(WIP) Corruptant [172k words, New Update: April 11th, 2024]

I will not be surprised of the vengeful MC will become like this


Good 10 years Non, stop suffering. I think yeah, that would break someone to be like this. Even if they are slowly getting back their mindset Of thinking like an individual and not thinking about the suffering that they are afflicting against their tormentor.


Congratulations author you are one among few writers that manage to make me go straight to dark path from the get go first playthrough straight from early chapter, decade of flaying, brutality, torture, exploitation and even worse by done by people close to MC, sure sign me up for that.


I got sent this link by a friend on tumblr and i only read it today… i just… why…
If you had a tumblr the long ass ask you would get from me i swear. I never leave comments on these forum’s because well everyone i follow has a tumblr blog i usually interact with but fucking hell. Whyyyy whyy why would you end the demo that way. Why do you hate me so!

You tease us with sam and then boom! Omg i hate you. But i loved your demo so much but also screw you for depressing me with that ending.

I did enjoy it… it was so good… i look forward to the next update. Also think about starting a blog… js…

Okay bye. You wonderful writer you!


Need update immediately :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You can have a whole conversation with Sam in the current demo


It still leaves me wanting, broken badly, moreso, but wanting.


While thats true its also true the ending we get which if you get that first convo just ramps up what could be even more in my opinion lol


good good… next update more on corruption… and the ending to drink all ROs blood and Sam staked like in the movie Vlad the impaler to grow my power :slight_smile: and to be transformed into Devil… for the betrayal and in the end they will try to kill you soooo why not kill them first :slight_smile:


just want to say im completely obsessed with this wip and ive been rereading it everyday its so good omg. im rly looking forward to the next update!! :smiley: and to a corruptant tumblr, no pressure ofc im cool with just the forum if u decide u dont want to make one :3 again i rly loved this lots!! :)) usually it takes me a couple of days to finish a wip this size but i finished it in a day the writing was just so good wah. cant wait to meet sam again and to giving the mc a shave. ngl im kind of looking forward to shaving just a little more, also high key the asshole disembodied voice is kind of hot i tried rly hard not to find them hot but i failed :confused:


Hey everybody. Hope you all had a great March and that April is going well. I’m just making this quick little post to update everyone on the status of the current update.

I’m almost nearing the ‘break off point’ (Surely it isn’t ANOTHER cliffhanger) that I want to reach for the narrative. The project is sitting at about 140K words so it’ll be a huge update almost doubling the game’s length.

I also updated the original post with (imo) a better synopsis and stuff. Also some content warnings for the content in the game right now and some of the stuff I’ve written in the update to come.

Thanks for all the feedback and praise. It’s done absolute wonders for my (overly large) ego. I’m looking foward to posting the update and well I’m not going to promise any exact time. It should be ready sooner rather then later.

Until then, hope you all stay well.

No comment. :neutral_face:

Maybe I have a bit of inspiration from Aatrox.

I’m looking forward to writing those outcomes, so don’t worry. Or do, maybe dark paths should be something to worry about :laughing:

Perhaps I’ll make one to go along with the next update?

Is It now?

  • In the trenches of cliff hangers Grabbing both my arms and legs rocking myself* Don’t lie to me. I can smell it on you cliff hangers!!

I love this IF so much. Honestly it’s wonderful. I havent ever been as angry during a demo ever. And i would love it if you makena tumblr. Theres a pretty positive IF community on there. Thats actually how i found your IF it was in a list of recommended IFs and was making the rounds. I found one called corruptant but looking at the characters it wasn’t a blog for this IF lol

But i really do love your writing. So thank you for sharing it with us. :heart:


I kinda agree… maybe its superstition that ruined me by romancing the voice inside my head that eventually got out of my MCs head and was a whole dude. who just by the way is literally one of my favorites ROs of all time!




Yeah but kinda went nowhere in book 3.

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Hey i got a confession out of him. One of my favorite moments actually. Him being vulnerable and admitting to wanting to be with the MC. And them actually agreeing to give it a chance. I wouldn’t call that nothing. The book just hasnt been updated since you can lock him in as your chosen RO.




Well, after a bit over a month, I’ve finished the update! It adds 102,000 new words and a lot of branching depending on what you choose to do!

I’ve also created a tumblr for it, so feel free to check that out and ask me stuff there if you want.

The update passes quicktest and randomtest, but still could have issues, so please let me know if you encounter them.

YOUR SAVES MIGHT NOT WORK. Reason for hidden below. My recommendation is to replay the game.

Save issues

When writing the update, I realized my variables for if your MC evesdropped were fucked. Had to add new ones. So if your MC did evesdrop, your save might not realize that, giving you content as if you had not. If not replaying is really something you don’t want to do, the game should still work normally, it’ll just reference things a little differently in certain scenes!

The link at the top should still work but here it is again to save some scrolling!


Lets goooo…
So I better to start with new save I guess since the story kinda heavy on roleplay.