(WIP) Corruptant [172k words, New Update: April 11th, 2024]

I noticed that it says you can romance more than one character but the way it was phrased kind of seemed like there’s a possible poly. Am I reading too much into it or are there some form of poly? Like could I romance all the ROs possibly or only a few together?

Only certain pairs, except Sam.

A bummer. Though I can kinda understand. So what are the pairings then and do any of the pairs includes 3 people instead of 2? Like could I romance the Binder, Second Born and the Scholar at the same time?

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No the only poly right now is the 2nd heir and Everix.


The two Im interested in myself.

Sam not so much.

Definitely not that fanatic.

I kinda expected Quinn to be in one of those poly considering she revealed that she was in a poly relationship with Morganna’s mother and father in the past.

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Thats the only confirmed one, theres gonna be others added, just Sam won’t be involved in any.

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Stupid Ancient Blood King romance gonna go hard eventually.


i like :heart_eyes:

So pickle, I tested Stab me gimmick. and I like it. I just smiled at my enemy when he did it just to taunt him. That would scare anyone.You’d just take a sword wound into the gut. Can you that is some trauma?That guy is gonna have when he goes to bed And I just think my MC is gonna be just happy about that and you’re not feeling the pain at all.After all, he lived through hell.What else can someone do to him and death would be A vacation. Am I personal opinion? If I survive that shit.

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Question: what exactly are the “six extremes” mentioned in the features blurb? I’ve only come across three over numerous playthroughs

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Which three did you see?

I believe there’s currently apathy, anger, and insanity. Are there actually others implemented at this point?

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Yes, there is only really three more obvious ones as of now in the story. But as the story goes on the other “personality” stats are also things your MC will be able to give in. Made most clear in the scene where they ruminate on their situation and “focus on” something.

Vengeance/Anger is the first. “Desire” and a want to experience things is the second. “Greed” / “loss” at what you had is the third. “Pride/Confidence” is the fourth. As well as, Apathy and Insanity. Those will be the 6 “extremes” your character will be able to give into.

The other three extremes will come up more as the story continues!


This is probably a pretty complicated idea, but I’d love it if the characters noticed the MC’s personality changes at key moments:
To explain in more detail, it would be quite scary for ROs to see an MC who never reacted to emotions, simply acting crazy, or a crazy MC acting like he had no emotions

Again, it would probably be complicated, and maybe not even possible, but it would be interesting to see hehe


I had never tried that game before but it’s a really good surprise so far!


First and foremost, I absolutely love this. I was sucked in immediately and you strike a nice balance of showing the world while infusing the lore, but always keeping us in a bit of suspense. My only criticism (and please take this lightly, because it’s also a compliment) is that you wrote Sam too well. Lol. I can’t not fall in love with him. Every time. That is high praise, but it also makes me want to romance everyone else less. As a reader, I am also very interested in romancing the second heir, the binder, and even the semi-deranged cultist, but I can’t not pick Sam. In writing a most beloved, complex character with such a sweet/bittersweet history, the others are somewhat diminished. I guess my suggestion is to try and give us more meaningful interaction with the other ROs early on. I think the prince is almost there, the flashback is excellent, but I definitely need more from Leo and the cultist early on to even hold a candle to Sam. Again, mild criticism, I just want multiple runs but am too in to Sam (your fault, not mine :joy:) because of the significant interactions we’ve had with him. I’m sure it will change, but maybe a bit more balance with other ROs early on will help balance the initial, gut reaction that Sam is my one true love lol. Great writing, great plot, well done!


I’m so happy to see how far the wip has gotten, truly a treat


My Sam changed genders mid memory lol

(Sam was female in my playthrough :joy:)