(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

You are going to piss off a lot of people :joy:. But anyway mach 4 isn’t hypersonic, it’s supersonic because hypersonic is when a thing moves at Mach 5 or more. And after mach 5 air begins to act abnormally and becomes plasma. So in my opinion Mach 4 isn’t that impressive. But… Ishtar did re enter the earth’s atmosphere, like ICBMs which move at Mach 25 during re entry.


I don’t think it’s possible to rank the Fables power wise,but the one with the most spectacular powers are easily Zeus,Pele,Arthur
The one with absolute efficiency in a 1v1 would be Janus and Lucifer.
Ishtar and Wukong being a mix of the two.


Kinda wanna give y’all noogies. Nerds. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well that’s just my opinion on the matter people may disagree and I am fine with it, just thinking out loud🤣.

The thing with Ishtar is she become more powerful as she age as told in her story she used to be running around chasing animal naked and live in hut secluded in middle of nowhere, then she develop flight not fast still flight and as she age she become faster and stronger and her charm ability also become greater.

I have no doubt the author will eventually balance the other fable probably later in the story, while already strong S tier fable probably will go to the road of self reflection like Arthur trying to either intensify or control the bloodlust or Ishtar simply want to fix her lily dependency.

Lucifer could regain their wings maybe and halo later and Janus probably will master their ability without going insane, that’s will even the odds with other stronger Fable.

The A class heroes probably will develop versatile ability like Zeus could develop EMP or maybe Develop ability like railgun or something it’s possible to balance the power level later on.

Well it’s completely fair to put rank on it based on how author write it, the thing with lucifer is without the mind control ability Lucifer can’t beat the Fire dude in the battle scene, this imply that lucifer fighting skill is above average at most, meaning develop tool to block mental attack and Lucifer could be easily neutralized.

Janus could easily manipulate battle flow at their will, skipped whole fight with time stop abilities, capable fighting 1v1 or group and proceeds to wreck the kidnapper, Janus Achilles heel is fighting in prolonged battle, Janus will lose battle of attrition.

Zeus and Pele and wukong doesn’t have this issue Zeus Lightning and Pele Fire ability can be developed to versatile ability if they want to expand the use of it and Wukong simply have many trick in their sleeve.

Ishtar flight doesn’t seems much she have no counter to her ability, it’s just pure raw kinetic energy also have great secondary ability that’s the edge, this also same with Arthur embrace the dark side, the red world and you have darth Vader without light saber.

Lucifer can’t do anything with nervous system control to Timur who is a skeleton and doesn’t have nerves. The only way Lucifer can be improved with the restraints of the story is that they develop full control over an individual’s body. Lucifer can trap someone in an illusion. Lucifer should develop the power to not only fully control someones body but even their augments. Lucifer’s illusions on someone should so powerful that it becomes permanent to them and that illusion becomes reality for them even if it’s not real.

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But Timur has regained his physical body when Eris went to meet him tho ,so.he’s able to still harm him with that.


Timur cannot die though and don’t forget that Timur absorb those He defeat definitely strong enemy and if he fought against Lucifer previously he is still coherent enough and not go mad because of Lucifer Illusion.

Eris is Timur gf the name really imply those Goddess of Discord have power of Umbrakinesis (shadow ability) or maybe also mind control if I am gonna take a guess this combo is not great for Lucifer, I am more on the side of Lucifer recover their Angel power than made Lucifer have stronger mind control simply because Lucifer develop this power from fighting Demon as Lucifer is Half Demon Half Angel, if the first part of story dealing with Lucifer Demonic ability it’s probably make sense if Lucifer later will develop the Angelic ability or simply regained Angelic status they lost, also it’s make more sense due to action nature of the story I am imagining it’s not really fun to swag mind control than to smite timur with Heaven gate or something flashy, I mean Mc have humanity meter to play around those certainly mean something later.

Correct me if I am wrong but the fight scene so far is so flashy and totally riddled with Power fantasy arc.

Each of the Fable said this, I quote :

“This feels like a loss and it’s irritate you as you always win”


I mean Timur vs the Fable alone is a loss for the Fables it’s sure unless some power up pops up which for now only Wukong got.a hint of that.
I don’t know if there was any mention of angelic power in his backstory for him or his siblings but maybe I just forgot.
Yea well the whole fight scene is very cool and power fantasy dripping,but some powers are more spectacular in terms of descriptive scale than other,Pele and Zeus in particular.
I think what confused us all about Lucifer’s mind control is that Alyosha resisted it which is weird and I think there is a special reason for that because Lucifer mentionned no one ever surpassed him in will unless he forgot to mention Timur🤣.
Ig a good.power up for Lucifer would be the eye contact condition which is prédictible if you already fought him.


Hey. How about we talk about the Praetors or Eris or how the Fables can use their powers outside combat or anything else other than the fighting capabilities of the Fables?

I’m wondering how much the Iron Praetor is really in charge.
Does she have anyone above her or is she completely responsible of everything the Praetors do?


Well Sumairah seems to be a tyrant but I think she’s very pragmatical.We know that the Praetorium are remains of the Response which was bullied by OG Werther.
My guess is that she can’t bully much of them especially the more powerful ones like the Astral who doesn’t like her,not because she’s less powerful but maybe for peace.
Maybe that’s why she want to hold a right leash on Kaya🤔 having another member’s blind obédience seems useful af.


i am not doing that mythology again last time it got me flagd just like now proving my point but the one thing i wont back down on is zeus has always had a white beard and white hair in every story or legends thats a fact and i don’t care who says otherwise i wont back down on this

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So I study Greek mythology like full time for the last 5 years+… Do u have a source for this cause this is new to me.


am’i the only one who has not played Ishtar


In the few times that Zeus’s appearance has been described in the original myths, he was always portrayed with dark hair. The white hair thing is a modern invention. The ancient Greeks had no reason to give him white hair since that hair colour meant nothing to them. Most of the Greek gods have black or brown hair because that’s the hair colour that was common in Greece at the time. At most, some gods were described as having golden hair (Apollo, Aphrodite and sometimes Athena) because it was a covetted hair colour but never anything lighter than that.


Early depictions of Zeus always had him with dark hair. The earliest known physical one I know of is of a vase from 450 BC, notably with dark hair.

Pale hair did exist in these pottery paintings, but they were denoted with a lack of color, and thus it stands to reason that the black pigment for Zeus’s hair was purposeful. Likewise, white marble being the default for Ancient Greek sculptures is a modern myth. In fact, sculptures were very vivid and in a time where heavy pigment meant heavy money, it’s doubtful the god-king was going to be left bereft with naked marble— thus, no white hair.

As for blue eyes, who knows? There’s no historical account of Zeus’s eye color.

All of this to say: Modern depictions aren’t necessarily the ‘correct’ depictions, and even if they were, it wouldn’t matter. This story takes place in a reality that hardly resembles our own.


Ishtar is gender locked so like Arthur equivalent, she have a good story should definitely try her story, I mean even though I am Female I read Arthur story too.

While you are here complaining about mythologically “incorrect” Zeus is am playing as female Sun Wukong. The irony.


That’s very much not a fact though? Like, there’s very few references to Zeus’ “hair” color in the classic mythos. In Homeric Hymn 1 it just describes Zeus’ eyebrows as “dark-blue brows” - make of that what you will.


Please focus on the WIP rather than continuing arguments about details. Thank you.


Zeus just wants to chill and have a good time =]