[WIP] Chains of Destiny: Book One (~162k words) - Last update: 2024/03/22

Hey, I don’t think so. The stats given by the cheat menu are more than enough to get you through all three books without having to worry about your stats.

No worries, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the update. If you have any more thoughts or feedback, feel free to share them anytime. Thanks for taking the time to play through it!


Finally got a chance to finish the update and I loved it! Cannot wait for more! Your story is intriguing and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes!

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So I guess we’ll get to interact with Juna’s sister more in the future? I’d love the chance to foster a relationship with her at some point, even though she seems a bit harder to get along with than Juna lol

Also will we get to pay tribute to Juna in other ways later? Like maybe name a sword after her, or make Luna our steed?

Great story BTW, I had a lot of fun (not with what happened to juna lol) throughout :grin:

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Hey, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story!

Yes! Leona will make more appearances throughout the story. In fact, you will be able to meet her again very soon. Just be prepared to put in some effort if you want to earn her respect.

Yes, all those and more, but I don’t want to spoil too much.


Hey Notlev I had one question. Will it have consequences for our character that they witnessed so much death as a young child? Something like PTSD or freezing up when shit hits the fan?


I’m not the author, but there is a trauma variable with some flavour text so far if it’s high enough.


@TheHendo is right. The way it works right now: there is a variable that can only be raised during the ambush part and is essentially treated as the severity of your MC’s trauma. This variable currently only affects various internal dialogues, inner thoughts, and interactions—especially those with your character’s mom, who will naturally notice these changes in her child. So yes, these experiences will continue to have lasting effects throughout the game, influencing the narrative in both subtle and significant ways.


Oh nice My MC plan to get revenge for that brutality, I believe she’s plotting right now so her mind might be filled with sadistic thoughts.

Good to know


I can’t wait for the potential trauma to my budding evil!MC lol :star_struck:


I really enjoyed the game! The worldbuilding is excellent, love the character dossiers inside the menu - they are fun to read.

You write very well with a strong flow, making it easy to comprehend.

My only issue is with the first few pages, basically until the MC menu opened up. The prologue has a lot of pages that don’t offer choice — you did good with the worldbuilding but at some point I was aching for some interactivity. You did mention you are going to expand on it, so I’m not worried.

The other thing is about choices that offer stat increases. When they are paired with regular choices, I don’t see a reason other then roleplay to pick the non-stat increasing ones. I did play with the fun cheat option enabled so maybe it’s connected to it?

Also I saw a few options that would work better when separated, for example:


Here for example you can cut it in half, with the MC’s thoughts following the dialogue with dad.

But that’s my main feedback, and as the story progressed I noticed a large improvement in the options!

Overall, fantastic WIP paired with talented writing and emphasis on worldbuilding, which is my favorite type of IF :slight_smile: Still have more to read, so I’ll update on my progress lol.

Oh and a question, saw three Fem LIs and only two Masc LIs, will these be more guys further down the line? :eyes:


Hey! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying about the prologue. Honestly, I’ve even considered removing it until it’s rewritten because I cringe every time I read it. So don’t worry, it will be the first thing to change in the rewrite.

I haven’t explained that yet, but I plan to include a section for useful infos once I rewrite and expand on various parts of the first two chapters. The idea behind offering both types of choices is to give players the chance to roleplay however they want while their MC is still a kid. If you don’t choose the options that increase stats in the first chapter, you’ll still get a free stat point, which you can use to increase any of your stats at the beginning of Chapter 2. So you’re not missing out on anything if you don’t choose a stat-increasing choice in the beginning—except maybe the stat checks in Chapter 1 before you actually get the chance to use your free stat points.

Yes! I’m planning on adding one more male RO to the game, but I’m still working on fleshing out his backstory, personality, and other details. I’ll introduce him to the roster once I’m done with his development.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to play and provide feedback—I’ve received so many great suggestions from everyone; I genuinely can’t wait to begin the rewrite. I’m excited to hear about your progress as you continue through the story! :blush:



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No reason to cringe about the prologue! It’s well written, just not interactive :slight_smile: maybe we can temporarily play as Eric with dialogue options that suits his character? Just a suggestion!

I don’t mind plenty of options to choose from, my suggestions is just separating different forma of options, dialogue, thoughts, choices etc :slight_smile:

Exited to continue, you’re cooking a great story here!


There is a reason (aside from the fact that there is a significant age difference between him and the MC) why he is not an RO (and never will be), but it’s rather spoilery, so I can’t reveal it just yet. Nemio isn’t in a place to accept the advances of anyone right now, so it’s not really about you being the heir and him being your protector—it’s more tied to his past. And, well, his past is…something that he doesn’t really like to think about (though as he begins to trust you more, he might start opening up about it).


Forgive me, but isn’t Memio like, an adult and MC just a kid? He’d be super weird for a ro.


Yeah, and that as well…


I like romances with age gap, tho :joy: And MC will be an adult in the further story…

But since there are more serious reasons. I understand.

Whole ass adult who’s been watching over the MC since they were a kid.


I like age gap, but Neimo knowing the Mc since they were a kid, and then getting with them would just be weird in so many levels :sob:

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