(WIP) Broken Fable [220k Public, Updated 5/7/24]

Arthur’s weakness was kind of addressed during the fight, if you fight alone with Kaya, she’ll make fun of your sword, and you can have Arthur just lose his shit and destroy the city and probably kill a ton of people. Honestly, I think the Arthur Rage scene is my fav scene in the whole game


Thats not addressed Ishtar originally have no such problem and unlike zeus it actually because she want to curb her ability instead of adding to it, it is Gilgamesh experiment gone wrong.

In her traveling years Ishtar have made progress fixing that flaw beside perfecting Gilgamesh recipe to make her somewhat can have normal conversation without other side being charmed into zombie just read the story.

During praetor fight scene it actually come close for her into losing it due lacking lily.


Yes, originally Ishtar doesn’t have a weakness not until she took the elixir from Gil.

It’s been stated that she has to take Lillie’s or she will either.


Well sounds like good character development for her, she live 4 millennia and doesn’t do anything about it, maybe it’s time to start to care you know with Timur running loose need the Fable (MC) to take care themselves and maybe not so broken anymore.


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Astute Praetor. Can this woman be killed? she makes me very upset lol


Play Janus, you can beat her up. But not kill since she’s an RO.

I don’t think she is…


Did the author change the RO list? I guess it’s possible to kill her afterall.

I don’t think she was ever a Ro but I might be wrong


So does Janus stop time and moves extremely fast or does Janus moves so fast that it stops time?

Janus stop time she move fast for augmented however to those that fall under her control field will see as if she is teleported and gone and move at incredible speed.


for zeus’s character there is two things missing you forgot to input is his beard in the character creation also you didn’t put a option for white color which is his hair colour as well as his beards color as for his eye colour i don’t know about that one i think it is blue but i not certain

Remember the mc stopped aging around their 20s. I dont think the beard will ever exist for this particular version of zeus. Most we know about the zeus in greek myth’s features is that he has a beard. The color of his hair and eyes are up to anyone’s interpretation really.


Considering Zeus can be a woman. Fables are Broken. I love this WIP so far.

I stopped going thru MK/Q a bit. Gotta go back and finish.

The Fables not caring about death of Praetors is, satisfying to say the least, so far. Especially Pele vs the Ruby Praetor scene. “I been dethroned as the top fire user.”


I would love Pele 100%, but it’s just that they can die so easily against water is kind of embarrassing. The author could rewrite this. Theoretically Pele can become so hot that water vapourises around them. Like a nuke is hotter than the surface of the sun, so it can evaporate large amounts of water in a single moment. And considering Pele works like a thermonuclear generator, it’s possible, that they can survive a tsunami, if barely. And that werther guy is a mortal whereas Pele is a Fable, so this weakness doesn’t suit Pele’s status in this story. And magma is stronger than nukes. Magma cracks the very earth and escapes but even a 58 Megaton Nuke cannot pierce through the earth surface fully and reach the core.