(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated Dec. 29)



ThAt’s WiLd

I live for your replies lol

And I agree with @Scorpio00, I didn’t find the chapter boring at all. It gave really good background on our MC!


The story so far is pretty nice, I’ll say. I don’t really have anything to complain about it so far, other than I managed to get 115% virtue during my playthrough.

The little pictures you use for the chapter transitions remind me of Caught in a Reverie in how whimsical they are, and I wouldn’t mind if you did more things like that.


hello it me aequa hi hello i am here to tell u somethin

I’m going to redo chapters 1-2, a little bit of 3, and maybe some of 4. When I read them back, I really dislike them. They were written after me not writing anything in years, and I mostly only posted them to push myself to work on something. Maybe it’s my perfectionism, but they bother me a lot.

The main things I’ll be changing are:

  • The plot. The same story, just a different start.
  • And having meeting characters more impactful, since Saro originally had a lot more use and now he’s just a potato.
  • Chapter 1 and 2 will be combined so that they’re not just tiny chapters split apart.
  • The file. Why did we steal the file? It’s never mentioned again. Probably going to add something to that or remove it completely.
  • Better choices that build your character and the world around you, not just “what color are your eyes???”
  • It’s mostly 1 and 2 I have the problem with. It feels like a boring, flat, one-directional start that doesn’t blend very well with the rest of the game.

That’s the most of what I’m going to change. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Otherwise, chapters 6, 7, and 8 are done. I’ll post 6 along with the rewritten chapters. Also, the stats page is pretty much comeplete, so the books on that page will be readable by that update too.

:pregnant_woman:t3:ok i t is me aequa i am leaving i am out goodbye:pregnant_woman:t3:


:breast_feeding:t3: Chapter 5 (6) is out !! :breast_feeding:t3:

SO. A lot changed. It took me a really long time for no reason. I feel like I could have done this in a week but it took like, two. Anyway, I’ll start with the changes I made to the first chapter.

~ Chapter 1 is combined with chapter 2! It starts the same, but the rest after you wake up has a different plotline. Maybe it is better than the first two chapters that were there before. Maybe not. It’s confusing now, because all the chapters moved back one. I don’t have much to say about it.

~ Chapter 5 is out! You get to talk with the rest of The Six. The whole point of the chapter is to basically impress them. How you treat them will also affect your skills relating to each of them, and the Spirit Realms’ opinion of you. The only part I really like about it is Validum’s.

~ There are more stats that relate to your personalityyyyy. I think they will be important later. I went back to fairmath. I don’t even know what fairmath is, but I’m using it, and now the stats are weird percentages that LOOK U G L Y. But it’s okay. It should work okay. Maybe I think fairmath is different from what it actually is and I’m using it wrong. It’s okay.

~ I changed a tiny bit of 3 and 4, if I’m remembering right. Nothing major.

~ The quotes at the beginning of each chapter are different, and tell a story about the lion, Leo. It’s not really that important.

I think that’s everything. Let me know how the first chapter flows with the rest now. Probably not well. But it’s okay. I’ve been thinking a lot about my characters and what I want them to be. At first, I only made characters other than Leo because I thought I needed more than just one. Saro and Theta are useless. But I thought about them a lot and developed them. In my head at least. I like them more now.


When I get to Chapter 5,
And I’m dream talking to my ancestor, I cannot do the other Spirits tests. It just 404 errors out.


Boy this update sure made me love Lilith. I can understand her a lot more >.> plus I’m just like, really a fan of redemption arcs and I prefer her to most of the spirits already. The spirits apparently made the MC a jerk and I’m too bad at being mean to stand for that lol


wwwwwWWWWHAT. shit. it worked for me when i was playing through. and when i did randomtest. i’ll try to have it figured out by tomorrow. sorry. :(((


It made me like Lilith too. :)) She’s even above Leo for me the more I write for her. I really had no idea people would end up liking her so much. But, I found out I really like writing damaged characters. I’m excited to show more of her backstory. Also, that’s true. The Spirits have very high, specific standards. It’s kind of either do what they want and please them or do what’s right and have them disapprove.


I don’t understand why the error is there. The files are there, and it doesn’t look like it’s a coding problem. I tried it on Chrome and Firefox, then tried reuploading the files and tried again on Chrome. Still comes up with that error? I’m not sure what the problem is… Have things like this happened before?



what I found

I found “Why am I seeing a doctor” choice weird to be there at this part, because mc shouldn’t have know about it since “Are you going to explain anything?” Still not yet selected, just want to let you know

I think “%-” shouldn’t be here

This just suggestion:

  • The two nod, used to this kind of behavior from him apparently. In a moment, everyone in the room is moving to the door.

I think it’s better for this to be “The two of you nod”, but of course this just suggestion

  • ok sorry hold on i’m working on it You open the door to find an adorable looking room. Everything is so delicate.

I think there should be quotation marks at the one I bold

This error

Come after choosing any of their memory

Is this are the end of demo for now? Or is there more than this?

And that aside, I really enjoy the update, the story of Leo certainly are interesting. And we finally know the reason why Lilith being like that to mc, will look forward get knowing her more :smile:. My question are, is Lilith RO? Are there going to be more story like Leo? Are we can meet Leo?


Last night I played on my phone using Chrome for Android. I just replayed on my PC using Chrome, same thing.

Yes, that error.

IMG (potential spoiler?)

So, @aequa, you used 6Pax instead of 6pax.
When referring a *label name, CaPiTaLiZaTioN matters.

I think that one is causing the problem.


I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT WAS THE PROBLEM. How did I not notice? :// Well, it’s fixed now. Thanks for spotting it.

There’s more to the demo now. Sorryyyyy you have to go through it all again. :no_mouth:

Yeyeyey Lilith will be a romance option. And there’s still some more to Leo’s story! Youuuu might be able to meet the lion, I’m not sure yet. :00 And thank you for finding my mistakes. All of the %s are there because I used the replace tool on Notepad lol oops. I’ll fix those in the next update!


Okay, that solved the issue! :smile:

I like what you have so far and cannot wait for more!


I prefer the new opening to the older one. Also I like that I can keep trying to run! I really like this story, keep it up :raised_hands:!


I prefer it more too! The old one was too restricted. Hopefully it fits better with the rest of the story now. And thank you! :smile:


Got spirit’s approval down to -10… Hehehe :smiling_imp::pray:


lmao I didn’t even know that was possible. Is it hard to get their approval up or were you going for that? :joy:


I did it on purpose! Went for the chaotic options & things they didn’t approve of. I had fun, especially in the trials where the woman is like begging for help and I’m all “BITCH STEP OFF!”


LOL hardcore af. I love that. I can’t even go for the chaotic options when I play through. XD Usually I throw those options in last, but now I want to add more like that. :open_mouth: