(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated Dec. 29)



Qt Lilith is qt.
Though it’s a bit early for a redemption arc considering all she does is steal your phone and make you uncomfortable initially, it’s still nice that you fleshed out the best girl.


line 37: Can’t fairAdd to non-percentile value: 107

Found an error for ya :wink:


thank ya. Idk how I missed that. Do you remember what chapter it’s on?


in chapter 4, somewhere around the beginning


:fireworks: :breast_feeding: Chapter 6 is out !! :breast_feeding: :fireworks:

As always, I don’t know what to say in these. I don’t really know what I wrote, or what I just edited and added. But I probably hate it. I will probably always hate it. That’s okay.

  • Romance Points: These exist now. They are now existent and will forever be existent on this planet we call Earth. The plan is if you get a certain amount of these, you’ll get a scene at some point that will ask you if you wanna go down their romance route. Then you say yes. Or no. You get one point for each romance option you choose. I don’t know what would happen if you had enough points for two characters. Something bad. I don’t plan on any love triangles or anything, so maybe just do one at a time for now. I still am reworking a lot of this, so let me know if there’s a way I could make this easier.

  • Oh my god I just realized I wrote six thousand words of filler: Well, shit. I already uploaded it. And you get more backstory into LILITH. LILITH talks a lot about her problem she has that you can help her with. So does your SIBLING. Your SIBLING has a problem that is not similar but of equal value. You also can be annoyed by LEO.

I feel like I forgot tons of things I wanted to fix. But I’ll still upload this. Maybe someone will find them. I’m going to go edit the main post post post so that it looks nicer! Thanks to everyone who has read this far, I know it’s a pain in the ass to have to go through the whole game again to get to chapters. I’m glad I ended up posting all of this in the first place, I’ve grown a lot from it, I think. :blush:


I’ve read the “you don’t spit” a couple of times now and it still cracks me up. Anyway, I really like the changes you made and the stuff you added. And there’s Lilith time! Yay! I’m curious though, did you change Alexis’s gender? I could swear he was female the first time around.


It’s a random number generator. Can be one or the other.


and every time I see that, I never really act on it.


:heart: the new update!!

More info on Lillith makes her so much more likable… but I’m feeling a @Sophia twist coming where she is Chaos embodied…


I still not fully read the update yet :sweat_smile: so I just have questions, who is that going to be RO except Lilith and Leon? And it is possible to just disable part where Saro record mc phone but keep the security measures?


Yeah me neither. I can’t even bring myself to do it


Yeah, I should probably have that based off something else so you don’t have a different sibling every time around. I pretty much did that to see if it would work anyway. I dunno if I’ll keep that in the end! :thinking:


I always act on it. I spit every time.


Lilith, Leo, Saro, and Theta. There may be more characters you meet later on. I’m still working that out. But for sure, there will be those four, possibly more! If anything, only two ROs after that, a boy and girl. If I do end up adding them.


Just read the update, and it really feels like the entire story is coming together!!! I loved the new chapter especially with the little text conversations with Leo my heart
I hope they’ll be more cute options like that in the future >_<


And here we have are, two different people.



what I found

I found scene where mc talk to Theta when lunch is weird, my mc already meet her since he/she running from Leon but it’s like I don’t meet her before.

  • That’s why it was so cold… There are now gnats floating around your room.

I think it’s should be flying, if mc room do that wet I think it’s better to add more description.

I think this one should be ${Name}

I certainly enjoy the new chapter(and Leon message is amusing to me), my question is are mc ever going to meet with his/her/their father?


MC won’t ever meet their father, for various reasons that will come up in the next chapter (or maybe the one after that).


Im currently playing through your game and it has me really interested.
One thing I did notice though, is that if you read the file on yourself from the headmasters office, you discover that you have a sibling and then later on, in chapter 3, if I remember it correctly, before you choose if it’ll be fun or not to see your family again, it says that you don’t even know if you have any siblings. (Which you obv found out that you do by reading the file)
You’ve done a really good job on this though and now im gonna continue playing!
Ps. That choice to spit on Lilith or not is top notch, I love it :joy: Ds.
The boi bye THO IM-


OH SHIT LMAO I FORGOT ABOUT THAT. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll fix it in the next update. :open_mouth: I’m really glad you had fun playing! You can probably tell it’s fun for me to make lol. :blush: