(WIP) Corruptant [70k words, Last Update: FEB 23rd, 2024]

Quick Summary
Play as a cursed pseudo-amnesiac who only remembers agony. Set in a fantasy world that is a lot darker then it is on the surface, relearn your memories and find your new place in the world. What happened to those who remember you? Will you be able to return to before you were cursed? And just what is a Corruptant?

Hey all! I’ve finally mustered the courage to post my WIP, Corruptant. This is actually my second IF project that I’ve worked on and am happy to post this for the community to enjoy. I’m looking for a few different types of feedback:


Most obvious are typos, pronoun issues and other grammar snafus.
Not as obvious are pacing and general story feedback. No guarantees that suggestions will be incorporated, but I will take all that in mind.
More specifically, I am interested if the descriptions of the characters are good enough, and any feedback on that directly. I always feel like I struggle with that.
Way more nichely, if any of you decide to look at the code of the game, any tips or advice on coding would be greatly appreciated as well!

Romance Options

The Binder. Leo/Leia Everix [M/F]
A usually soft spoken and timid individual, Everix has been given the task of being binded to you and keep you under control. Something they don’t seem to really want to do. Will anything come of you two being close together?

The Second Born. Hayes Rentham [M/F]
The second born of the reigning monarch, Hayes was placed on a team with you by their father. However, Hayes is quite the rebellious person constantly flaunting the rules with a confident smirk the whole time. Will you to bond while being on a team?

The Best Friend. Sam [M/F]
The person that you were closest to for so long. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen them. You remember them as someone filled with optimism and childlike wonder. Have they changed since? And will you be able to overcome your demons and bond with them?

Quinn. The Scholar [F]
An eccentric scholarly type that is responsible for keeping track of a lot of lore as well as arcane things. She seems to be obsessed with everything to do about the occult, and that includes you. Will you two overcome that obsession and for a true bond?

Maverick, The Cultist [M]
A quiet and somewhat crazy cultist that only will speak to you. He finds himself working for the same people as you in similar circumstances. Yet he seems to know something about you that you just don’t. Will you two bond thanks to your similar situation?

From a content wise perspective, this is definitely a darker story with some darker themes. Torture, death, madness, a bit of abuse and suicidal thoughts. So do be warned about that!

Here’s the link and hope you enjoy it!

Update log

FEB 8th, 2024: Posted with 22k words.
FEB 14th, 2024: Updated to 53k words!
FEB 23rd, 2024: Updated to 70k words!


Would it be possible to have a short summary / teaser?


Yea, of course. Forgot to add it when I made the post!


God damn it why does the good writers give me a fucking good cliffinger I want to know the sam person even more why do you do this I want to know the sam person even more. Why do you do this to me?!XD


Well, that’s certainly an intriguing start. Sorry, adoptive mom, I don’t think we’re going to get along. :grimacing:


I get what you mean when you get tortured by your own flesh and blood. Or being adopted it kind of stings when you think about it without even knowing why you were in. That position to begin with, makes it worse.

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So will the characters realize the torture they have done to the MC deleted the old MC completely replaced them with uncaring monster that does only want to revenge


I love the demo so much :heart::heart::heart::heart:, poor mc need a hug​:smiling_face_with_tear:. Can’t wait to read more.


:sob::sneezing_face::face_holding_back_tears: it’s beautiful.


Ah I can already tell this will be a great book, keep up the good work!


Like it so far, but damn why did you end it right before juicy drama started :smiley:


I really like it so far! For the MCs reactions, the choice is usually between being angry and apathetic. Or the occasional hysterical laughter. I think having the option to just be upset would be nice.


This story is already my favourite wip and I love how you describe all sorts of pains…plz update it quickly I don’t think I can wait bcz the suspense is already killing me


Oh yeah I really love it when there is an option of being insane :joy:. Joke aside I love this very much so can’t wait to see more of this.


Wow I love this. Can’t wait to see how our friend reacts to us being deranged and just laughing at stuff. :rofl:


Super intrigued! I got, like, Arcane vibes from this, weirdly enough. Awaiting your next update!!

Pronoun error

Got this after gently + verbally waking Everix; we’re both meant to be dudes.


I love Mc’s self control because I’d at least try to strangle 4 of the 4 strangers they have seen till this point. I mean it will obviously not work but not for lack of trying.


Bookmarked it. I’m interested in how this story will unfold.

In this sentence Everix was referred to as female, but I choose for him to be male.

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@big_pickle you got a gem in the making looking forward to seeing what you do next with it for now thats all i got since others have brought up thibgs ive noticed.


I am so sad that the game ended on that cliffhanger. I really hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next update. Of course I ain’t rushing the writer. Just hyped! :heart_eyes: