(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

I was thinking, if there’s a tsunami attack, Pele could just burrow deep inside the earth and wait it out while absorbing the core’s heat


Only few ppl can play on her weakness tho,the main one is dead .And given she has a stamina limit due to the rock in her veins,ig that’s why water is so creepling to her.Since she can repel humidity for a limited amount of time depending on thé efforts she does ig


An underwater volcano can burst through water and stay active though.

True but ig it has more to do with her biology than pure volcanic activity.So i’d bet that except Werther she’d body all Water users since they’re not strong enough to make her drain her blood/lava.


Water’s boiling point is 100 degree Celsius. After that water evaporates. Pele can literally make a miniature star on their own and control it midair. So yeah i think Pele vs Jordan Werther death battle is debunked. Pele wins. But we will need Janus to figure how the fight between Pele and Water Boy goes.

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Well yea unless Jordan Werther magically become his grandfather,Pele wins against him, that’s pretty clear.

No Jordan is more powerful than his grandfather. Not only can Pele bury themself deep in the crust, but they can instantly evaporate Jordan Werther in milliseconds. That is how long it takes to evaporate everything when a hydrogen bomb explodes.

He has more potential,he’s not stronger as of now,or else according to the author’s Tumblr Pele would lose most likely.
Édit:It could also be just Praetorian Propaganda since Franz Werther was even praised by the Fables themselves.

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My point is water cannot do anything against a living star that is Pele.


I mean I don’t disagree,it only harms her when her stamina limits is reached.
Few ppl can ever do that,the only one who could is dead.
Let’s just hope Jordan won’t reach his level.Tho the Fables will prolly get a power up by that time.

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You do realize that this is an alternate universe right?
Meaning that this doesn’t have to be historically/mythologically accurate

Also modern representations aren’t quite a good way to use as an argument about the appearance of an ancient and historical/mythological character


Please brush up on actual greek mythology and then comment. Your comment is completely wrong on the facts. It appears your knowledge in mythology is based on modern hollywood mythology which is like fiction not real.


I think of Pele vs water like i think of Hans being hit. Pele can exert levels of heat to vaporize water but if it’s in a large amount, accounting for the fact that pele has to retain their energy, something will eventually get through. Kinda like how hans cant deal with numerous attacks aimed at him.


Considering underwater volcanoes exist. Water doesnt cool magma when its sourced with its heat. Magma does cool but its also on land, away from source. I think this is part of it.

Lucifer is my favorite still. Pele was just fun wrecking things mostly.

Hm i don’t know. Lucifer is weak. Someone with great mental fortitude will not be affected by Lucifer’s mind control. And they are not as physically strong as the other fables. But this is just my opinion. I feel like the Fables are not balanced. Some Fables feel weaker than the other PC fables.

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What’s your ranking?

While i can’t rank much, i can list the core aspects of the PC fables.

Lucifer- Defence and Stealth
Janus- Tactics and battle IQ
Arthur- Agility, Skill and Weapons
Isthar- Movement speed, Locomotion and Passive buffs.
Zeus- Offence and Stamina
Pele- Destructive Capability and Resistance
Sun Wukong- Strength, Weapons and Versatility

Thats all. Tell me if I missed anything.


Maybe, but all fables have proven to be much stronger than the praetors they fight. I mean Lucifer was playing with the first two that showed up. Astute praetor literally says that all of them (the first three + her and the teleporter) stood no chance against the MC.

They are all strong, just at different aspects. It seems you think of strength as a merely a physical thing but you’re right, strength isn’t Lucifer’s strong point, and it shouldn’t have to be for them to be considered strong. Janus also isn’t physically strong but from what I saw they had the easiest time dealing with the Praetors.

They’re all strong/powerful, just at their own things. They all dealt with the Praetors, and they all did their part dealing with the big bad in the past.


Imo the rank from strongest to weakest probably like this:

S. Ishtar or Arthur
A. Zeus or Pele and easily Wukong
B. Lucifer and Janus.


S rank either their power is greater and cooler from the fight scene and they possess multiple ability, like Ishtar and Arthur they have superhuman body faster stronger and they can regenerate itself beside their main power like flight at mach 4 that’s pretty much hypersonic speed the air will be so dense and superheated as plasma at those speed and back in old days Ishtar just swim Persian Gulf just to measure it’s size that’s just show how kuch stamina and endurance she have, she also can turn people like drooling zombie if she doesn’t suppress her power.

A possess great power however limited to one insanely powerful ability, Wu Kong possessed multiple ability but the power is not that great, Zeus have mastery over lightning and they can call forth cataclysmic destruction it’s by itself is impressive but locked to 1 power offer less flexibility.

B superior ability but have limitations like Janus can only stop time once a day and Lucifer ability will be harder to use the stronger the opponent willpower.


One thing I seem to be seeing here is that everyone here keeps forgetting that Lucifer can also control your nervous system not just your perceptions