(WIP) Corruptant [172k words, New Update: April 11th, 2024]

I didn’t encounter this problem I think I picked the Lost everything part and it works.

And on that screenshot I picked I don’t want to be imprisoned again. It doesn’t give me error.

i am playing from the beginning not loading old save.

Guess that’s the issue then.

Also when speaking to Sam and selecting the ““I… Thanks for coming last night.” You thank Sam for last night. That hug was nice.” it gives Maverick choices


Friend buddy the code think Sam is a boy even though I chose her to be a girl

I have to say one thing you did a good job redeeming Sam


I’m really enjoying this story and find myself quite invested. One note I have after this update is that the cuts to flashbacks are becoming a bit too excessive at this point and it’s hurting the pacing of the story in my opinion.


I love the update so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.
Sam pov is just :heart::heart::heart:.


Personally, I don’t think it’s affecting the story. It’s adding to it when you think about it. People with amnesia kinda have to have forced memory elapses. It has happened before. Pretty much small things or medium depends on. They try to remember about the person.


MC deserves to have complete revenge in this story. Burn the whole kingdom down and take out all the shitty people who betrayed them and made them suffer.

At this point, the only person who hasn’t been total shit to the MC is the voice in their head so I’m definitely on their side, everyone else (especially Morganna & Sam) can gtfo.


Picking the strength training option in the flashback as my best ability doesn’t change my stats, is this an error?

I love the premise and I really like the Insanity & Apathy stats.
I strikes odd to me though that the MC would be so riled up from some bully shit talking like it’s a school cafeteria when they’ve just been released from years of incredible nonstop torture.
Phantom pains and sensations would also be a cool addition. I bet it feels strange to be physically free after such a long period of being weighed down and in pain.


I had chosen to put Sam as a woman, in the kiss scene he showed it as if he were a man

Same shit happened to me my dude and also the author is a menace with these cliffhangers

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The voice in my head romance route when?


You two have a screenshot of exactly where this was? Because I couldn’t find any obvious gaps in the code.

Found that, no idea how the tests didn’t pick it up. Should be fixed!

Nope, your stats screen doesn’t update till after the mission flashback!

There are some nuggets of deeper connection with It in this update. You’ll just have to find them!


I started a new game and it went back to normal, in this part it was saying something about the mother accepting them even though they are boys

I also noticed this bug

I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be flashbacks and glimpses into MC’s past at all. Just that present and past events don’t feel very balanced. In the past we see MC with their family, meeting Sam, joining the Blackguards, fighting monsters, etc. A lot of things happened.

Conversely in the present the MC has been released from bondage and keeps spacing out. Not even a day has passed. There’s a lot less movement and urgency in these segments.


It didnt change anything. Finished the flashback and my power is still stuck at 18, however, my stats immediately updated for the others. For example, for studies i picked that I paid attention in class. Knowlegde increased immediately. When i picked that carrying the swords and bags were easy, it didnt change anything. Now power is my lowest stat, even though I was putting my points into that

I second this suggestion. It seems that there should be something there. Even if it’s just MC thinking their jaw is still spiked shut when they first wake or something.


Ahah! Alright, I found and fixed the issue! Should be free to actually be strong now!