[WIP] Chronicle of Egrus

Hi everyone, my name is Jo and this is the first game I make. In this game, you can play as a heir to the throne of Egrus. There will be magic, intrigue, adventures as usual, but you are not forced to be good at all times. You can even romance villains as RO (though they may not be considered as villains … from a certain point of view XD). There may also be plot twists, but the reader’s perception of truth matters here.

Types of feedback
  1. Writing. Since English is not my first language, I very much appreciate if anyone can spot spelling, grammar, expression errors etc.

  2. Connections. Plot holes.

  3. Stats. I am still not sure what are the stats that can be useful here, and how large a role stats should play.

  4. About minorities. I grow up in a conservative environment, so I am not very familiar with the minority cultures. I will try to google and include the most accurate descriptions, but they can be wrong. So please correct me if you find something that is odd or offensive. I will correct them once I get enough free time.

  5. Bugs. Any type of bugs count.

  • Lady Valerie
    You two basically grow up together, but you don’t think you know everything about her. She has a complicated family background, with her father as the current Hand and her mother from the noble houses in Ospea (a country that is defeated by Egrus years ago). There are also some actions that make her loyalty questionable. Still, she is a bright and determined young woman woman, who is willing to defy the norm in order to get to her goal.

As for the questionable loyalty part, that depends on how you play the game. I can’t spoil more, but eventually there will be an understanding.

  • Ambassador Cassius
    The bastard brother to Queen Udelle of Ashar, your neighbouring country. Ambitious, intelligent, and gifted with words. Too bad that he is also a power-hungry schemer who are willing to do everything to get to the top. Your mother and Lord Gabriel are wary of him. Later the MC will discover some hidden depths. Cassius may be more than what he appears, in aspects such as … morality. Again, this depends on how you play the game.

  • Jamil
    Jamil is a knight you met during one of your expeditions. He seems to be a demi-god cursed by the Dark God Soses. The god your country worship, Duarus, offers to help but he has to prove that he is worthy first. That’s why he decides to serve you, one who is blessed by Duarus, to prove his worth. He has grown to like you over the years. He is a legendary fighter and is extremely loyal.

  • Qikuna
    The goddess herself. According to the religion in Egrus and Ashar, Qikuna and Duarus are complimentary parts of a single being named Unity. You don’t know if this is true, but Qikuna certainly has a lot of secrets. She is widely-praised for her wisdom and compassion.

  • Soses
    They are the villain in your religion. Yet when you know them, you think there may be another side to the story. They are the god of Chaos, and the arch enemy to Duarus.

  • Prince Feodor/Princess Francene
    A sweet, kind, gentle soul. He/She loves poetry and music, prefers honesty over half-lies constantly told by people in the court. Current heir to the queen of Ashar, he/she might one day become the ruler. Yet his/her mother thinks that he is weak-willed and prefer his/her younger sister Thea. Therefore Queen Udelle decides to ‘use him/her for marriage’. However, if you choose to help him/her win his/her mother’s approval, your marriage to him/her may bring the two kingdoms together.

Or you can choose not to romance/marry anyone.

Play Test

Thank you for reading my work!


Weren’t there already a thread for this? :thinking:


Hold up. We can romance a goddess/God? Sign me up! :joy:


2 gods and 1 demigod, the rest are of noble blood.
Heh, this MC has very high standards


Oh got an error message, wasn’t sure if that was the end or an error mh. but really like it so far. I know that Soses is already my favourite :heart:

invalid indent

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hmm was this more for a female point of view when you made the game?


My thoughts: Finally a game not a princess need to be forced marry someone!:partying_face:

When I first saw it, I thought it was where we were going to choose the MC’s sexual preferences. I was looking hard for the “I’m not interested in men, and I let them know it.” Option. Instead I just had to settle for the “HECK NO!” Option. Which got me a reprimanded from dear old mom, which is so hypocritical since she was just a commoner before marrying the king.


That’s exactly my thought when my MC has to marry a princess. Though fine by me now because my MC is a gay male.

But seriously, could we just not marry anyone but ourselves? I prefer the Kingdom doomed by itself.

Why is my male MC seemingly being forced to marry a prince? Unless two men can somehow have a child together in the world that the game is set in, it makes zero narrative sense.


The guy has a sister, it could switch who you get married to if your male or female.


Can i be evil in this and conquer all in my path.

Are there any other ROs than the ones that who are mentioned in the stats?? Also, can we refuse to be in an arranged marriage?

You know that in ancient times from Egypt to Rome passing on the dynasty name (and the glorious history of it) to a worthy heir was what mattered. Said heir did not have to be your kid or even a blood relation, so adoption works just as well. So far the only one to use that system on this site is @Havenstone for his Hegemony. Of the more futuristic games Zemia, Atlantis and the old Myrmidon WIP all have or had monarchies that worked fine for gay people too whether due to futuristic technology or simply allowing royal adoptions (or a wildly divergent matriarchal culture that does not have marriage as we know it in the case of Atlantis. Where I assume that for a male mc the heir will be part of his mother’s family likely one of his sister’s kids though @Darkner is free to correct my speculation.) .


yeah because I was editing my draft and then suddenly it is gone. I thought my computer did the weird thing again(suddenly my my stuff disappear) so I make another topic. Then I found out that the old incomplete draft is actually sent … nvm it is removed now, thanks to the mods! Sorry for the confusion XD

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@Vanessa_Pang yup, basically, yes. It’s kinda my wish when I played other games? idk why i am always attracted to the side caharcters, ie gods, evil lords, etc… So i guess maybe a wider range of RO?
@Gildarth Now that you mentioned it, I realised the problem … In fact originally I planned seven ROs and one of them is a commoner, but I decided against using the idea because the one’s personality is too similar to Valerie. Plus, I don’t know if I can handle 7 ROs. I might add one if it is popular demand.
@Mei_Hiroshi Like I said, there were 7 planned but I am not sure if I can handle so many. And idk what type of RO people generally like …? I’d appreciate if you give some suggestions :slight_smile:
And yes, you can get out of arranged marriage. In fact there are more than one way. You can even conquer Ashar without marrying the heir (should you choose to do so).


Is it resolved now? Thanks for pointing that out! (And I am glad that you like Soses!)


Now this is an interesting comment, because I usually write from a male point of view. However, I try to make myself sound a bit neutral here, so may I ask why do you think so? I might have done that excessively. Thanks in advance!

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@anon57188313 @ChairmanMeow @Dartknight
Okay, to explain why I make the prince a man: Like what @anon57188313, I originally wanted to change things and make a prince instead of a princess to be forced to marry. However, now I know this probably is not welcomed for some groups who choose a male MC. So. This RO is gender flippable now, and you can choose at the beginning of the game.
EDIT: now you can choose when the prince/princess is first mentioned.

(But you are welcome to point out any mistakes in the pronouns! I am super prone to mistakes… when the codes get complicated.)

BTW, thanks for @idonotlikeusernames, I have not thought about the system you mentioned. It is interesting and I probably would include some elements. Thank you very much!


Yes! Absolutely! I make the game because I want to be evil. There are many ways to achieve this as well, depending on your stats, although the MC may need to lie low for a while to gather the necessary things before doing so.

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