(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

Just hopping by to let you all know what is going on. I did a bit of an oopsie, which resulted in my hard drive being wiped. Thankfully, I have the game backed up on my second computer. Unfortunately, I left this computer at my friend’s place who lives an hour and a half away from where I live, so I have not had time to fetch it. I have some time this weekend, so I will be getting it then.

On another note, I have decided to start working on Chapter 3. While I have a lot of what remains unfinished in Chapter 2 done, I am experiencing some writer’s block with getting it completed. I think I need to take a step back from writing the same chapter over and over again and work on a different part of the story. I also have a side project I have been working on over the course of writing Broken Fable, and this might be the time for that to see the light of day.

Thanks for all the feedback, and have a great week, everyone!


Cheers mate. Hope you unlock your mind…and can’t wait to see what you’ve got.


Well, that’s the beauty of seeing a project develop.


~pulls up my calendar on my pc to check the date~ o.o :smile:yay september looking forwards to what will happen in the next update when it comes out.


Loving the story so far. One of the best I’ve read so far


I can’t wait to see the fight scene that janus has.


Ok I got two good raps song that would go good with Sun wu Kong and Zeus what do you guys think?
Sun Wu Kong-https://youtu.be/t75B87Lzh4E?si=3EsPmLPi6quepq_B


not much going on in regards to updates with the game so decided to put up a info on one of the characters for ya.all to read why you waiting.

Who is Pele?

Pele, pronounced peh leh, is the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes. She is said to be the creator of the Hawaiian islands and native Hawaiians believe Pele lives in the Kilauea Volcano. This is why she is also known as Pelehonuamea, which means “she who shapes the sacred land, Pele’s residence, Kilauea Volcano, remains the most active volcano in the world. The volcano, situated in Volcanoes National Park, has had repeated eruptions of lava from the summit for the past few decades. The Hawaiians believe that the goddess herself regulates the volcanic activity in Kilauea and other volcanoes on Hawaii Island. There is a cyclical nature to the way volcanic eruptions both destroy and create the land.

In the past, Pele’s wrath has destroyed many villages and forests as they have been covered by lava and ash. However, the molten lava that Pele sends down the side of the volcano has added 70 acres of land to the southeastern coast of the island since 1983. The duality of life and death, volatility and fertility, destruction and resilience are all embodied within the figure of Pele.

The Origins of Pele

Pele was the daughter of Haumea, an ancient goddess who was herself considered to be a descendent of the ancient earth goddess, Papa, and the supreme Sky Father. Legends claim Pele was one of six daughters and seven sons born to Haumea and was born and lived in Tahiti before she was forced to flee her homeland. The reason for this varies according to the myth. Pele was either banished by her father for her volatility and temper or fled for her life after seducing the husband of her sister Namaka, the sea goddess.

Pele’s Journey to the Hawaiian Islands

Pele traveled from Tahiti to Hawaii by canoe, being chased by her sister Namaka, who wished to put an end to Pele’s fires as well as Pele herself. As she moved from one island to another, it is said that Pele tried to draw lava from the ground and light fires throughout the journey. She traveled through Kauai, where there is an old hill called Puu ka Pele, meaning Pele’s Hill, and Oahu, Molokai, and Maui before coming to Hawaii.

Finally, Namaka caught up with Pele in Hawaii and the sisters battled to death. Namaka emerged triumphant, putting out the fires of Pele’s wrath. After this, Pele became a spirit and went to live in the Kilauea Volcano.

The Worship of Madame Pele

The Hawaiian goddess Pele is still revered by the people of Hawaii and is often referred to respectfully as Madame Pele or Tutu Pele, which means grandmother. Another name that she is known by is ka wahine ʻai honua, meaning earth-eating woman.


In Hawaiian religion, the volcano goddess has become a symbol of power and resilience. Pele is synonymous with the island itself and stands for the fiery and passionate nature of Hawaiian culture. As the creator of Hawaii, her fires and lava rock are not only a symbol of destruction but equally a symbol of rejuvenation and the cyclica Iconography

Legends claim that Pele disguises herself in various forms and wanders among the people of Hawaii. She is said to sometimes appear as a tall, beautiful, young woman and sometimes as an old woman with white hair, with a small white dog to accompany her. She always wears a white muumuu in these forms.

However, in most paintings or other such depictions, Pele is shown as a woman made of or surrounded by red flames. Over the years, people from around the world have claimed that Pele’s face has appeared in photos of the lava lake or lava flows from the volcano.l nature of life and death

Myths about the Hawaiian Goddess Pele

There are several myths about the fire goddess, apart from the tales of her journey to Hawaii and her battle with her sister Namaka.

Pele and Poli’ahu

One of the most well-known Pele myths is about her altercation with the snow goddess Poli’ahu. She and her sisters, Lilinoe, the goddess of fine rain, and Waiau, the goddess of Lake Waiau, all reside on Mauna Kea.

Poli’ahu decided to come down from Mauna Kea to attend the sled races on the grassy hills south of Hamakua. Pele, disguised as a beautiful stranger, was also present and was greeted by Poli’ahu. However, jealous of Poliʻahu, Pele opened the underground caverns of Mauna Kea and threw fire from them towards her rival, leading to the snow goddess fleeing to the summit of the mountain. Poli’ahu finally managed to put out the fire by throwing her snow mantle over them. The fires cooled down, earthquakes shook the island, and the lava was driven back.

The volcano goddess and snow goddesses clashed several times, but Pele ultimately lost. Thus, Pele is more revered in the southern parts of the island while the snow goddess is more revered in the north.

Pele, Hi’iaka and Lohiau

Hawaiian mythology also tells the tragic tale of Pele and Lohiau, a mortal man and a chief of Kauai. The two met and fell in love, but Pele had to return to Hawaii. Eventually, she sent her sister Hi’iaka, the favorite of Pele’s siblings, to bring Lohiau to her within forty days. The only condition was that Hi’iaka must not hug him or touch him.

Hi’iaka reached Kauai only to find that Lohiau had died. Hi’iaka was able to catch his spirit and revive him. But in her excitement, she hugged and kissed Lohiau. Angered, Pele covered Lohiau in the lava flow. Lohiau was, however, soon brought back to life again. He and Hi’iaka fell in love and began a life together.

Pele in Modern Times

In modern-day Hawaii, Pele is still very much a part of the living culture. It is considered extremely disrespectful to remove or take home lava rocks from the islands. Indeed, tourists are warned that this could cause them bad luck and there have been many instances where tourists from all over the globe have sent back the rocks that they have stolen, believing that it is Pele’s wrath that has brought bad luck into their homes and lives.

It is also disrespectful to eat the berries that grow along the sides of the crater where Pele lives without paying respect to her and asking for permission.

Folklore says that Pele at times appears to the people of Hawaii in disguise, warning them of upcoming volcanic eruptions. There are urban legends of an old woman in Kilauea National Park whom drivers have picked up only to look at the back seat through the mirror and find it empty.

Pele’s Significance in Hawaiian Geology

A very interesting folktale lists the progression of the volcano goddess as she fled to Hawaii. This corresponds exactly with the age of the volcanoes in those areas and the progression of geological formation in those particular islands. This interesting fact can be attributed to how well the Hawaiians understand volcanic eruptions and lava flows and how they incorporated this into their stories.

Even geologists like Herb Kane say of Pele that she will loom large in the minds of the people as long as there are earthquakes and volcanic activity to associate her with.


Ngl kinda wanted an update but gotta say i liked reading the lore


Let’s hope it comes out within the month. I’m addicted to this WIP


This stuff is so cool


HAHA!! I was about to go off on the best futbol master of all time…


Hello all, sorry for the long disappearance. With my job, graduate degree work, and other real-life commitments, things have gotten hectic recently and have left less time for writing. That said, I have made significant progress in chapter 3. I have also finished writing Pele’s chapter 2 and plan to post it by this Sunday. I have it all written; I just need to compile it into a choicescript and fix any bugs that pop up while editing.

Regarding Janus, I have decided to keep his augment the same and just write a shorter chapter. Having information is a strength intrinsic to his character, so it would make sense for him to foil his enemy’s plans by looking at the future(even if it shortens his path a bit). I believe this will result in more variation of his path and will be a good thing in the long run.

Other than that, I have nothing else to report and look forward to seeing you all Sunday!

(Once again, sorry for the lengthy period of inactivity!)


That is fabulous news!


I’m happy with the decision. I’m already used that Janus has this power (and besides, that’s what encouraged me to choose their route as first). I’m sure you’ll do great and the route won’t be worse than others just because it’s shorter.


Personally i like that janus’s story line will be shorter because it makes sense for who he is especially if you play him as a tactical character. Either way i will probably play most routes so ima see what janus doesnt someway or another.


So Lucifer is going to last then?


I find playing as Arthur is fascinating and quite broken if you spec your Mc right. Its a shame you cant increase his stats all that much…


It’s not like he really needs to improve much especially when he has the power to wreck a town. He powered up grabbing the sword which unlocked his full potential. He just needs to keep his bloodlust in check which he still has a hard time doing


Anyone know why this option is greyed out? :thinking:

Btw. wrong pronouns, my mc is he / him

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