(WIP) Broken Fable [68.5k Words, Prologue and Chapter One Complete] Updated 5/7/23

Either that or it was moved to some other hidden location since at the beginning of the story…it is in a desert.

The creator could be alive, his death could be a scheme like Buddha did with Sun Wukong to stop a coming disaster.

yeah call it a conspiracy, but I don’t think he’s dead, just because there’s too many mysteries unanswered.

Yeah, I feel like the creator didn’t send Lucifer to hell to clean it, but instead to train him. There’s just so many ways the creator could prevent Lucifer from rebeling but choose to do nothing instead.

Hello everybody! Just hopping in for another update. My vacation is finally coming to a close in the coming days. It was a good time, but I’m about ready to sleep in my own bed :sweat_smile:. I’ve been writing the whole time, but I am excited to finally be able to return to a regular schedule. Currently, I’m hard at work, crunching out the second fight variation.

I am also letting you know that I posted a small spoiler on my Tumblr(which is linked in the original post). It is from another character’s POV and takes place during the major fight. I don’t feel like the Zeus fight is quite ready to see the light of day, but rest assured, I will post a small spoiler for it soon!

That’s all I have for now, have a great rest of the month!


Just finished reading that new snippet and lmao… they’re all not going to make it out of the fight :joy:


Won’t be surprised if it’s the last day before retirement for all of the team

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Janus was legit one of the top 3 names I was gonna pick when transitioning lol :joy: :sob:

I thought of four origins options in case the author ever decides to add more origins in the future but I forgot the last two so there’s the Jormungandr that I mention in one of my previous posts and Tamamo-no-Mae since they’re a Kyuubi and kitsunes usually lives for a very long time but I feel they might not get added in their since they’re fire-based and we already got a fire-based origin even though they use magma and not fire exactly. I did noticed that all the origins originate from one area/region specifically so it wouldn’t make sense for someone to mention Thor when we already got Zeus for example. So, if the author decides to add more origins, it would have to originate from a different area as compared to the existing origins; if they’re going for that kind of thing. It would be fun to add a Godzilla build and your character to had another mutation in their life where they can assume a human-like form and can not only use their powers still but also transform back if it ever comes to that. Not sure if they author would let them keep their tail in their human form or have them use it like how Wukong does.

@Zarkrai There are enough characters right now more characters will just cause issues and a lot of cool stuff will probably die down and there won’t be as much unique options for special characters there are already a lot


But I just want ONE dragon or animal based character. And I’m not sure this Sun Wukong would count since on their birth, they were born as an Asian Human instead of a Monkey. I wanted for them to at least look like a Monkey person all the time. Hope we get an option to actually look like that most of the time since it looks like their identity gets revealed at the end of chapter 1. Let me use my tail to pour my orange juice!

Refer to this entire post

The Lucifer background is pretty much the last one that the author is willing to do at this point and the people got to vote on several options.

Sun Wukong pretty much counts as an animal since he is called the Monkey King in the myth for a reason, and at the end of the recent chapter, transforms the eyes into a leopard while growing a monkey tail. And I think there might be an opportunity for the Wukong MC to break the limiter in a desperate situation


I like this story quite a lot, but I also fear for it.
Bouncing between multiple background options for each update seems pretty time consuming and tiring. It seems like trying to write multiple stories at once.


This was excellent.

looking forward to any updates.


Absolute Chad right here


I’m really looking forward to Future updates I played all routes too


It would help if you could include a glossary of important factions and world characters through the stats page. There were too many Praetons introduced at once for me to recall who’s who when speaking with Haley.
Also, the opportunity to play as Sun Wukong (The Monkey King, The Great Sage Equal to Heaven, The Victorious Fighting Buddha etc.) is fulfilling a longtime childhood dream. Thank you.