(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

True Janus is overpowered and mostly counts seeing the future but it can severely screw them over if it’s used too much. Also Janus seeing the future and trying to change it could backfire since they could trigger the event regardless in a certain situation in my opinion. I wonder if the author will add something like this in the story somewhere

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Same weakness as Wokung, as long as you don’t get too trigger happy you should alright.


Honestly, Miyamoto Musashi must have been such a badass. I haven’t played the Arthur route in a while, but I’ve always had a headcanon that Miyamoto was one of the only people to disarm Arthur using pure skill alone. Also, just so you know, if I remember correctly, the author said that one of the main reasons Arthur beats Luci 7/10 is because Excalibur would not like someone else to control Arthur’s mind so it would help with the defense. And of course, the difference in skill and speed also has something to do with it as well.


You should definitely play Arthur’s route. His swordsmanship proficiency and speed with it is just insane to the point where it’s scary. I think it’s even possible that there’s a chance he could even slash Ishtar while she’s flying. I said chance in case anyone else wanna rebuke me over that!


So willpower?

No strong feelings to take advantage of you mean like alyosha overcoming his fears? which anyone who has done so can tell you takes strength of will to do.

Again willpower?

Outside of all the origin stories and the two chapters so far we know next to nothing about any of the fables to say whether or not they’ve lived easy lives.


This isn’t a thing. At no point did a unified ‘Mayan empire’ ever exist. Rather, the Maya were a people spread across multiple city-states in a similar way to Italy or Ancient Greece. Tikal and Calakmul would be the premier states assuming that Pele resided in the Maya lands for multiple centuries before the classical collapse that the game describes as the “fall of the Mayan empire”, so those could likely be substituted in.

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Oh god, now I have a mental image where Lucifer finds themself in Hazbin Hotel and makes friends with Alastor and Charlie.


Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 10-48-09 Broken Fable

The first few pages make it clear this is an alternate version of our earth so not everything is going to be the same.


NGL that’s kinda bullshit. Like, it’s not like the Janus path decides to make Rome not an empire just because. “There’s alternate history elements” isn’t an excuse for peddling bad, trite historiography that throws the Maya into one homogenous blob.

It’s not meaningful alt hist with any sort of purpose though, it’s just peddling sadly common misinformed ideas about pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations.


I honestly don’t get the problem? Alternative history settings with few or large changes are pretty common among fiction unless I’m misunderstanding.


Bruh… it’s fiction. The history can as lazy and twisted and wrung out as the author likes.


Arthur with a regular sword vs Wukong with a regular staff. No powers just skill and experience.

P.S: Images just to look cool


even tho Wukong is second most skilled fable, remember author on tumblr said Arthur is just built different even without Excalibur he was the greatest swordsman of his generation. and no fable can match him straight up.


I’m gonna be real Arthur in a battle of pure skill cooks like 99% of the people in this game


I believe he could. In terms of speed alone, I think Arthur is the only one who could keep up with Ishtar. He made over 100 slashes all around him in a second, and in his words that’s “not bad, but not really good” which tells us he can do better.

That alone is still what I consider the most impressive physical feat.


The melting point for tungsten is 3,422 celsius whereas the temp at the surface of the sun is 5,500 celsius according to NASA.


Musashi probably beat Arthur in a duel


I wouldn’t be shocked tbh he was called the greatest swordsman but as a mortal against an immortal? That’s even more impressive


So far I’ve only played as the pretty lady because I love role-playing as a hot woman who seriously kicks ass, lol. However, nobody really talks about her. And I can only assume it’s because she’s not the most exciting, I guess??

Anyway, after work I just want to explore the fable who is currently written to be the most OP experience. Which one is that in your opinion? Bonus points if they unsettle people.


Lucifer or Pele… maybe MK if you like crushing the puppy lovers hearts