(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

@Zarkrai It’s been years since i seen that show but yeah i remember that too.

@Leon_Kincoln Agreed it would either have to be an ambush or at the start of the fight or lucifer could just wait until wukong transforms into something organic like a puppy for example.

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That’s why they didn’t overlay the devil image, that’s not the extent of their perception manipulation, they just did that thing in particular to drive fear into Hans and Kaya.

Verbal testimony isn’t really evidence tho. He can say it’s because of whatever he feels at the time, but doesn’t really mean anything.

The burden of proof would be on you to show that it does because you’re making the claim. People have been making this willpower claim since Luci has been released but not once has that been stated to be true. Literally the only reason the author gave for why Arthur would be resistant to it is because he has a sentient sword that is literally also trying to control him.


Sun Wukong might be able to turn into tungsten and survive Pele, Assuming Pele cant get any hotter than the surface of the sun.

But Zeus would still wreck him. Rubber might be resistant to electricity but lighting has a temp of about 50,000 degrees F, so anything rubber would quickly melt just from proximity.


funny you say this because author said that Wukong is Zeus worst matchup among the fables


Really can you prove that? because so far outside of the dreamscape that seems to be the extent of perception manipulation the only reason it isn’t used on alyosha is because he wasn’t affected by the trauma lock which you said yourself.

So you think alyosha is lying when he said he overcame his fears and that it’s because there’s something special about him ok prove it.

You mean like this albiet it was only a fraction of a second kaya managed to stave lucifer off.

Honestly at this point we’re just talking in circles so i think we should just agree to disagree.

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If anything Id guess Alyosha was resistant to Lucifers power because it aligns with what he already experiences continuously.

Hard to use someones guilt and fears against them if they are already used to their guilt and fear tearing at them constantly. Alyosha might just be like “Huh, normal tuesday then”

Of course thats just me making a guess.


True, but I feel like the author didnt really take into account just how hot lightning gets, there are remarkably few substances can withstand temps of 50k Fahrenheit (As in, not a single one in the known universe), and i cant think of any that would both survive the temp and resist the electric shock.

In fact a quick google search suggests that the most heat resistant material in the known universe (Tantalum Hafnium Carbide Alloy) can only withstand up to about 7.5k Fahrenheit

And also according to my googling, for rubber to effectively protect from lightning, it would need to be roughly a thousand feet thick.


I’m not a physicist so I’m not sure how the thermal energy works when something is struck by lightning, but considering that living and non-living things don’t get incinerated into oblivion it is fair to assume that you don’t get hit by all that heat, humans can even survive getting hit by one so the heat of a lightning wouldn’t be too high either.


I was under the impression that was mainly due to how fast lightning strikes occured, thermal energy can only transfer so fast. Not sure if it would go as well with soneone like Zeus who coule just drop a continuous lightning bolt, or thousands of rapid fire lightning bolts


Yeah that’s fair, though I doubt all of them would hit against an augmented in the same tier as any of the mc.

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And in this guys case seven times.

  1. It is a reasonable assumption based on the fact that their power directly manipulates the mind and nervous system as a whole, which includes your sensory organs and processes. And it makes more sense that the trauma lock is a combination of sensory and emotional manipulation rather than it be something entirely separate from the rest of their powers, given how they’ve been shown to manipulate the senses to a degree AND are confirmed to have emotional manipulation AND can manipulate the nervous system like someone playing with strings.
  2. I don’t think he’s lying, I think he doesn’t know. This is his first time ever encountering Lucifer. Immortals are RARE and powers like Luci’s likely are too. It’s odd to look at the situation, see how one person out of all the times Luci has used this always able to only resist a specific aspect of the power, and assume whatever answer they give is correct. I doubt Alyosha deals with mind manipulators on a daily to confirm his theory, especially not one as strong as Luci
  3. Mental fortitude doesn’t equal willpower. Its like a lock vs LPL, some locks may take longer to pick than others, but that in the end, they brains gonna get hijacked. Again, Alyosha still fell victim to Luci’s abilities, it’s specifically the trauma lock that they uniquely were resistant to. If willpower was all that was necessary, there’d be no reason for the physical manipulation to continue to work.

I think its better to just ask the author how Ruby escape Lucifer’s powers than argue how the power works


i don’t know much clearer it can get than this but here’s the proof you wanted whether you choose to accept it or not is up to you also this will be my last post on this topic because i’m getting tired of talking in circles.


I am one of Ishtars biggest fans on the forum. I love powerful women. So easily best character for me already. Flying is OP, maybe not flashy but she is super strong.


I have an issue with just her intro. I only play women too, and OPs are even better!

I admire our “nemesis” as shes very powerful herself. Nothing wrong with dating a 70+ when already 1k+ old, right?

Nevermind that question…


What about her intro didn’t you like?


This is from the authors tumbrl:
Lucifer: Eyesight of the target is required for Lucifer’s power to activate unless they are within arms reach, in which case he can do it without. In a broader sense, all augments that mess with the mind pit the user’s will against the target in a game of mental tug-o-war. This will be elaborated on in the game. There are a couple of unique ways to resist his power. For example, if he was fighting a psychopath or someone very emotionally stunted, his power to trap them in a waking nightmare would not be very effective. If the target doesn’t have any strong feelings, there is nothing to take advantage of.

From here we can take that there are 2 posibilities. Strenght of will or extraordinary circunstance. In Alyoshas case I am inclined to go with extraordinary circunstance. Strenght of will would have, in my opinion, also affected the other facets of Lucifers power.

In any case, the author has said that Lucifers worst mashup among the fables is Arthur. And even in this case Lucifer wins 3 out of 10 times. In any case, Pele does not seem to me like he would have an extraordinary willpower. Zeus has had to fight his addiction. Arthur his swords bloodlust. Lucifer his imprisonment and thirst for blood. Wukong his imprisonment. Pele has had a relativelly easy life compared to the other fables. An easy life does no favors to willpower.


Gilgamesh and chasing after notes of a person 2k+ years dead or such. I dont like Gilgamesh.


Damn! Arthur is that strong against Lucifer? I would’ve expected at least winning 7 out of 10 times. Not 3 out of 10.

Arthur’s swordsmanship is insane and I would know since I played their Chapter 2 before. Which also made me remember how crazy it is that even though they have encountered Miyamoto Musashi, they still had to admit that they were a better swordsman than them. It’s really crazy that someone who didn’t live nowhere near as long as Arthur is a better swordsman than him when Arthur is someone who’s swordsmanship is his bread and butter and he’s probably been training during these centuries too.