slip in a few “you clench your fists” and “i wish my father loved me’s.”

I also noticed I make people say MC’s name a lot. Creepy. I can’t make older people sound like they’re adults. Like I’m incapable of understanding how other humans speak normally. Everyone kind of sounds the same.

~ complaining completed ~

Thank you for liking me.




What a good cliffhanger.
Also I kinda hate the brother now :confused:


I got the sister, I honestly don’t have a opinion on her… I would still help her. oh god what did the only spirit that i dont like do to my sister’s girlfriend


Oh same, I will defiently still help our sibling. But I’m gonna be petty about it. Just cause I want them to feel bad. :innocent:

“the only spirit i don’t like do to my sister’s girlfriend” I kinda like that spirit. Such a bittersweet relationship I have with that one.


Wow Im playing w/ an MC who really does not want to be Divininum but is kinda just dealing w/ it and agggh I can’t handle the family drama it’s breaking my heart bc my divininum is just a mess who doesn’t want any of this and is just trying their best but at least Lilith is there for them now as a friend-ish type person(supposedly and hopefully bc honestly if this chapter is any indication those two need to be friends w/ how bad both of their pasts have been screwed up)