(WIP) Corruptant [172k words, New Update: April 11th, 2024]

Ahhhh! Omg this is an amazing story so far!! I adore stories that start off with someone betraying the MC, not sure why, just do. So this is great. Already have a bit of vengeance on the brain. :smiling_imp:


Playing numb and quiet, but mostly just biding my time. Whenever possible I’m picking “I need more information” or the equivalent.


Great wip so far


Who do not love vengeance

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Those are the choices I went with with as well. I was pretty much satisfied with all of the options provided up until “Waking Everix.” I’d also like a “silent staring/assessing” option until she wakes up on her own. I think my guy would be a little too cautious to try to take revenge right off the bat without more knowledge but also would want to use it as an opportunity to observe them to potentially wake up any dormant memories or simply see what he could assess about them from their sleeping form ( not to mention he’s too pissed off to want to “gently” wake her up but isn’t going to risk getting punished for “yelling/shaking” her ). Though they’re somewhat suitable options if you consider it from the perspective of “testing” this new apparent master and seeing how much “disrespect” she’ll let you get away with before dropping the mask and using her version of an Osuwari ( Inuyasha fans anyone? ) or worse.

I was also disappointed that my only options when “Choosing to Help” were either reluctantly deciding to aid them:

Fine. They want to throw themselves at your feet. You’ll show them.

This could be an opportunity to finally experience life. You’ll take it.

You honestly don’t care. You’ll do it, but you don’t feel anything about it.

You are skeptical. You need more information.

VS outright voicing my traitorous thoughts out loud which I think I’d be too wary to do as of now:

They expect you to just forget everything that happened?! ( followed by vocally expressing these intentions on the next page )

Another silent option would be nice here, let them stew about what the demon they created is thinking.

The biggest one was probably my reaction to what was essentially my adoptive mother putting me through the worst torture imaginable was essentially; apathy, humor, forgiveness, or EXPRESSED ANGER. Maybe I want to use whatever “motherly” feelings and guilt she may have as a result of what she did to me to manipulate her into lowering her guard so I have a better chance at getting revenge on her later. My current amnesiac MC really doesn’t know anything about her other than that she claims to have condemned him to a hellish existence “for a good reason” or “for the greater good” neither of which would be a valid reason from my MC’s perspective.

These are pretty minor complaints overall and in the end can be summarized as “I don’t like my MC being forced to express the emotion they happen to be feeling at the time” ( unless unfiltered honesty is a mechanic of the mark itself or something, then fair enough, that’s a fun mechanic to play around ).


Right? Like…let them wake up to me just staring at them and drinking from their canteen. Who wouldn’t that freak out?

And here too, yeah. I plan to play on her guilt rather mercilessly. You want my blood, in a midevalesque era where bloodletting was probably seen as a cure for everything short of death and childbirth? Why not just ask?


To me the humor options come across more as unhinged or madness rather then humorous. The MC may think they are being humorous but based on the worried and horrified reactions the npcs give it’s definitely some form of insanity.

Though I would love the option to not answer them verbally at all. After not speaking for years I just don’t see the point, Im certain the MC can get their point across with nothing more then a glare or nod.


I do have a theory of Sam. Will Sam stop this from happening? Knowing our close hand a relationship for 10 years, absence maybe. If they do force us back into that lifestyle. I just think that Sam knowing us for that long. Sin. Childhood will try to stop this from happening again. No, she didn’t have the power. To lift a finger knowing she was only a 15-year-old. Now she’s a full rank. Will you try to fight back? Or do something.


i dare say, sam would have tried back then but the protectiveness of both was taken into account and sam was observed to prevent this, it will repeat itself, if i had to guess


Kinda think it would have the opposite effect this time not knowing the exact reasonings of course for the first time let alone just how much he knew. Yet a second go round? Being older much more skilled and after learning even more? Its quite likely sam would walk through fire to prevent a repeat.


the problem is: Morganna only needs to order and the mc will do it on their own, assuming everix wont do this, which is likely


They and everix could order it but its not like the MC would just straight up do it we can resist how well can be debated and would depend on i imagine the choices we make leading up to such a confrontation. In any case that has no bearing on how sam would choose to react let alone what he might or might not do lol. :grinning:


It’s really a good game for a first time (and in general). Definetly going to follow it :slight_smile: And I’m going to push that “insanity” meter, just for the hell of it.

Malcolm points out Sam’s flaws but does at a bit of fondness at the end, maybe he does see himself as a parent to you two. He turns to you. Haven’t earned your name yet “, you did fine, your footwork was adequate and your swing was powerful. Really showed Ducant’s kid.”

A little bug here.

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Hey all! Thanks for all your feedback and I’m ecstatic that a lot of you are enjoying the story! Reading your speculations, thoughts and feedback is almost always the highlight of my day.

Just wanted to give a quick update. Now that my midterms are over, I’ll be working on Corruptant far more often. So while I make no actual time promises, expect an update to come sooner rather then later! I’ve already reached 44k words in my draft so I’ll probably code it out soon.

I’ve already fixed the pronoun and grammar errors mentioned in the thread and so those will ship with the next update as well.

This is a great suggestion, and I have also added a few more options to remain silent/stoic in certain cases. Those changes well ship with the next update as well, and I’ve been on the look out for adding ones as I continue to write.

Let’s just say there is a reason “vengeance” is a tracked stat :slight_smile:

I also just wanted to ask what is everyone’s opinions on adding achievements? I’ve thought of a few, but I’m not sure that adding them would be actually beneficial to the story.


To the acheivements question me personally i am fine ether way but will say if you do add them i myself would put them in points that make since based on our choices and where were at in the story. Perhaps even giving little clues to our path we seem to be on to make it more interesting as a idea. :grinning:


Why not? Can be fun.


Big pickle, you’re the nicest guy and the terrifying one. I thought I was evil* Partial demon cooking my captor Originally try to be putting a cell. To get my blood donated in the worst way by imaginable.* But I think I’m more Tame Have fun with your writing and let your creativity go wild.


I love achievements. They probably don’t add much to the story but they do add a lot to the replayability of a game for me as I’m a bit of a completionist and like to explore all the significant options. Achievements kind of serves as a roadmap of that for me.


You know, your story reminds me of.The legend Of the legendary heroes. Except the main character was in prison and had a little bit of a decent life anywhere to stay in there because of his superpowers. And He was lazy and he didn’t want to get all. Their work pushed on to him until the main story came along and well he was dragged Out Of his comfy life and his books. It just feels like the complete opposite.

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Happy Valentines Day everybody! Reached a good breaking off point (surely its not another cliffhanger right?) and so I decided to code what I’ve written and update the demo!

Currently it’s at 53k words. I’ve also finalized the list of ROs/Major Characters and will be adding that to the post!

Here’s the link, though it should be the same one: https://dashingdon.com/go/15625

Hope you all enjoy the new content!