WIP Buried Lies (posted 18/12)

Very interesting story! Love the characters already :slight_smile:
Gotta keep my eye on this- can’t wait to see where it leads

i’m already loving both Ezra and (Male) Brook :kissing_heart:


This looks very interesting! I already love all the ROs (especially Brook).
I wonder though, am I Watcher 1 or 2? (or 3)


Very nice demo. Dialogue was good, felt natural and didn’t feel forced to include the readers character, with solid dialogue choices that all seemed reasonable for the situations. Can’t wait for updates.

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I just stumbled upon this and I’m in love with it already! I love the characters, especially Ezra and Daria. I cannot wait to see more of their dynamic especially now that Brook will be part of the group? Will Riker stay the leader of the group? Somehow I think the MC will take over that role… :thinking: :wink: Keep at it!

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Thank you, everyone, for the kind words!! Sorry for taking so long to respond!

Who doesn’t? After all, it’s such an endearing quality :joy:

Thank you! Imo horror has a very special feeling in winter and I just couldn’t resist.


For now 2, but maybe that’ll change? :eyes:

Ah, thank you! That’s one of the things I am myself very picky about with other games (and my own of course), so I am very glad, that I didn’t mess up. :grin:

We’ll see :eyes: :grin:


Ohhhh Nooo why do I feel like they’ve recruited Willem the precious brother with them!~ :sneezing_face:
I like the story, its my first time trying out a char-driven-plot anddd I really like it!

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