(WIP) Corruptant [172k words, New Update: April 11th, 2024]

My heart, my soul was crushed that day. I don’t think I can get it back


I didn’t know about that since I stayed away from Mother. I guess it’s time for heartbreak


Yeah. I definitely died. The author did so well of stabbing me through a screen.

Cant wait to die some more from the emotions this gives me.


You called that heartbreak. I call that a soul ripping a moment!!* Shaking you And crying at the same time*


Def a great IF so far, am looking forward to reading more of it


I have a big question.What’s the difference between our character with abilities?Are they more enhanced or they are different types of people like oc Like physically adept involving your physical appearance. Like this slowly, change over time.


In game lore,


we are “demons” our fragments of the Demon Kings sword. Powers given, strength, regeneration, speed, agility, beauty/handsome, way with words and maybe missing something else.

There is not a lot of people with this except via the enemy lines that are demons. Us having the fragment makes us stronger than the demonkings minor minions. Hence our blood was killing them on normal weapons. Beyond that, I couldnt say, rest is not filled in with Lore at this date in time.

We will find out more.

Yay! I figured how to use that for the first time! Uh. Yeah, I’ve been too long not knowing it.


@jjc73 Has gotten most of the baseline ‘lore’ and power set correct. However there are few extra things about being a Corruptant.

Slight spoilers for the story so far

The attractiveness that your character has/is a little more then just physically attractive. The fragment of It inside you completely alters your ‘essence’ (or soul, if you want another word for it). This changes you physically, yes, but it also give you a hard to resist pull that mortalkind can’t even really notice. (Hence why Morganna will call out ‘the powerful gaze’ of the Corruptant’s. She is somewhat aware of the fact it isn’t just physical attractiveness, but doesn’t know exactly what it is.)

Your senses as a Corruptant are also finely tuned. As the scene in the mess hall shows, the mc can pinpoint tiny details from across the room and can even listen to conversations from that far as well. These haven’t really been used to their maximum yet, but in the next update (which is at 101k words for anyone curious) they’ll be shown to have a strong effect.

Morganna and even Quinn don’t truly know every last little effect that being a Corruptant has. With most of what they tell you being guesses or hypothesized traits. However, those two women are smart and have guessed based on evidence available to them so perhaps their more vague information has nuggets of truth.

As to if things change over time? Yes. Your character will indeed change even more throughout the story. As the malnourishment fades, your character will experience the full power of their Corruptant nature. As their memories return they will be able to apply said power in better ways.

And yes, there are some more changes that will be found out throughout the story.


great WIP this got me hooked, I can’t wait for more keep up the great work


am I alone in wishing we could skip the bath? Walking around the place covered in your own blood seems like a power move.

edit: Thinking about it, I think I just want to be more animal-like in general


Wouldn’t that make you seem like you’ve just committed an act of cannibalism?


Oh yeah I feel the same. Just an animal that is always hungry for murder and mayhem!


Eeh, not the bath, don’t want my mc to stink (any more than we have to), but going to change just because we got a little blood on our clothes seems a bit excessive for my mc, so I guess I wish that was a choice.


Found this… wish I didn’t… it hurts my feels…
Dear @big_pickle you are a great writer you have my praises, and my shotgun aimed at you head for the emotional distress you’ve caused my MC.
The cliffhanger was cruel but also well timed. The story, pace and writing all encompass a nice little emotional bag of horrors. So great work. Looking forward to the next installment because I need Sam closure or at the very least reasons for the shunning.




So how do you form your time of grief and shocking of the cliff hanger* I’m getting a Clipboard and working as a therapist here thanks to pickle.*


My mind is fractured but my heart does not forget :broken_heart:. I don’t know Doc it’s just… I’m feeling emotional stunted after some memory lane moments… a-and I feel so angry and apathetic that it hurts and it’s both confusing :smiling_face_with_tear: and extremely upsetting :rage:. I’m not sure if I can handle it… … especially… after seeing Sam, (Cliffhanger Strikes) only to be left on a cliff of despair and unknowing mystery. Begins to cry into hands.


I feel ya Lyle! :face_holding_back_tears:


Meanwhile, author sits back cackling maniacally, watching us suffer.

Great characters in world to have these emotions in very short order!


I’m just excited to see how everyone reacts to an MC that is insane.

At least Hayes gets our jokes.


This was extremely good

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