(WIP) Blood Moon (Updated 27th Feb 2021)

Is it sad that now I have a desire to create where seagulls as a shift a race in my book?

Also? Whether or not that thing about vampires and brought in your brain is a thing, I’m fairly certain this point we can safely say that Blackwell is a psychopath at least.

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As is tradition with this story, I still have to try the other route because I enjoyed the one I just took so much!
Still Marco! I can’t get enough of him and I have to say — I have no idea how either choice will pan out and it’s super exhilarating! You’ve made an amazing story and continue to make it more mysterious and entrancing as you go!
Though I can’t speak for other character romance routes yet, let me just say that I absolutely love how the romance evolves with Marco! The pacing is really well done and hasn’t thrown me into anything too deep while I’m still getting to know him as the reader (even if my werewolf counterpart has known him for so long!).
Additionally I’ll add to my curiosity over what Carrie is a d how she became that way. Can’t wait to discover the mysteries hidden in this world you’ve crafted!
This is really good and blew away any expectations I had rushing to this update (the moment I knew about it I just had to try it out). You’ve got me and so many others hooked!


Thank you so much! It’s so wonderful getting such a positive response. I am honestly thrilled (and a little blown away by it). I really don’t know what else to say, I’m so glad you like Marco, the world I’m patchworking together, and the mystery surrounding Carrie/the stray. Thanks so much for reading! I’m really excited to write and share the next update with you soon.


Is there a way to make the blackwell meetup go well?? Or does the vamp always dislike us :((


There are three possiable outcomes to the meeting with Blackwell. One is bad, one is very bad, and one is good.


Good: You can fool Blackwell & get away with it
Bad: You end the meeting on bad terms
Very bad: You get injured.

I think these are the outcomes


other than making me snort with laughter every two minutes? :joy: no, not really. i actually quite enjoyed the way you portrayed pack mentality. especially with the first choice we make, protect your pack at all costs, it really solidified the mood for me


It would be nice if we could do more than a activity before going to sleep in Chapter 4. Being able to choose only 1 out of the 6 options feels very unfair atm.


I’m really sorry you feel that way. I just wanted those five ‘pre-bedtime’ scenes to be quick fun way to boost your relationship with one character, or to get a cool scene with the pack if you’d rather. None of them are very long, and they don’t have any serious story beats in them, so I didn’t think players would feel like they were missing out by only playing one.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter despite that. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave feedback.


I was confused that MC is sent to meet with Blackwell without being advised what to say or not say about Carrie even though it is known Carrie will be the topic of the meeting? Also I thought there would have been an option to tell Blackwell that MC will relay everything back to the pack leader? I didnt feel comfortable that the MC decides to make Blackwell an enemy for everyone in the pack with no input from even the pack leader and no input from the player.


I’m really sorry you didn’t enjoy the meeting with Blackwell. I tried really hard to make that scene feel impactful and important to the story, and to give the player a sense of control and choice.

Which, I think, is why I’m a little confused. You don’t have to make Blackwell an enemy. There is even an outcome of the conversation where you can offer to work for him… though there are some things the player can’t do. Eg, you can’t hand over Carrie if you saved her, because I don’t think a werewolf would willingly abet a vampire more or less enslaving another werewolf. I’m sorry if this was something you wanted to do.

I’ll consider what you said about getting a briefing from the Alpha. I think it could be a good idea.

Thanks for the feedback!


I chose asking how he found the den, ask since when a vampire is friends with a warewolf, answer truthfully that Carrie is alive and that we know where she is, and then when he says to MC that he wants Carrie returned the only three choices offered are to say it’s up to Carrie, to curse him out, or to ask whether he would want us to force her. Am I supposed to see more than three options at that choice? All three have the result of MC accusing Blackwell of lying about being Carrie’s friend and also accusing Blackwell of believing Carrie is property and Blackwell always leaves angry. I know MC, Marco, Vicky, Ed had to decide what to do when Carrie was first found but I had not expected my MC would do that now when it’s possible for the actual leader to decide what is best, which that is why I thought there would have been an option for MC to tell Blackwell he will be contacted later with a response, for players who would let the leader review the new information instead of only MC


Okay. I think I understand why you’re upset.

I’m sorry, I didn’t expect the player would want to defer these sorts of choices to the Alpha. But, in hindsight, I can understand why you would. I’ll take your feedback into consideration. However, I can’t promise any changes at this stage.


Strategicaly I think it’s a bad choice to send the alpha to such a meeting.

I’m not saying the pack should send an expendable member but what would happen if the vampire killed the alpha ?

The only things we know about that vampire is that : he is old (old = powerful) & he controls the city (powerful in other way).

Sending the alpha so he could get killed, because clearly Blackwell is here to demand things, not negociate, would be a disaster. A pack without an alpha, it’s the best way to die for werewolves.


We have two factions of vampires I’m seeing right now the lady that cares about her people not be using them as property or the old bastard who is pretty much going back from the old middle evil Century that everything belongs to him and silver platter my pic is the vampire lady that cares better people because I’m too of a bleeding heart even if I have no blood in my heart I’m a vampire


No one said the alpha/leader should be sent.


I agree with the sentiment on a principle but… @fisheye never suggested to send in the Alpha.

I had not expected my MC would do that now when it’s possible for the actual leader to decide what is best, which that is why I thought there would have been an option for MC to tell Blackwell he will be contacted later with a response, for players who would let the leader review the new information instead of only MC


You’re right. Erin May, the member of the small gang of vampires you meet at the hospital, and Lawrence Blackwell, a member of the Night Court, represent two very different groups of vampires that live in the city, and they are as different from each other as night from day… if you’ll pardon the expression.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the vampires. They’re going to be a fairly large part of this story.


Thanks so much for this reply. I’m really happy you’re enjoying the story and putting this much thought into it.


Oh looks like I read too fast :sweat_smile:

Next time I’ll reread before posting.

Plus, of course I enjoy the story, @Barb it’s on you, you create a great story, I had no chance ~