(WIP) Blood Moon (Updated 27th April 2021)

Blood Moon is a story about morality, relationships, and what it takes to survive in a world which, at best, views you as a myth… and at worst a monster.

But, really, it’s a corny werewolf dating sim in a grim coat of paint.


You’re a werewolf. You and your pack have just moved into a city. You don’t like it. It’s big, busy, and smells like piss. But it takes a lot of money to feed twenty something werewolves, and there aren’t many jobs in the forest.

One night, while guarding your new territory, you find a packless werewolf. This seemingly random encounter pulls you into the city’s paranormal underbelly, populated by witches, vampires, ghosts, and hunters.

You’re not alone. Your pack is with you. They’re your allies, friends… and maybe more than that. But be careful. The choices you make not only determine your fate, but theirs as well.

(I’m sorry that’s a little cheesy. I’m not great at writing blurbs).


  • The option to play as a woman, a man, or a nonbinary person.

  • A total of seven romanceable characters, all with unique personalities. You can learn more about them by visiting my tumblr, linked below.

  • Multiple story paths and endings.

Content Notice

This game contains strong language, drug references, violence, as well as a whole bus load of other mature themes. Please use discretion when deciding if this game if for you.

Some other stuff you should probably know:

  • I have never written a game before so there’s probably going to be some bugs, especially in the first few drafts. I’m really sorry about this. If you encounter an issue while playing please let me know. I’m still figuring this out and any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

  • I’m also not great when it comes to spelling and grammar. I have no excuse for this. English is my first language, I have been writing for years, I should be better at it by now… but I’m not. If you spot any mistakes I’d be grateful if you could let me know.

  • This is a WIP. Currently I have only finished the first few chapters and they’re still a little rough around the edges. I will update this when I post new chapters.

Play it here: Blood Moon Demo

Follow me on tumblr: BarbWritesStuff

Email me at: BarbaraTrueloveWrites[at]gmail[dot]com.

And, if you enjoy my writing and are able, I would feel honoured if you’d consider buying me a coffee: Ko-Fi

Current Word Count: 155,197 (excluding commands)

Feel free to ask questions or give feedback in the comments! I will update on the full moon.

Update Log

As of the 27th of April 2021

  • Chapter Seven has been added
  • More options and routes in chapter six have been added
  • Some spelling, grammar, and coding mistakes have been fixed.
  • 13,167 words (excluding commands) of additional content
  • Total word count: 155,197 (excluding commands)

As of the 29th of March 2021

  • Chapter Six has been added
  • Some spelling and grammar mistakes have been fixed.
  • 36,491 words (excluding commands) of additional content.
  • Total Word Count: 142,030 (excluding commands)

As of the 27th of February 2021

  • minor bug fixes
  • spelling and grammar fixes
  • Total Word Count: 105,539 (excluding commands)

As of the 28th January 2021

  • Chapter Five has been added
  • further detail has been added to Chapter Four including a new story path
  • Some minor spelling mistakes have been fixed
  • 30,982 words (excluding commands) of additional content.
  • Total Word Count: 104,655 (excluding commands).

As of the 30th December 2020

  • Chapter Three has been completed and further details have been added.
  • The vampire pronouns have been changed.
  • A save function has been added.
  • A couple of minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Chapter Four has been added.
  • 32,480 words (excluding commands) of additional content.
  • Total Word Count: 73,673 (excluding commands).

As of the 29th of November 2020

  • Chapters One and Two are complete.
  • Chapter Three is partially complete.
  • Total Word Count: 41,193 (excluding commands).

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Good point! Thank you.


This is amazing; I came for the werewolves but you had me at octopus sex. :handshake:

Loved it and excited to read more!

Edit: spotted a few typos:



Thank you so much! I’ve fixed those typos now. :grin:


Werewolves? I’m in.
I also found something.

Under selected thing there’s also this double
Marco introduction.

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Thank you so much! That’s fixed now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Barb This is amazing! I love it! Can’t wait for the next update. :grin:


Wow I really love this so far!!


Hey, i love Werwolf stories!!!

I really liked how you implemented the pack. The flashes of word associated a pack bond and helped me to feel more immersed in the story so good job there. I will definitely keep an eye on this,:grin:


Great story so far, thank you for writing this game :slight_smile:
Note: When I chose to stay behind and watch over Carrie, Ed acted as if I had chosen to kill her, even though I always chose to take her to the Alpha.


Whoops! Sorry about that. I think I’ve fixed it now. Thanks so much for telling me.

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Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. I am so excited reading this book! I adore the writing. It’s easy to speed-read while also being very engaging. The very first lines of Chapter 1 had me grinning. I noticed a few errors, so I’m just including screenshots.


*other’s (I think)

*is (just to keep the tense consistent)

*huddled (I think?)

And I adore Minjo! And Ed is freaking amazing. Do you reckon he’s a Redditor? Anyway, I can’t wait to read more. You’ve done such a wonderful job!

Edit: Wait, I had more gushing to do! The psychic howls of the werewolves and their “Hive mind” is amazing. Bates is such an ass and his casual racism was amazing to read. (When he said, “It’s cool though”, I wanted to physically punch him.)

I might just keep editing this comment to gush some more so apologies in advance!


Yes! I’ve been waiting for something like this! :joy: Thank you! There’s not enough werewolf stuff out there.


I really enjoy what you have so far I’m definitely curious about Carrie and Minjo is so sweet


This was Amazing I love werewolf stories


Very interesting WIP, I love supernatural stiff. :two_hearts:

Quick question, Marco, Ed, Vicky, and Carrie (or maybe the rooftop vamp? Are they four of the 7 ROs? :thinking:

Typo-ish :v:

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That was a fun read, thank you :grin:


AHHHH 1000000/10 WOULD RECOMMEND! OMG IT WAS DO G O O D. I was so surprised when I started playing and the first this Marco said was about octopuses lol.


Do you plan on making a Tumblr? I would very much like to follow you.:relieved: