(WIP) Curse of the Spirit ☉ (Updated August 24)



It’s been suggested… multiple times.


I romanced Prodigal, Violet, and Dirty Girl. So might not be best for me to throw stones.


Glass houses and all that.




What do you mean ? The background story of Lilith last time was what made her so sweet :-):blush: and the moment when we visit her after she was injured by Leo (i remember her leg was heavily bandaged ) was the moment when she start to show her intimacy towards her :slight_smile:

and oh… i understand how the world burn us…Seriously !! That’s why we need to find our own solace to shield us from the burn … and the Darkness of Lilith’s shadow is exactly the remedy for Sun Burn :-):blush:


Lilith : But seriously Eric… i think i may be lost beyond redemption , voices in my head are getting stronger and eventually i afraid i may have to submit to the voices’ temptation … and i worry i will hurt you one day if you don’t start wary about my intention…

Eric : No … Lilith… A song is enough to change the world and make it alright in the end, i will sing for you Lilith , to mend your lost soul …and make it alright again in the end …


I love these, Eric. Keep 'em coming :laughing:


Oh… thanks my friend, never thought you will be reading this :-):blush:

I will continue the story of Lilith and my MC’s Star-Crossed relationship soon :wink: , again thanks for the compliment :-):stuck_out_tongue:


After their moment of solace , Eric is accompanying Lilith back to her apartment … when reaching the apartment , a sudden thought came into Lilith

Lilith : Eric, do you remember the night when you and the others broke into my apartment and took back your phone ??

Eric : Yeah… that was the night when we became friends again right ??

Lilith smile and say : The deal was that i pretend to be your friend again, but during the morning of that day… i dig my nails deep into your arm and the mark is still there i assume , don’t you hate me for hurting you ??

Eric : It didn’t hurt me at all…Do you wanna feel how it feels? I feel that you don’t wanna hurt me at all… But seeing how deep your mark lies in my arm, i believe it actually tearing you asunder from within , because there is thunder in our hearts … was there any hatred for the one you love ? Well tell me, we both matter, don’t we?

Lilith : I don’t know honestly … i am not as innocent as you think … Those hazy days I do remember, when we were small , we were running and had the whole world at our feet, watching seasons change and our roads were lined with adventure… Mountains in the way but couldn’t keep us from the sea… … However , something else happened after we parted our ways… i don’t think i am the same untainted Lilith you once remember …

Eric : And if I only could … I’d make a deal with the SIX , and I’d get them to swap our places… Something’s gonna bring a change, journeys we are meant to take , don’t you be afraid, they say dreamers never die… So, come … Come and fly away with me …